Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lucky Mr. Wordsmith

I just read yesterday the new chapter of Kuroshitsuji. Can't believe that it has been uploaded faster than Nabari no Ou. It should be already out by now! Anyway... I saw it, and I was like "Oh My God."

On my previous post of the Kuroshitsuji, I was making references of how lucky Arthur was by being spoken (in my case flirted) by Ciel. It looked more like a proposition than an actually conversation, but what do I know really...

On this new chapter bla bla bla, after some discussion about who might be the murder. It was concluded by all the guests that Ciel was the most likely suspect of committing such murder, and he must be watched for their safety. Mr. Wordsmith was the (lucky!) chosen one to do this task.

So the lucky son of a witch got the opportunity of sleeping... In the same bed... With Ciel...

I cannot believe that he wasn't squirming the whole time! Having a beauty such as Ciel, even I couldn't stop myself from a snuggle or a hug! Okay fine, he has suspected of murder, but so what? He couldn't kill being chained on the bed! What's the harm?

Oh yeah, I forgot that important detail. They were chained to the bed. The guests are kinda of kinky...

Then Arthur is lucky enough to comfort Ciel about not having a family. Really! He will be the target of envy of all fangirls out there! It was a pathetic pat to the head, but Ciel is not being touched so often (not including Lizzie), so that he was able to touch him was enough.

Then of course they leave us with more cliffhanger by seeing how Sebastian is about to be stabbed. Nice... I just loooooove their Christmas present to us...

Well, that shall be all for today! Hope you all have nice holidays!!!

See you soon!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kuroshitsuji the Musical Part 2

Finally finished the musical! So the craziness continues!

Sebastian: *shrieks* It certainly looks like I am being raped by Grell.

Me: Oh. My. God.

Ciel: ...

Me: I'm speechless...

Sebastian: Unfortunately you aren't. But it is certain that tap dancing along with Grell does me poorly. Why the hell are we dancing when we are supposed to be fighting?

Ciel: I'm so thankful that this didn't happen with the whole Jack the Ripper thing. I would have taken the gun, and shot myself.

Sebastian: There goes my manliness.

Me: I think that everybody lost their manliness in this musical.

Sebastian: Well, Grell never had it in the first place.

Ciel: Where in the Queen's name am I in that scene?

Me: It's a good thing that you aren't there Earl! Imagine the shock of seeing Sebastian and Grell dancing together!

Sebastian: Egh, don't say that.

Ciel: What are you doing to my cane Sebastian?

Me: Pole dancing?

Ciel: ... I request a replacement after this.

Sebastian: Egh... That voice...

Me & Ciel: Definitely puberty.

Me: You are even higher than Grell's.

Sebastian: I don't understand the point of all this. Is it a fight scene or a love scene? I'm never going to be able to fight Grell again without having goose-bumps.

Ciel: You already get goose-bumps anyway.

Sebastian: ... I'll have even more than usual then.

Me: Oh good! They are fighting now.... Forget it, they went back to singing and dancing.

Sebastian: I can't watch anymore.

Me: HAHAHAHA that butt kissing butt from Grell is funny.

Sebastian: I wonder if I can quit as a demon. I don't want to see anymore shinigamis... EVER.

Ciel: ... Finally I appear!

Me: Oh! So it was a setup!

Ciel: Don't take that cane. Don't take that cane! Ew...

Sebastian: No need for exaggeration Bocchan.

Ciel: And there I go again. Thrown away like trash. So undignified.

Sebastian: Must get rid of extra baggage to be able to protect you my Lord.

Me: How... Contradictory.... Who the heck is that guy?

Sebastian & Ciel: *shrugs*

Ciel: Oh god. Why is the idiot couple there?

Me: Must admit that Agni and Soma appearing was random.

Sebastian: They are your friends Bocchan. And probably appeared at the mansion for your negligence towards them... Again...

Ciel: Tsk. They sure are annoying.

Me: Oh my god. Agni is like ULTRA thin! Freaky... Ah look! The guy with horns again!

Ciel: ... That flashback looks... Incredibly naughty...

