Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Holidays!

I won't be on for a while, but I wanted to take a little of my time to wish everyone Happy Holidays!

And, if I don't get connected next week at all, Happy New Year!!!

Hope you all get lots of presents! (and so do I)

Monday, December 19, 2011

More Malice

I wanted to share some of the awesome fanart I have found of Alice: Madness Returns. It is unfortunate to say I can't remember who did them, but it was not me. Someone else. If that someone does recognize their work here, and leaves a comment about recognizing his/her work. I don't mind doing so. As long as someone leaves a comment!

I love hysteria. Best mode EVER.

It would be so totally awesome if someone did a movie about Malice... With the appearance of Hysteria. By the way, they are also selling dolls (or as I call them, action figures!) of Alice and Hysteria Alice. But only to members of the site! Talk about unfair...

I recognize this one because they did a drawing of each of the dresses that appears on the game, minus the bonus ones you can buy. Favorite ones are London dress and normal. Too bad Hysteria is not there.

Now, this is something awesome for those who can play this game on the computer. You can actually CREATE your own outfits! Here is one where Alice kept some of the burns from the fire ten years ago. 

This is one amazing art. I like this dress called "fleshmaiden," because is the one that lets you use Hysteria any time you want. But the colors, the detail, the pose. Wow!

Here is the same fleshmaiden outfit, but more of a close-up to the face.

You will realize that there are A LOT of Alice videos with this song (which, for me, is more meant for this game than the movie). But this one was my favorite. Can anyone guess why...?

With how the game ended, this song also seems fitting for the game. Alice in Londerland!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nabari No Ou Chapter 71

Yay! Finally I have finished chapter 71, do a happy dance! Not me, you. I don't want to, myself.

Okay, I must admit that I wasn't as intricate on editing and details and such, but meh. I am feeling lazy, and is Christmas. That is my excuse nowadays.

While I am waiting for my archive to uplaod. I am typing this as I am waiting for mediafire to upload it and all, I will share a teaser image again of what this chapter. Because I am a nice person that way.

And it's done, so I am cutting this post short. Here is chapter 71.

Enjoy the chapter!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

In Memories We Stand, Chapter 5

Title: In Memories We Stand Chapter 5
By: Kira User
Rated: PG13
Summary: Miharu is set on making the most of their time together. 
Notes: Okay first and foremost, this is not a fic that will end all thoughtful or angst or anything. It is just meant to be a little cracky, and silly, despise how it starts at the beginning. Un-betaed, so all the mistakes are my own >~< Oh! Also this is based in the anime-world, so we kind of know where these two are at. 
More Notes: This is more for me than for you all, but this fanfic is definitely not going to pass 10 chapters. I like long stories, especially if they are good and all. But I am not a good writer, and definitely this story is not worth going over 10 chapters XD. Just so you know...
Warning: Intersexual in drag.... But is that considered a warning? Is not like cross-dressing to be honest XD Let us all remember just how... unique Miharu's fashion sense is heh? So this is also a warning too...

You can find Chapter 1 here...


"Oi! What do we have here...?"

Nobody bothered answering his question seeing that it was not really meant to be answered in the first place. The classmates from Miharu's class backed down a couple of steps, as in fear of the high-schoolers stepping on them accidentally. In that regard, Yoite was more afraid of Miharu being stepped on, with how he placed himself between Yoite and the two newcomers. 

Not that it really did much. The two of them still had a clear view of the group above Miharu's head. 

"I don't think we have seen you before around here. Are you from this school?"

Miharu, never been bothered about his height before, was completely put out at how they seem to be ignoring his existence. He kind of wished he had at least bothered to drink more milk, instead of the juice he used to have as his lunch meal. Not letting his frustrations show on his face, he forced a smile. "Is not, and, if you would excuse us, we will continue on so our presence won't bother you anymore."

The bleach blond guy looked down at Miharu as if he was a bug he stepped on. "Bothered? I never said I was bothered. In fact-" Making an oblivious head gesture, he checked out Yoite's outfit from head to feet. "I am actually glad that we came to this lame festival."

"I know what you mean, Muramata-kun!" Said the other dark haired high schooler, "Is not everyday that you get to see real beauty roaming around."

Feeling his chest about to burst from both embarrassment and anger, Yoite silently pulled Miharu to the opposite direction. He wanted to get far away from them as quickly as possible, before he did something that was against Nabari's rules, and would make Miharu upset for wasting his life energy. The young shinobi was more than happy to follow him, not wanting to completely ruin their visit to the festival. 

"Hey, hey! Where are you going?" Muramata guy placed himself in front of Yoite, blocking him from escaping. "It is bad manners to not introduce yourself when we meet new people, you know?"

"Move," was all the warning Yoite was going to give him.

