Friday, October 23, 2009

Nabari No Ou Moments

I really don't know the point of this post, but I felt like putting something.

And putting something I did.

It was shared to me today, through my blog, another funny video of Nabari no Ou (there are really not enough funny ones), that I thought I would share to you all too! Maybe this way:
a) More people see it, yay!
b) More people will make MORE funny videos of NoO. Because (dammit, I keep insisting) there are still not enough funny ones of this anime.

I found this video a couple of months ago. Don't know why I didn't share it, but at least I'm doing it now. It's a grouping of different animes? (not all shounen-ai of course) with their... Special... Moments (which makes me think if now the corporations are doing this for the sake of having more people watching them, and with more people I mean yaoi fangirls) Bah, who cares? Guess who makes a special appearance!

But really, did they have to pick that one? There are more cute scenes later...

And that's it for Nabari no Ou. I have more for Kuroshitsuji that I will add later. Which makes me wonder how a dark anime can have so MANY funny videos! Come on! Work with me NnO fans! If I had Microsoft (which I don't) I would also make AMV videos, but I do what I can. And what I have done, I have posted on this blog. So don't tell me I do nothing...

I also read a NoO fanfic today, that made me laugh for the very IC Miharu they had in the conversation with Yoite. I found it in FF.Net (there are really not a lot of fics there, so it's easy to find), and it's called The Act of Sharing (I believe...). The story starts kinda slow, but has started to pick up. The latest chapter went on something like this...

(Me is terribly sorry if you feel like I am mocking your fanfic. I really am not.)

Yoite and Miharu are snuggling on a bed (I believe...). Miharu is kinda the snuggler and Yoite the snugglee. Miharu while sleeping kinda moves his head unto Yoite's shoulder, and a leg in between Yoite's. Yoite is starting to freak out (because we all know Yoite's issues regarding... Er... That...)

Miharu notices that Yoite is freaking/crying, and starts to get up, but Yoite stops him (Huuh?). They kind of snuggle more until Miharu jerks his leg unintentionally, and supposedly hits Yoite in between the legs. Yoite then really freaks out and pulls away, while Miharu believes that he hit Yoite in the jewels (yes! I like to use the word jewels XD).

Miharu: Yoite! I am so sorry! Are you hurt?

Yoite: I'm okay. It didn't hurt.

Miharu: Are you sure?

Yoite: Yes.

Miharu: Okay, if you say so.

Yoite: Dazes off...

Miharu: Yoite, you are going to get a cold if you don't cover yourself properly. *Takes the blanket and covers Yoite with it. His hand gets too close to Yoite's lap, and Yoite flinches*

Miharu: You lied.

Yoite: I didn't.

Miharu: It's okay to admit that it hurts.

Yoite: I... I don't... I don't feel like you do.

Miharu: Oh, I understand.

Yoite: You do?

Miharu: Kira right? You are starting to lose your sense of touch and all that.

Yoite: No, No. It's not that. I... I am missing... Certain parts...

Miharu: .... *blinks*

Yoite: I am... I'm not exactly a boy.

Miharu: Oh! Well, I understand why you kinda freaked out with the guy in the train station calling you a girl. I don't mind that you like wearing boy clothes. I am kinda hurt though that you never trusted me enough to tell me.

Yoite: ... I am not a girl.

Miharu: ... Okay.

Yoite: Okay? You don't mind that I am...

Miharu: A what? You never told me what you were.

Yoite: ... (Me: repeat after me Yoite, HERMAPHRODITE)

Miharu: I have a question. (Me: we all do Miharu)

Yoite: Yes?

Miharu: So assuming I didn't hurt you with my kick, you don't have the boy's parts.

Yoite: *Nods*

Miharu: I am also assuming that you also don't have the girl's parts too.

Yoite: *Nods*

Miharu: Then... How do you pee?

Yoite: ...*Blinks*


I just felt that that conversation was so IC with Yoite and Miharu, and to have made it so random was great. Anyway, that is all for today! Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did!

See you all soon!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

There's the Good and the Bad

I think I have mentioned this before... But things haven't been good in my life right now. I am not talking about major major events (thanks god). Nobody has died (though I do have an aunt that has cancer, and really has not much time left) fortunately, everybody (relatively) has good health, etc.