Me: I suppose that it was about a person being stabbed. But the position they are in makes it look... Like...

Sebastian: Finally something that I enjoy.

Me: Oh my god. Stop that scene of the wall! It looks wrong!

Ciel: So tasteless.

Sebastian: *smirks*

Me: *blocks Ciel's eyes* Move on!!!

Ciel: Hey! You are not saving my eyes from more impurity. I am already dirty enough.

Sebastian: *moves head from one angle to another*

Me: Finally! Er... Freaked out much? Agh, more of the zombie thingies...

Ciel: It gets rather annoying...

Me: And even more zombie thingies...

Ciel: I'm going to start counting the times I put my left hand on the hip.

Sebastian: 32 and counting.

Me: Nice trick Sebastian!

Sebastian: Though I wouldn't have put the glove back on my hand. Blood is incredibly hard to wash off.

Ciel: Smart, he got rid of 'that' cane.

Sebastian: *sights* Bocchan...

Me: *shrieks* Sebastian is singing in English!

Sebastian: Well, we 'are' in England.

Me: Then why the heck is this musical not in English?

Ciel: Don't ask for miracles.

Me: *cries* Mouuu...

Ciel: Okay, Sebastian is singing in English but I'm not?

Me: Beats me.... Er... That was a rather intimate touch.

Ciel: Sebastian is always touching me like that.

Me: Is he now...

Sebastian: And Bocchan is always rejecting me.

Me: *snorts* Can't have it all, can we?

Sebastian: But this makes me look like a rejected lover or something.

Me: Awww, poor little Sebastian.

Ciel: With that position you would think like we are about to kiss or something.

Sebastian: We won't?

Ciel: ...

Me: Aww, look at Sebastian! Wanting to touch his contractor so much!

Ciel: Oh yes, that is sooo romantic.

Me: You are dripping with sarcasm...

Sebastian: I always believed that the best love stories have all tragic endings.

Me: Sadic.

Sebastian: *smirks* Don't we make the perfect couple?

Me: ... No comment.

Ciel: Oh good, it ended. I'm glad to be able to leave this torture. Sebastian, we shall be off.

Me: But--

Sebastian: Yes, my Lord.

Me: And wha-- Sheesh... They left me alone! *pouts* Oh well, time to stalk those actors! Maybe I'll get a change to grope one or two. See you all next time guys!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kuroshitsuji the Musical Part 1

I just wanted to share with you all Kuroshitsuji the Musical! I am so glad that I found it on YouTube. Unfortunately is on Japanese, so I have no idea what it is about. I can predict, but will never be for certain.
Kuroshitsuji the Musical

I have also added a conversation that I had between me, Sebastian and Ciel while watching the musical from part 1 to part 9. Consider us all gathered at the theater that night, and having a merry conversation while watching the musical. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Me: It is starting!!

Sebastian: What the hell happened to my voice?

Me: *snorts* Pun. Who knows? It probably follows the manga rather than the anime, and we all know in the manga you are much, much younger. Puberty perhaps? *smirks*

Sebastian: Watch your mouth. I can still kill you.

Me: Yes, my oh so manly demon!

Sebastian: Tsk.

Ciel: Tsk.

Me: What's the matter my little Earl?

Ciel: I do NOT move my hips like that when I'm walking! He makes it look like I am attempting to dance or something.

Me: ...

Sebastian: Pardon Bocchan, but you actually do move your hips 'like that.'

Ciel: And why are you looking at my hips?

Me: Yes, and why are you looking at his butt?

Sebastian: It is of my concern to always check that my Lord walks with utter sophistication and elegance. Like a Lord should do.

Ciel: So, why haven't you been correcting me of this walk?

Sebastian: Didn't see anything wrong with it.

Me: *snorts* He just likes you moving your butt Earl.

Ciel: *blushes* Shut up.

Sebastian: *smirks*

Me: Awww... Sebastian gets so excited when talking about getting a kitty.

Sebastain: Unfortunately it is not possible due to Bocchan's allergies.

Ciel: At first opportunity Sebastian would get rid of me just to get one of those darn cats.

Me: Aw... Don't you look cute pouting--

Ciel: I am not pouting!