Moving in, invading his personal space in a way that it was not welcome, he continued. "Why all this defensiveness? We are all good guys here." He raised his arm as if to put it around Yoite's shoulders, when suddenly it was pushed away by a slap from Miharu's hand.

"I would appreciate if you would not to touch Yoite." Miharu's face has never looked more serious to his classmates before. This Yoite must mean more to him than they thought. 

"You little punk!" Muramata seem really surprised that a mere stick figure would dare slap him, and tell him what to do. "Seems I will need to teach you who not to mess with." He smashed his fist against his hand, to show what kind of lesson he was talking about. His dark haired friend walked behind him, showing his support and anxiousness in being part of the fight too. 

Kouichi and Raimei walked to Miharu without a word, and looked at both high schoolers with stern expressions. Kouichi, trying to avoid a fight, said. "I think you should leave."

Both of them snorted, not even a little bit afraid of the threat. "Oh really? Says who, you?"

Suddenly a deeper voice was heard on top of their conversation. "I think Mr. Aizawa has a good point, gentlemen." Kumohira sensei walked towards them, forcing himself in between the high schoolers and the rest of the group. "No violence is allowed, and, if you will not stop, I will have you accused of misconduct to the school."

"You are not in our school!" Accused the dark haired, not believing the teacher one bit.

"Both Mr. Muramata Satoru and Mr. Kamatani Yuki attend Banten High School, class 3D. Your teacher is Mr. Yumiko, and I even have his phone number right here. Do I need to continue?"

"Tch." Muramata grunted, knowing they were defeated. Not wanting to get into unnecessary trouble, they both walked away without a word or backward glance. Yoite felt he could finally breathe at ease. 

As if unfazed by everything, Miharu turned to Thobari. "So, you do have your uses, Kumohira-sensei." Yoite knew, despise the harsh honest words, that it was Miharu's way of saying thank you.

Losing all his cool composure, he looked at Miharu, upset. "Oi! What do you mean? I am a teacher, of course I look out for my students! Oi, where are you going? Rokujo!"

Not interested at all at what else his sensei had to say, Miharu and Yoite were already walking towards the food stands. 

"You might not be able to taste anymore, Yoite. But I still think you will enjoy the food."

He turned to Miharu, feeling a smile appearing on his face. "Yeah, I will." And for that one moment, as their eyes connected, Yoite felt alive, warmth and happy.

To be continued...

Yes, there is still more to go after this. I will probably won't be able to update until next year because I have a thousand of things to do and such. Sorry! But hopefully this chapter will make it be worthwhile the wait.

Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Here is me just sharing one of my new found anime obsessions. The name is Un-Go and is a mystery anime really. Didn't even know I like that type...

It kind of happens around a future Japan where a war happened, and then everybody is trying to restore their lives to what they were before. It is kinda cool because you can see Japan all destroyed everywhere. Fallen buildings, destroyed roads, houses that are missing walls... Nice. Is funny to me that a woman was complaining about not having Internet when she was missing a wall on the whole place.

The main characters are awesome, in my opinion. The main protagonist's "helpers" are a demon and a AI robot. How cool is that? Pretty much the one character that rocks the whole anime is Inga.

Here is an example of what I mean.

LOL. Sorry, I had to do it...

Is barely staring this anime. They only have like 10 episodes until now, and no manga. So you can barely find AMV videos of them on the Internet....

This next video definitely is not for the weak or the haters. It really freaked me out to see it, and definitely made it up to my top ten "most awkward anime moments."

Had it been me, I would probably had a whole in my car where I threw the plushie away. Also a case of pointed finger. The thing probably didn't know any better, but what a terrible body to do it... Can't help it, is a robot.

That is all for today! I promise my next post will be the next chapter of the fanfic.

Have a great day everyone.

Ja ne

Monday, December 12, 2011

Can't Seem to Stop

Wow, I have had million of things going on with my life right now. It really surprises me to actually realize that I do have a life...

But seems my sickness has come back, and due that I have been feeling fatigued and moody all the time. I hate it. Everybody is getting crazy with getting the Christmas presents, and I have like tons and tons of projects to do. To make matters worst, I have been wasting my time watching anime. All day. At least is good anime, so it kinda makes the procrastination worth it... Kinda... Maybe...

It is a little funny because, this is a typical me, when I finally find an anime that sounds interesting, I watch it ALL in one go. Then I find another anime that also looks interesting, then continue to watch that one ALL IN ONE GO TOO. I forget to sleep, I forget to eat. That I am still alive is a surprise to everybody.

All this made me think of a little comic that I did (with help of TinierMe because I am too lazy to draw right now), of how I sit down and watch anime all day long.

But jokes aside, before everything gets really crazy with Christmas and family gatherings and all, I do plan to put another translated chapter of Nabari here, and also another chapter of the fanfic I have been writing (please, please, please...).

I just hope I get to survive it all *sobs*.

Have a great day everyone!