I guess I was expecting a lot on October to be honest. Because a lot of bad... And good, things have happened in my life. I will mention first the bad and then the good. As you can see I'm trying desperately to lift my spirits, and continue on smiling everyday in my life. There is really no need to be depressed, seeing that we get to enjoy life one time...

So, here comes the bad and the good!

Bad Thing: It has become quite IMPOSSIBLE to get a new set of cosmetic contact lenses. Seems here it is required to have an eye exam that cost like 100 bucks. If I really wanted to spend that amount of money, I would buy Nabari no Ou. So no contact lenses for me...

Good Thing: I will be getting my DVD of Kuroshitsuji anytime now! I will pull an all-nighter watching the whole thing (all over again!) in a BIG screen.

Bad Thing: The masquerade/cosplay festivity that was organized for Halloween has been canceled. They just couldn't find a place to set it up. So no party for me in my Yoite cosplay meow... x.x

Good Thing: The update of the manga of Kuroshitsuji has come up! It's good, but I must admit that I rather hate those Queen's butlers. They are so... Arrogant. I reaaaaally wanted to kill them from the first time they appeared.

Bad Thing: The manga update is a CLIFFHANGER! How could they do this to us!! I mean *SPOILER*I know Sebastian can't die, but what made it come up to that?*SPOILER* Nuuu!! How could you do this to us!!!

Good Thing: I have finally found out the EXTRA episode that they did on Season 1! It's Hamlet Kuroshitsuji style! And its AWESOME!!! Nobody can pull off something so funny (and mean) at the same time. Oh Sebastian! You meanie little demon XD

Guess that is all for today. Hopefully I feel like going back to Nabari no Ou manga again to make some *cough* corrections *cough*. I hope I feel better soon.

Ja ne!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Too much time part 2

I am back with more craziness! Yaaaay!

And maybe after this I will REALLY go back to studying XD

Okay, I don't really know if this is Yoite (I have already confused him/her before). But nobody wears a coat like this, and also the hairstyle is identical to Yoite's. So, believing that I colored it! It's a picture I got from the manga, and I colored it to look... Er... Dunno why Nazis come to mind (no offense to anybody!), but maybe is because of the use of color red...

Hey look! Even Sebastian wanted to participate in the picture XD

If anybody can get what I tried to convey here... GOOD.

Darn Miharu! Another opportunity lost. Don't worry! You'll get another chance soon (Yoite gets sick so often anyway).

Here what Raikou said about Yoite being the most important person to Miharu was so jumbled up that most of the time it took me like half an hour to get it right. I would be like "Wha? Miharu might not be concerned about anything else but what? Too many negatives!" So I put it in a more simple way, that actually says (for me) what Raikou tried to tell Miharu about his feelings for Yoite. And look! Miharu is even blushing! Awww...

*Cough* Can't explain this one... It just happened, and I couldn't help it XD

See you all soon!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Too much time in my hands...

So once again I had too much time on my hands, and for some inexplicable reason I started (for the nth time) re-reading the manga of Nabari no Ou (man, I am definitely a masochist).

There has been a few scenes on the manga, here and there, where I felt that I just had to put my little... Magic touch... So I had changes (not really big changes, but rather small) that won't change the whole point of the story, but do change the sitatuion they are in.

It was fun! I might continue on after this. You guys tell me what you think...

I'm sorry people, but here I just couldn't help it. It was BEGGING me to do it!

It fit right in oh so perfectly. I mean, it's true anyway! They should publish it like that XD

Again, not quite correct, but not exactly wrong either. It will be true... Just later on on the story...

Okay, here yes I know the typeface is different. Unfortunately it seems I do not have the correct typeface they use on mangas (shuuuucks), but tried my best to disguise it. Who doesn't like boys in uniforms? ^.~

What would come up next I wonder... Keep tuned!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Picture Time!

Yesterday I was extremely bored...

Common Sense: When you are supposed to be studying...

And I felt like dressing up again! Yay! I found a blue sweater I had, very hidden in my closet, that kinda resembled the sweater Yoite wears at the last episode. So I though to myself, why not take pictures cosplaying Yoite in tat get up? And I did! And it was fun!