Me: --Sebastian... *smirks*

Ciel: *blushes* I told you to shut up!

Me: You dropped a tray Sebastian? That is so not you.

Sebastian: Stupidity can drive you to do things you would never do.

Me: I suppose.

Sebastian: It was either drop the tray, or hit with it Lau-sama.

Me: HAHAHAHAHA Aberline makes a great comic relief! That scene of giving lollipops to the policemen was great! XD

Ciel: And that is why we have such a high level of criminal activity.

Me: Too busy clapping and licking lollipops?

Sebastian: How is that much different from you Bocchan?

Ciel: Why must I do something when I have you as my underling Sebastian? That's the reason why I just drink tea and eat pastries.

Me: I feel lame... Wait-- That's the second time. Why do you keep dropping stuff?

Sebastian: That is not me.

Me: I mean. I understand the first time, but a second time?

Sebastian: That is not me!

Me: You are getting worst than Meilin!

Sebastian: Sir! I will not repeat myself. That is not me.

Me: Tsk. Whatever. OMG IS GRELL!

Sebastian: Tsk... I am being raped there.

Me: He looks really like the manga... Look! They are walking now through the audience! Somebody throw themselves to Sebastian! Is a one in a lifetime chance XD

Grell: Okay! *throws himself but Sebastian avoids him and falls to the floor* Eghh...

Me: What the hell are you doing here?

Grell: This group sounded like fun!

Ciel: Sebastian...

Sebastian: *grabs Grell and throws him out of the theater*

Me: That is much better. Oh my god Sebastian. You keep dropping stuff! So much for being perfection.

Sebastian: *glares*

Me: Hopefully that was not some kind of test-- OH MY GOD, Sebastian! Don't you know anything about personal space? Might as well be smooching Ciel's face!

Ciel: ... Never thought about it that way. Now that I look at it...

Me: Well one thing is for sure. Maybe Sebastian doesn't know how to handle trays, but he still knows how to fight! Yeah! OH look! The undertaker appears! Wait-- are those... Rats singing?

Sebastian and Ciel: *shrugs*

Me: ... Oooooookay... What's next? Worms?

Ciel: I never saw The Undertaker freak out like that.

Sebastian: So much for shinigamis.

Me: I wonder what caused him to freak out like that... Wait, wait wait... Was he out of character earlier? What the heck?! Wait... Wait... I am getting this one... Is a Japanese version of Whose Line is it Anyway!!! Sugoi!

Sebastian: Why am I not there?

Me: Don't be jealous Sebastian...

Sebastian: I would make a much, much better job that those fools. Meilin, Bard, Finian never met the Undertaker before. I don't know what they are doing in the scene along with Aberline and Lau.

Me: You are *whispers* probably cleaning all those utensils you broke.

Sebastian: They seem to forget this show is about me.

Ciel: What am I then?

Sebastian and Me: Decoration.

Ciel: I refuse! It was ME who brought Sebastian here.

Sebastian and Me: Then became a decoration.

Ciel: Tsk...

Me: Something tells me Ciel wouldn't sing like that

Ciel: Of course not! I'm not a clown. Or a flamingo in heat to be throwing my arms in every which-way.

Me: ... Flamingo... In heat?

Sebastian: Don't ask.

Me: Kay... What? What what what? A magic show now? wtf? That was random... Wow Sebastian! That fighting scene was awesome!

Sebastian: I didn't know that Meilin knew how to fight by not knowing how to fight. Got the job done though.

Me: That is Meilin style.

Sebastian: Is Grell-san... Singing while we are fighting?

Me: Maybe he is that confident.

Ciel: And look at me! Thrown away like some kind of trash.

Sebastian and Me: Told you. You are just decoration.

Me: This getting more and more interesting! Can't wait for what it's to come!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Nabari No Ou Dubbed in English

Oh. My. God. I finally found the whole serie of Nabari no Ou dubbed in English! Must admit that I have been dying to know how the cast did it with the story and all. Even with my reluctance of having a Miharu with a girly voice and Yoite with a definitely male voice, I still wanted to see how they would pull it off.

