Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Movies Turning Around

Now, I am not very much into movies and all. Specially with movies like "Cowboys & Alien." I mean, what the heck...?

But this... This is something else. I would totally go, and watch it.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Consequences of Role-Playing

This is pretty much what came about from one of the many role-playing games that happened in the comments of my blog... My sis (not really a sister, but like an online sis ^^) and I were being stupid, when suddenly she pulled something so funny that both of us ended up drawing the scenario.

This is my version... The real one... XD

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Can't Leave

Today I found myself listening to the music in the radio (hardly do that, crappy songs all round), when the song of Mariah Carey came about. The one of the "Can't Live." Not having anything else to do, I started paying attention to the lyrics of the song, when suddenly I had the idea (again...) of rearranging the lyrics.

This is the final product.

I do wonder if some people can figure out who I am trying to portray through the song... Mmm....

Can't Leave

No, I can't forget this evening, 
Or your face as you were leaving. 
Makes me a little sorry this is the path I chose.
You always smile, but in your eyes your sorrow shows.
Yes, it shows.

No, you can't forget tomorrow,
And all the time that I still borrow.
You are always there,
But soon I'll have to go. 
So it is only fair 
That I should let you know, 
What I couldn't show.

I can't leave without saying I love you.
Do believe, it's what I feel and more. 
I can't leave not saying that I love you.
Please don't grieve, this is all I implore.

I still can't forget this evening,
Or your face as you were leaving.
Makes me a little sorry this is the path I chose.
You always smile, but in your eyes your sorrow shows.
Yes, it shows.

I can't leave without saying I love you.
Do believe, it's what I feel and more. 
I can't leave not saying that I love you. 
Please don't grieve, this is all I implore.

[Oh, can't leave]x2

Oh, no...

I can't leave without saying I love you.
Do believe, it's what I feel and more. 

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Getting It Out of my System

By what I have been told, it seems I promised last year that I would wear a dress as my Halloween costume this year... I don't remember ever making a promise like that, it just doesn't make sense. But my friends, using my new obsession of Alice, kind of convince me (or more like forced me) to dress up as her for the Halloween Party.

I said that if I do ever wear a dress of Alice, I want it to be the "Hysteria Mode," becasue it is awesome. And feminine... Sort of...

This is an example of that dress.

See what I mean? XD

So my mind started to get strange ideas of the whole "dressing up" thing, and I started to imagine how Yoite would look in the whole McGee's Alice get up... Not being able to contain myself, and trying to find a way to get it out of my system once and for all, I decided to draw how it would look.

This is how pretty much they turned out

This is how pretty much it would look with the Hysteria Dress I mentioned earlier. I love the back of the dress where it kind of looks like a straight-jacket you find in an asylum. Which makes sense seeing that Alice spent 10 years of her life there.

And the blood... Awesome.

This is how Yoite would look in the classic Alice dress. Hate coloring, but imagine the dress is blue and the apron white =D. I also made it in the style of Alice: Madness Returns. Yoite looks kind of funny with those huge eyes though. Big eyes and makeup, lol.

And because I said, "why not?" I decided to just draw a small fanart of Yoite here. Looks kind of Asian to be, but I don't know... Yes, I drew lips, because a face has lips, alright? It kind of bothers me that you never see the lips in Anime or Manga. And when you do, they look completely wrong like Shirogane from Monochrome Factor. 

That is for today! I kind of have been recently in my blog, have you noticed? It is pretty obvious that I have finished my game of Alice, and now I have NOTHING ELSE TO DO. Dang, I need a new game...

Have a great day! Ja ne!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Oddities in Life

And Sebastian Michaelis stays on the lead with 6 votes, followed along by Minato Arisato with 3 votes, and Ideas with 2 votes (You disappoint me Ideas, I was expecting more from you...). Now, unto more pressing matters... Who the heck is voting?!?!? I want to know.

But because I promised, I am now looking into cosplays of Sebastian if he wins this poll. Might take a couple of months to get pictures and all, but I deliver! XD

Now something occurred to me today... (please don't be so surprised).

A friend of mine wanted to go shopping today, and for some reason I am always the perfect candidate to take with. Something of me must say I love shopping (which I don't), or that I won't complain as much during the trip (which is kind of true). Having nothing better (key word) to do, I went along with it.