Ja ne

Thursday, December 8, 2011

In Memories We Stand, Chapter 4

Title: In Memories We Stand, Chapter 4
By: Kira User
Rated: PG13
Summary: Miharu is set on making the most of their time together. 
Notes: Okay first and foremost, this is not a fic that will end all thoughtful or angst or anything. It is just meant to be a little cracky, and silly, despise how it starts at the beginning. Un-betaed, so all the mistakes are my own >~< Oh! Also this is based in the anime-world, so we kind of know where these two are at. 
More Notes: This is more for me than for you all, but this fanfic is definitely not going to pass 10 chapters. I like long stories, especially if they are good and all. But I am not a good writer, and definitely this story is not worth going over 10 chapters XD. Just so you know...
Warning: Intersexual in drag.... But is that considered a warning? Is not like cross-dressing to be honest XD Let us all remember just how... unique Miharu's fashion sense is heh? So this is also a warning too...

You can find Chapter 1 here...


Him and Miharu were enjoying the quiet evening over the extremely loud chitty chatter that the other couple seem to be very engrossed in. Well, Yoite thinks it must be extremely loud seeing he can actually still hear everything that Raimei is saying. And if the yelling was not enough, she would move her limbs every which way as if to make a point. He wondered if all the normal teenagers were like that too. He remembered the first time he meet Gau, and how he thought Gau somewhat loud, obnoxious and full of a blind sense of justice. Yoite figured that, because he wasn't born normal, he was cursed to never act normal too.

Something he found very odd about Raimei, however, was how one moment he saw Kouichi and Raimei talking in front of them, and the next Raimei goes off with a complete stranger still focused in her conversation, not noticing anything was amiss. Kouichi had to quickly run after her, before the stranger could get over his shock of his new stalker companion. The slight smirk on Miharu's face tells Yoite that this kind of situation has happened before, a lot. 

It was too soon that the four of them saw the lights coming from the festival. Big announcements surrounded by even more lights were slowly enveloping them. People started to appear from all directions, and quickly the quiet evening was no more. 

The four of them went to pay for their tickets. Yoite could feel the stare of people, and once again wished he could hide under the safety of his cap for a little peace of mind. 

"Wow! Look at all those stands! Oh! I always wanted a goldfish, lets go and see if we can catch some!"

Miharu, wanting to enjoy some time of the festival alone with Yoite, said "you go ahead, I will take Yoite to try some of the food from-"


They turned at the sound of his name to see a group that Yoite supposed could be their classmates, judging by how they look to be around the same age.

"Hey guys." Yoite was surprised to notice that with the smile from Miharu, some of the girls from the group started blushing and giggling behind their hands. Looking how the group quickly surrounded Miharu, it was quickly becoming clear that he was more popular than what Yoite or Miharu though. It was probably his apathetic personality that once keep them at bay, but now that he is becoming more and more expressive people seem to finally see their chance to get to know more about the young shinobi. 

How weird that his heart constricted a little at this thought, and, for once, wished Miharu would go back to his previous attitude. 

"Rokujo! What a surprise to see you here!"

"Yeah, we've never seen you coming to a winter festival before."

"I suppose I never really had a good motive to come to one before." Miharu, used to their attention, answered with a shrug of the shoulder. It was how he leaned closer to Yoite, that finally made the intruding group realize that there was new person among them.

"Oh! And who is this?"

His smile seems to have gotten brighter at this question. "This is Yoite, a... friend." Yoite didn't understand what he meant with that pause. The group also stared at him with confused expressions, but, at the sight of Miharu's arm wrapped around his, their faces soon turned to surprise. 


"I didn't know that Miharu liked them older..."

"Uwah... How disappointing is to see Miharu already taken!"

Their responds were making him get more and more confused by the minute. Wanting to be done with the introductions, he said, "good evening."

"Good evening!"

"Yoite, these are some classmates from my junior high."

"Oi! Classmates? What do you mean 'these are some classmates.' We each have our names you know!" Despise their upset tone of voice, they didn't seem to be angry at Miharu, or surprised that Miharu didn't remember their names again.

"Rokujo still seems to be joking about that, even if we have had classes together since elementary."

Miharu didn't look embarrassed at all, with that smile never leaving his face through all of this, "sorry."

"Anyway," one of the guys said, moving a little closer to see Yoite's face properly. "She seems to be a looker."

He glared at this comment, and at the back he could see how Kouichi and Raimei were trying to contain their laughs.

"Yeah! I don't see why you should be embarrassed by being with someone like her. How come you never told us about your 'friend', Rokujo?"

"Oh, I don't know." Miharu grabbed Yoite's hand gently in his. "I must have had too many things going on."

"I'll say!"

"She is really cute."

Miharu's smile has turned somewhat forced by now, and he took a few steps backs, dragging Yoite along with him. "If you all don't mind, we will be going now to enjoy some of the sta-"

"Oi! What do we have here...?"