So I watch it all... ALL OVER AGAIN.

Here is the link by the way. Nabari no OU Dub.

At the beginning I was like, "Meh," "Not Quite right," "Mm... Passable I suppose." About the voices of the Banton ninjas. Miharu sounded the right kind of apathetic, but I couldn't get over the DEFINITELY GIRLY VOICE. It didn't sound quite deep enough. What the crap. When they showed flashbacks of Miharu as a four year old, he sounded more as a boy then.

Yoite's voice... Well, what is not wrong with it? I mean, all who know the Yoite of the manga would consider that yeah, putting a male voice as his/hers was really not a good idea. With time though... I grew to like it to be quite honest. I guess the voice had a subtle sweet tone within it that you accept with time, and learn to love at the end. That was a big shock for me. At the end of the series I couldn't get Yoite's voice out of my head. Still hear it right now...

This brings another point though. I re-watched the whole series again, and realized this. It is never mentioned that Yoite was a hermaphrodite. We learn about his family abandoning him (? I don't know anymore -_-), how he was found on the streets bleeding, and that his real name was Sora Kodo (yes, they write it that way). Never in the anime comes the whole Yoite's inner enigma of "what am I? I am neither a he or a she; therefore, I am not Sora." For all intents and purposes Yoite in the anime IS male, and male voice is right for him/her in the anime.

Kinda shocking that I just found out right now.

Back to the dubbed anime. Re-watching the whole thing once more, brought be once again to the sweet, sweet scenes between Miharu and Yoite. At the beginning there were times when I thought they were very nicely done. But most of the time I considered Miharu to still be a little apathetic towards the whole thing. One example is when Miharu finds Yoite freezing in the middle of the street wearing nothing but the hospital clothes.

Miharu: Yoite!

Me: CUT! Darn it Miharu! With more emotions dammit! You find him unconscious, and you are afraid he might be dead!

Miharu: Fine, fine.

Yoite: Can't we just get on with it? This is the 32 shot, and I am really freezing to death here.

Me: No, Yoite. I am getting this scene, exactly as I want it to be! Now Miharu! With more emotion!!!

Miharu: *breathes deeply* YOITE!

Me: ...... Well, I guess that would do.

Yoite: Thanks god *falls unconscious*

Me: Ah, darnit. Kazuho! Medical assistance here!

From there on out, I really liked the interactions between Yoite and Miharu. I guess they started to get the 'real idea' of what was going on between these two.

And darnit! At the end I found myself to actually really like Nabari no Ou dubbed in English! Right now I find myself wanting to watch the whole thing all over again! My god, I am a big time masochist, aren't I? I guess they did a pretty good job with the English casting this time. I give a point for Funimation for that, and take 100 points for putting the anime very expensive for me. I will never forgive Funimation for that.

That is all for now! If you get a chance to see it in English dub, please do! Hopefully you get to enjoy it as much as I did.

Thank you for reading! See you all soon!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Cosplay Friday

his friday the anime group that I am part of had a reunion called "Cosplay Friday." Knowing that it was about cosplay, of course I went that day yay! I arrived a little late (my bad), but I had lots of fun. We got (more like Ashke) to eat, watch an episode of... Well... Can't remember the name *shrugs,* and discuss about how to set up cosplay and stuff.

Unfortunately like 6 people out of the 15 actually dressed up for the event, but who cares? I got to put on my costume! =D

I was starting to miss dressing up as Yoite XD

After we left, I took the opportunity of taking some pictures to share with you all! I don't think I have shown the whole set up now almost finished. The only thing I am missing now is the scarf (soon though!) and the contact lenses. Christmas is coming though! And I know exactly what to ask for...

Okay, so here is an view of the whole thing. Look at me! I'm all embarrassed XD

God, I hope this doesn't end up in Google too...

Here are close up photos. Had to stop taking photos with Ashke. I just couldn't take his jokes anymore XD

As you can see, my hair is getting too long now! I will have to wait for the next anime convention thingy to be able to cut my hair Yoite short.

Here is showing the KIRA!!! A peek of how Yoite looked at his last moments in the manga. I supposed that this is also how Yoite looked in the anime too in episode 26. There aren't any shots to prove it though.