Thankfully it started to rain, so I knew this trip was going to be cut short. At the middle of the whole shopping thing, we went to get some hot beverages at Starbucks (it was getting kind of cold due the rain). My friend went inside to buy the coffees, and I stayed outside because the stores are always fricking FREEZING. While waiting outside, I was standing next to this couple that started to take pictures.

They were taking pictures of themselves next to their Starbucks coffees with their names written on them. I wondered who the heck takes pictures of their coffee cups, when suddenly one word went through my mind.


Through the edge of my vision I observed them, and noticed that they were from Asia. Possibly visiting this country as vacation or something. I couldn't tell if they were from Korea or Japan seeing that the sound of their language is pretty similar to me. It is more distinguishable for me the Mandarin. But it was so funny that they were taking pictures of that, with this exciting look in their faces. I started to wonder if this is how people look at us whenever we are visiting their countries. Us taking pictures of the most ridiculous things such as light-posts, or trash-cans, or even the door of a store.

After that I started to realize that the place was full with this kind of tourists. I know people all over the world come here to shop and all, but this time it was PACKED. I enjoyed listening (of course, not understanding one iota) to their conversations, and watching how different they behave from what I am used to.

Made me want to go to some other country as vacation so bad though.

We window shopped some more, and the rain starting coming down harder and harder. Seeing that we wouldn't be able to enjoy much of the place, we decided to go home. My friend, knowing that I hate getting wet because I get sick easily, went to pick up his car (this is so funny, I still laugh thinking about it) to then pick me up next to the stores.

He, like always, ended up doing a big circle around the place, because he forgot where he left his car in the parking lot. When I got on the car, I just keep looking at him with a smirk on my face. He knew what I was laughing about, and his only answer was:

"What? I like walking in the rain."


I still got wet, so I hope I don't get sick. I have been already too sick this year. Not a very good year for me...

I got home, got bored, and decided to do this. Yaaaaay! Darn, I need a new hobby again...

Hope you all have a great day.

Ja ne!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Alice: Madness Returns

Before I start with more of my ramblings, I just have something to say... Who the heck thinks I would do a good job as Sebastian? Pfff, I was kind of kidding when I put him as an option for my next cosplay. I did not really consider that people out there would actually think I would do a good Sebastian. Shows how much I know...

Anyway, I will get back on that later on this post...

So I have been feeling a little... Anxious? I suppose? These last few weeks. I kind of felt like I wanted to do something fun, but not something that it would take a LONG time to finish or something... After a while I figured that I could get a new video-game just to occupy my mind, and get some enjoyment out of it (something I was kind of lacking to be honest).

Seeing as a visit to the arcade was a complete and utter FAILURE. But it's in the past, and I rather not remember that.

I went to one of the many video-games store, and saw "Demon's Souls." It looked interesting, and it was winner of the best video-game of the year award. I figured that it was going to be an excellent game, plus the bonus that it was cheap too. I bought it, and decided to try it that very same day.

Oh. My. Gawd.

I started playing it, when not even five minutes into the game I died. I was kind of surprised (who fricking dies within five minutes?!), but got over it when it turns out to be part of the plot of the game. So I continued it. It is about this place whose name eludes me, which is supposedly being invaded by these "demons" of some sort. Many people have gone to this place, trying to defeat these demons and be proclaimed a hero. I was one of those many, and, as being one of the many, I also died as the many.
Then my "soul" was transported to this "Nexus" where I could "live" even without a physical body to contain my soul. To get my body back though, they told me that I needed to collect the "demon's souls" that were invading the place.

I was like, "okay. I can do this." And I started my journey. Not ten more minutes into the game, I died... Again. And not only was I transported back to the very BEGINNING. I also lost ALL THE SOULS that I had captured up to that point. At first I was like, "crap, I need to be more careful." But after dying again, and again, and again (I do not suck at video-games, okay? I just want to make that clear XD), and starting from the very beginning with zero souls, I decided that it was either the video-game or me.

I decided to lie to myself, and chose the video-game.

I went to return it, and at a glance I saw the game of "Alice: Madness Returns." I thought it was like the updated version of an Alice game I saw a friend of mine play some years ago, and decided to buy it. I always wanted to know what it was about. Sounded cool to play a demonic version of Alice in Wonderland to be honest. I bought it, and started to play it.

After a while I kind of got the hint that there was some background history among the characters of the story, and decided to research about that. What I found out was that this game is the sequel of the game "American McGee's Alice," which is the game that my friend played. Wanting to go along with the plot as it supposed to, I started to play the prequel.