Unfortunately I am having trouble finding the perfect turtleneck sweater. I have something that resembles that sweater (or at least the turtleneck part) but it's more like a sarape. So when I put the sweater on top, it was all bundled up in the chest area, and it looked pretty ridiculous. I tried as many angles as I could, but it still looked soooo weird XD. I ended up just taking pictures of my face... Again... Man! You must be thinking I'm narcissistic or something! When actually is the total opposite XP

Me no likey myself hehehe...

So here is one! That is my office (so red! Grell must like my office XD) And that is me trying to look cool... And failing.

That is me again! Almost same position, is just that the sun hit me differently, and now I look yellow o_O

Me love my hair XD

And as promised! I also bought some... CAT-EARS! Er... Can't really explain the position... It just happened? Meow?

Again with the ears. They look cool (for being so cheap). Now I am wondering if I would wear them in public too XD

But then I wouldn't be able to wear my hat... To wear or not to wear... That is the question...

Now you can see my face (like you couldn't do THAT before...). If anybody wonders about that hair in the middle standing up, that is also part of the cat-ears. I also wonder as much as you why they put that hair as part of the cat-ears.

I had fun! From like 15 pictures I took that day, I only ended up using 5. Believe me! It's better that you do not look at those pictures...

I promise also that the new comic will be finished this week! >.<

See you all next time!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

You know things are bad when...

I was having an online-video conversation with my parents the other day, when something my father said struck me as... Rather odd to be honest.

A little of background info first.

I am mexican, and, as some of you (might) know, Mexico right now is having a national war against drugs. Things are not as nice as they used to with a lot of killings, shootings, kidnappings, people disappearing, etc, etc (why freak you out with more?). It makes me really sad that all of these are happening, because I really love my country. This pretty much displays Mexico as a very bad and corrupted country, when I know it much, much more than that...

Common Sense: So... Why are you not in Mexico anymore?

Me: *cough* MOVING ON!

Anyway... Back to my parents conversations.

My father was telling me of a call he got the other day. It was the middle of the day when the phone rang, and he answered. Suddenly, he hears a woman crying on the phone trying to speak to him. This is more or less how it went. My dad's comments will be between (words).

Daddy: Hello?

Woman: D-d-dad?

Daddy: Hello? (who is this??)

Woman: D-daddy? *sobs*

Daddy: (This is not Nemy or Josh (my brother)) maybe Chibi?) Hello? Chibi?

Woman: *sniff* Y-y-yes...

Daddy: Chibi? Is that you? (Possibly?)

Woman: Y-y-yes dad...

Daddy: (She sounds kind of like Chibi...) Where are you?

Woman: A man wants to speak to you...

This is when my father realized that it was all a scam. Turns out that around the country there have been people 'faking' kidnappings where a woman would call (acting as the daughter of the family), and a guy would tell them to deposit money to an account if they wanted to see their daughter again. The family does as told only to later realize that their daughter was never kidnapped in the first place. Thankfully my father knew about this, and caught on pretty quickly. He hangs up on the phone.

They call again a few seconds later...

Man: We have your daughter-

Daddy: I know your little game. I'm not falling for that one... *hangs up*

Being just a tiny bit preoccupied about my sister, she calls her immediately after that. Must say that my sister suuuucks at answering phone, so she answered my dad's call like half an hour later. She was busy with some job, and couldn't answer my dad. My father could finally breathe.

After telling me all this, this is how our conversation went...

Me: My god... I cannot believe people do that!

Daddy: Unbelievable right? Your mother and I are thinking of having a keyword.

Me: A... Keyword?

Daddy: Yes. A keyword that your brother would tell in the call, so we automatically know that your brother was really kidnapped.

Me: ... So... You are assuming that he WILL ged kidnapped...

Daddy: No. But better safe than sorry right?

Me: Right...

Daddy: We will make the keyword a word that you won't normally say while being kidnapped. Like Coca-Cola or something...

Me: ... Coca-Cola?

Daddy: We will be discussing this with your brother later.

Me: Okay?

You realize at that point that things are doing PRETTY bad when your family is getting ready to have your kid kidnapped at some point in time. I just feel like dragging my whole family to me (out of the country), so I know they are safe T^T

What tragic times we are facing...