And finally the hands! Must admit that they looked kinda creepy. I totally understand why Yoite freaked out with the black thingy in his/her hands. Took forever to put on! Messed up my clothes, and it takes so little time to take off. Talking about unfair.

Well that's it! Hope you liked the pictures! *blushes*

See you all soon! Ja ne!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More Kuroshitsuji and a Nabari no Ou Commentary!

I suppose that this post too will be kinda short compared to the others. I really don't have a lot to say...

But I do have more Kuroshitsuji videos! Maaaan, the way people keep going with more funny videos of this anime is great! They reaaaaally make my day. And they are so well done too! For example...

Kuroshitsuji - New Moon Trailer - (parody?)

They made (once again) the trailer of New Moon with Kuroshitsuji. Now, not to say anything mean about Twilight... *cough*... But I rather watch this trailer than the real one. A vampire-demon Sebastian is a real yummy, and a girly-voice Ciel is well... Rather funny...

I am pretty sure that in past posts I also put the link for the Twilight trailer of Kuroshitsuji. I wonder if they will continue using this trailer's saga...

But here is the link just in case...

Unto the next one!

Sebastian's Plan to get Ciel Back

Now, with this one I was laughing my butt off. Plain and simple. The different scenarios of how he would rescue Ciel. The different expected responses of Ciel when being rescued. How he keeps explaining instead of rescuing. Really funny. But what reaaally won me over is the "DIE! DIE! I'M VERY LONELY!" Even just remembering makes me laugh. It fits so well with Sebastian (for some inexplicable reason). I can watch it (and have done) over... And over... And over...

It is also amazing what a good job was done with the timing of the mouth movement. You can almost believe that it is really from the anime itself. LOVED IT!

Kuroshitsuji Crack Parody

This crack parody is kinda new (according to me really, I could have just missed it) in YouTube. So, I wanted to share it. I grade each 'song' by my big old smile.

"He is a molester...He is a chiiiiiild molester!!!!!" XD

Sebastian's "You think I'm sexy, and you are right..." XDD oh yeah...

"I'm gonna kill you... I didn't mean it! Don't be angry!" XDDDDDD For some reason I believe that this is how it's going to start the second season. Something like "I'm gonna eat you now.... JUUUUUST KIDDING!"

What's with the pickles? o_O

Yes, you read it right. Here is a video of Ciel buying condoms. I didn't know that condoms existed in 1880's, but then I am not very updated with world history anyway. Very amusing, and the "thoughts" very funny. You might have some problems watching it (I have them all the time with this video), but believe me! It's worth it. My only question is this...

Why is there a thirteen year old boy buying condoms? OMG Sebastian, you are going to hell- No, wait... Forget it.

The moment of the magnum... My god XD

Grell's appearance at the end closes the video with perfection! "That's it girl!" XDDDD

And Last but not Least! I accidentally found out that there will be a commentary out of the Nabari no Ou in English. Too bad I cannot get it yet, cost like $100 bucks the whole fricking season. I DO NOT HAVE THAT MONEY DANGIT. So I have to wait until a merciful soul puts it on Internet. But dang! The package with the pictures are so nice that I want it sooo bad. I just don't know if a few 'pictures' make it worth it $100 bucks... Rather buy the manga XD

Hey Nice Package! - Nabari no Ou - Part 2, Gunslinger Girl 2 OVA, & School Rumble

I would just watch like the first few minutes, because they change of Anime. But I loved the comments of how in the second part of the season Miharu and Yoite get 'closeeeer.' AND the voices of Miharu and Yoite are the ones that do the commentary. I wonder what they talk about? Too bad the commentary is in episode 25 where there is not very much interaction between Yoite and Miharu. Why didn't they pick episode 26 dangit! IT WOULD HAVE BEEN A WHOLE LOT BETTER!

And that's it! Really the last link is a last minute addition. I just found about it like 5 minutes ago (which I am really glad). I was starting to miss posting something from Nabari no Ou! It's good to have still new things from the anime =D

Thanks for reading! See you all soon!