Once again their conversation got interrupted. They turned to the two newcomers. Two older and really tall guys, even to Yoite's standard. Both of them were at least a head taller than him.

A whispered, "the high-schoolers!" Just about confirmed his suspicions. 

Something about their gaze and their confident attitude made them be a little threatening. Yoite didn't like particularly the look from the bleachy blond guy, who kept giving him a leer expression with his eyes. 

Have they been shinobis from the Nabari world, he would have defended himself no problem. But in the outside world, he is just as vulnerable as the others. Tensing his jaw, he awaited the confrontation he knew was soon to come.

To be continued...


Woohoo! Another chapter out of the way, yes! Man, I wish I didn't give myself so many projects to do, to have a little more time to finish this fanfic once and for all. It seems that I keep updating it once every month! My real intention was to update it once every week, what's up with that?!
Anyway, I hope you all like it! What is going to happen?!?! I wonder....

Ja ne

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sekaiichi Hatsukoi What?!

Okay! Just the other day I was just surfing through the Internet, when I came across a news that one of my favorite mangas (well, not really favorite, but I do like to read it) has actually turned into an anime. In no time I searched for it, and spent a lot of time (time I really couldn't waste, but that is how it usually goes, right?) watching it.

And. Oh. My. God.

The anime/manga is called Sekaiichi Hatsukoi a.k.a. Greatest First Love (or something along that crap). This is a world where some girls decided to have a sex change operation, and turned out "gay." Okay, fine. I might sound extremely sexist when I say this, but is either that or this is a shoujo shounen-ai story. Creepy thought.

The manga for me is so much better... Somewhat... At least more graphic in the fun parts...

The anime on the other hand... Well, just let me show you the first episode...

It all starts with a flashback.

Ah, how romantic. Nice environment, good place. Wait, what? What the hell are sakura petals doing INSIDE the library? What is with this memory?!

Egh... Fine... Is shounen-ai, so I can handle it....


.... Okay, I am certain that I must have clicked the wrong button, and went to an shoujo anime or something. There is no way this is their opening.


.... It is their opening.

*pauses again*

... Let me triple check, just to make sure...


.... Damn.

This is the first time I think that the people of the anime industry had NO IDEA what to put as a opening scene for this series. Really.

Wow, who wouldn't love to work in a place like this? Just imagine it people, this is what the editors go through with our favorite mangakas! It's like we are one step closer to them! Fun.

This is typical scene, "let me show you how a good kissing scene looks like." Wow, sexual harassment on your first day. Looks like this is a place where you are going to have a lot of fun, isn't it?

At least he is handsome.

Now, this is something that kind of bothers me from this mangaka. She is always putting a lot of stories together, and all her stories seem to be connected to each other somehow.

If you are familiar with Junjou Romantica, then you should recognize the other guy, and know what I am talking about.  

It is a sad day when a gay guy has to sit down and read shoujo. Say day indeed. 

If the place where I worked looked like this... I would go and kira myself. I know the whole "when in Rome, do as Romans do," crap, but COME ON!

The plot thickens!

Okay, so I really didn't mention anything about the story. Don't really want to give away so much, in case you actually want to see it. But you kind of get the hint of how this is going to be... Just expect a lot of pink, and a lot of flowers.

Oh, and commercials.... I JUST LOVE THE COMMERCIALS!

Have a lot of fun with this!

Ja ne

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Nabari No Ou Chapter 70

Yaaaay! It's finally here! Chapter 70 of the manga!

Wow, it took me a while to set myself to do it. I had too much things going on, although nothing really worth procrastinating this project, but...


I don't know what is worst. For a fifteen year old boy to look like your thirty something year old mother, of for a thirty something to year old woman to look like a fifteen year old boy. Reminds me of the Beiber incident...

The link is in the picture, but if you missed it. It's right heeeeereeeeee: Link.

Hope you all enjoy it! If you missed chapter 69. You can also find it in this blog under the month of October. Or, to make it easy on you, I will also add link of Chapter 69 here too.

Have a great day!

Ja ne

Friday, December 2, 2011

Yes, Yes, Do shake the baby!

First off, they do have a point about the Babysitting Mama... Why is she babysitting if she is a Mama, and has her own...? Or, should have her own. Makes no sense. But then, watching this video, it makes sense why they took the babies away from her. Should probably stop her from babysitting too.

The wii control IN the baby? That sounds... Rather pornographic...

I don't love that baby either! XD

Really? The creators of the game didn't even bother to get someone to voiceact the Mama who could actually speak English? I can hardly understand what she says in the video...

I wonder if children will have a wrong idea of the babies and how to take care of them...


We never got to the good part. Changing diapers! Always a lot of fun... For them...


I ended up on the floor, laughing at this video...