Thank you for reading! I know is bunch of nonsense, but I feel much better now ^.^

See you soon! Ja ne!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

War Against Style

Because Halloween is coming up, I decided that my hair needs a little bit of trimming. I decided this weekend to go and re-arrange the hair from my back, so it looks perfect again to Yoite.

Let me tell you from now that I was not looking forward to it.

You might know from past post that I have always a misfortune coming up whenever I go to get my hair cut. They do it wrong, or they are always trying to do what they like, or something else. I was wondering what would happen this time. I actually had very explicit instructions of how I wanted them to cut my hair, so there wouldn't be any misunderstandings.

Seems I was not expecting the hairstylist to actually disagree to my instructions.

It started well enough... I guess. The woman saw me (and the weird hairstyle), and asked,

Woman: When was the last time you cut it?

Me: (Does it really matter?) Two months ago.

Woman: Where?

Me: (I guess she believes I cut it myself or something) Here actually.

Woman: Really? (No, I just said for the heck of it) Who?

Me: (Again, does it really matter?) The woman behind you.

No comments after that.

It kinda went smoothly from there. I told her that I wanted her to cut my hair back again to my hairline, and having "stacky" as they say it. She did it without comment, and it was going great. When she finished that's when the problems started.

It went something like this.

Woman: What about the hair of the front?

Me: I don't want anything done to it.

Woman: Don't you want me to cut them a little bit, so it continues to the back?

Me: (Here we go again...) No.

Woman: Are you sure?

Me: (Oh my god woman) No, thank you.

Woman: Because it looks ... (Bad I guess she wanted to say). That is not how is done.

Me: No, I am okay.

Woman: Look see? The back goes likes this to the front. If we take a little bit from here, it would look complete.

Me: (So you want a challenge heh?) Actually, now that I see it. I want to cut it even shorter behind the ears.

Woman: What?

Me: Yes. The hair behinds the ears cut it even shorter so it looks completely separated from the front.

Woman: Are you sure? It would look... (Horrible I filled it).

Me: Pretty sure.

Woman: Okaaaay...

This is actually a very short version of the conversation. The real one went for much, much, MUCH longer than this. But I don't want to bore you with repetitions. Some people just don't want to do as you say.

Oh, let me point out that by then she was making a face like she couldn't believe what she was doing to my hair. I was like "My god woman, can't you at least blank your expression for a second?"

When she finished she said,

Woman: Okay. It's done.

Me: Thank you. It's perfect.

Woman: So, that is okay? That's how you want it?

Me: Yes.

Woman: If you say so...

It has become very tiring fighting against the hairstylist. I know that they know what's best? I mean, they studied this and everything. But as they say, "the client is always right." As a graphic designer I also know that even if you know what the client wants is wrong, you HAVE to do it as the client wants it. Or else you are risking loosing the client.

I really need someone who cuts hair without questions T^T. It just makes me dread going to cut my hair now. Is like I am fighting a war against fashion or common trend or something.

That's all for today! I just wanted to share my tidbit of experience with you all.

See you next time!

Friday, October 9, 2009

What the heck?

I don't really know why I am posting this. It is kind of embarrassing XD but I'll still do it anyway.

I was going through google searching for new pictures of Nabari no Ou. The reason why I do this is that the mangaka refuses to make more drawings of Nabari no Ou not related to the story-line. I mean those where the mangaka uses their same characters, but kinda cosplay them in a different time-setting, or AU world, or something else. Kinda like this:

Which makes me think immediately of Kuroshitsuji.

Me: Do not even think about it Sebastian.

Sebastian: Tche...

Another reason is that manga fox (where I read my online FREE manga) has not updated the new monthly version of the manga. I kind of know what it is about, but for some reason it hasn't been posted yet. Very frustrating seeing that WE ARE AT THE CLIMAX OF THE STORY FOR GOD SAKE. GIVE IT TO ME NOOOOOW!!!


So I searched in image google for more Yoite pictures. There are some fanarts there? Very cool, I would totally recommend them. Though for some reason people still tend to forget that Yoite cannot... Be... Nor ever will be... A top.

Yoite: Why not?

Me: I would tell, but you are already pointing a finger towards me.

