Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Changes Soon

Okay, I swear to you all that soon I will update this darn blog of mine for Valentine's Day. I sort of lost my header *glares* somewhere, somehow, and now I have to remake my Miharu's Valentine Edition. Gosh, I just wished I wasn't so tired all the time...

Unto better news! I have so many things to tell you all! Conventions that have been attended. Pictures that have to be shared. Stalkers that have obsessed... *shivers.* Kind of scary how fangirls can be when they recognize your character. But something that I also have learned is that being Yoite guarantees you free stuff! Yay! (but that will be a story for another day...)

I hope everybody is doing good with... Whatever it is that you do... And... Happy Early Valentine's Day...? Crap, I suck at this.

See you all soon!

Ja ne!