No... Just, no. I hate when they make games that were meant for computers and change it for other consoles. The controls are never quite as accurate, and they leave you very vulnerable to enemies. You can pretty much guess that I also sucked at the prequel of the game.

So, I went back to the sequel.

It is such an amazing game. I really don't want to spoil too much of the plot, but this is more or less what it is about. After the three books of Alice by Lewis Carrol, the house where she lived burns down making her the only survivor of this tragedy (Sounds sooooo familiar....). Her whole family gone. She was put into a hospital to deal with her burns and such, but her mental state was complete comatose. The people decided to translate her into an asylum where she spent 10 years of her life in. This is where the prequel starts, in the asylum. To make long story short, by defeating the final boss of the game she was able to wake up from her comatose state and finally leave the asylum.

After that she was introduced to this hypnotherapist doctor who promised her to make her forget her memories (of her childhood and the fire), so she could live on as a normal person. This is where the sequel starts.

Beautiful graphics. Wide variety of worlds. Different scenarios (both 3D and 3D), tactical battles, and awe-inspiring musical background. Really worth while, even the amount of money is still being sold at.

I guess that is it for today! I had a point I was going at, but this post is already too long as it is. I guess I will have to address my point on my next post...

Have a great day. Thank you for reading!

Ja ne.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

My New Found Obsession

This is pretty much what I have been doing the past few days. This game is the reason of why I have been ignoring everything and everybody... I am so into it that I seem to forget I am a living creature... Let just say that slowly I am paying for the negligence I have been imposing in my already mistreated body...

 Nevertheless, I will be soon putting a "review" of what I think of this wonderful game!!!

 Both a blessing and a curse, I must say...


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Nabari no Ou FF Recommendations

Finally I managed to gather several of the most impressive fanfics I have read of Nabari no Ou, with a Miharu/Yoite pairing (I kind of avoid the other ones...). I wanted to do this for several days, but days slip me by. By the time I remember I wanted to do this, a month or two have passed.

Unfortunately there are not a lot of fanfics to be recommended. Yes, there are some out there that are worth reading, but I wanted to show here ones that are like five stars recommendation readings. Ones that  seem to touch your soul, and really capture the essence of the characters of the series. Now, I won't put a lot of the ones found in FF.net because one can just go there, click on NnO and read them. This ones are found in livejournals and the like, where they are not so easily seen.

Oh, and the best part is that they are COMPLETED! So there won't be any cliffhangers of the sort here... Aaaaand one more thing. Most of this fanfics are rated M. You have been warned! Read under your own discretion, and/or read those that go according to your age (soooo, not gonna go there...).

Without further ado, here is the list!

100 Moments by demonichate
Aaah, so after reading a similar one for EdWin, I felt like making one for NnO. This is a "story" using the four OTPs of the series and taking 25 words for each of them and making sentences for each word.

Silhouettes by writing_lovely
Summary: Miharu can't say he's ever had a dream like this before. Well, maybe he has, but he thinks that he'd have to remember this person in question to dream about them and...he doesn't. (Miharu/Yoite, vaguely post-Chapter 50) [Complete]

Girls in White Dresses by venusian_eye
Notes: I... uh... I couldn't find any smutfic with Yoite in a dress, so... I wrote some.

Wheat Field with Crows by venusian_eye
Notes: Alternate universe, depressing, one-shot. Miharu/Yoite. 

What Will (Never) Be by demonichate
So here is the epic and short sadness this otherwise sweet picture spawned inside my head.

Worth Living For by belina
Summary: Miharu has something up his sleeve to maybe change Yoite's mind about erasing his existence.

Remembrance of the Night by Kalana Fox
That person haunts him even in his dreams. Everything is so confusing to him, but the cat that reminds him of that person is a welcome companion in his sea of confusion. One-Shot, slightly implied Yoiharu. T just in case, but has no swearing. Enjoy!

There was Warmth by ca_te
Notes: I wrote this for the[info]30_kisses community, the theme was "if only I could make you mine."

Synthesis by Lin
Summary: Miharu won't let this go, because this is crucial for both of them.

Fragile by Moonshine 469
It was an exchange that didn't require any words spoken aloud. YoitexMiharu drabble.

Nameless Bond by DreamingSilverfox
Yoite, broken, failing, yet a creature given as a blessing. Ever apathetic Miharu was never one to speak his mind. However, when it finally becomes too much to hold back his feelings, will the bond be broken? -Reloaded-