Miharu: But I still want to know!

Me: You just want me dead, do you?

Miharu: ... No.

Me: Right...

Turns out suddenly out of nowhere I see my picture posted on google under the name of Yoite (fortunately I am not the only one. Other people also cosplay as Yoite). I was so surprised and embarrassed. I almost eliminate my pictures from all the places I have posted them, so I don't get to see them again in google. OMG! How embarrassing! >.<

But don't worry. I didn't erase them.

It also turns out that by the end of this post, Manga Fox posted the new update of Nabari no Ou. Me all excited about, I went to read it immediately. Only to see that is something (at least for me) completely unnecessary to the story. What do I care about Miharu's parents (sorry Miharu, no mean to hurt)? Or Shiratama? Or is it Miharu still in that deep reflection state about forgetting important people? What does this have to do with the story!!!

Is like they are trying to build us up and up with the climax, by NOT taking us to the climax. Just continue on with the story for god sake! Try extracting the fricking Shinra Banshou now, and leave Miharu aloooone! >.<

As you can see (by my very expressive comments) this month has not been so good for me. Lot's of depression, disappointment and bad things going on. Hopefully things will start looking better for us soon. Neh?

Thanks for reading! See you all soon!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Yoite's Gloves

I guess this post is going to be a quicky one... so...

I finally found the gloooooooves! It was so unexpected that I am pretty sure I stared at the gloves for like a minute without moving. A friend got worried thinking that I fell asleep with my eyes open or something. Then I threw myself to the wall (yes, I actually did), and got the gloves as soon as possible. To discover them so cheap as for 3 dollars was a big bonus for me...

Here is a small picture to show them to you all. My god, that I got them my size and in the right color. Me so lucky!

My next challenge of course its going to be the color contact lenses and the scar tissue. Yes, I getting the whole set for the perfect Yoite cosplay!

Anyway! In another news! I GOT THE DVD OF KUROSHITSUJI!!! Yes, it is sent from Malaysia, but who cares? It's miiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Me: *hugs Sebastian*

Sebastian: *glares*

Me: Meep! Don't kill me! *runs away*

Common Sence: Have you gotten the DVD's for Nabari no Ou?

Me: Are you kidding me? That set is like for 50 bucks! Those people are thieves for putting half the season for 50 bucks! A whole season of Kyo Kara Maoh is less than that!

CS: But this is Nabari no Ou.

Me: Well... Yeah...

CS: And you want to hear Yoite's voice in English.

Me: No. I want to hear Yoite's voice in English to complain how bad it is for Yoite.

CS: Then why didn't you get it?

Me: *pokes fingers* I am kinda waiting for the whole season together...

CS: And pathetically sigh when passing by it in the store.

Me: *points finger*...... DANG. I wish I knew Kira...

That is for now guys! See ya soon!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sharing Pictures Kuroshitsuji

Because I am nice (and was asked for this) here are new images that I found that I thought would be nice to share with you all!

I really can't decide which stare gets me more flustered. If this one of Sebastian or Yoite's sexy glance...

Of course Sebastian's has that "I will show you a heaven's gate full of sin" kinda glance. Totally dangerous that makes any human unable to ignore.

CHIBIS!!! ^.^ Chibi theater yaaaaaay. There really should be one in the manga. Something like they do in Nabari no Ou where they make fun of their scenes. I guess it could be something like "bloopers behind the scenes" kinda thing...

Ga... Ma... Pff....Ble.... *can't talk, trying to stop nose-bleeding*

OMG! Am I spoiling? Yeah right...

I would putting this one on my layout, if said layout wasn't already so big T^T

But who cares right? PUT IT!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I guess it is always better to start with the bad news...

The bad news are... I won't be able to post an entry here as often as I used to. The cause is that I have three major (HUGE) exams that I have to take. Not to mention the internet classes and in-person classes that I also have participate... All for the good of future generations...

I do promise to post the comic with the new member to our crew though! Sorry that it has taken so long to finish it. It's not me I swear >.< !

I also promised that I would put a new layout with reference to Halloween and Kuroshitsuji, and here it is! I wanted to put it as soon as October started (which is today). >_<

Sorry for the bad news! But let me tell you that it sucks more for me XD

See you all soon!