Thursday, May 17, 2012

Purple Dil-Er... Demon...

Seems showing yourself how you run and scream like a little girl is not the same anymore.

For some reason I have been kind of obsessed about watching this guy's videos, because there is something so satisfying about watching him scream and jump so scared because of a video game. Not that the games aren't scary, but his reactions are just so hilarious...

These couple of days, trying to lift my spirits, I have been watching his videos nonstop. People are kind of saying weird things to me now about this, but I have never really cared what they said before. I did notice though, when I was watching him play Ao Oni, that he is not only popular enough to be watched by his thousand "bros" anymore. He is having his own animated shows too!

Let me just give you an example. here is a montage he did about the more funny and scary scenes of him playing Ao Oni. They are funny, but they would be even more funny if you watched him play the whole thing. Of course, you would have to sacrifice more than an hour and a half of your life doing this... And some people don't think is worth it...

If you do watch the whole game with him, you will understand my title reference...

Now, unto what I was saying about his animated shows. Watch this:

Weird thing, I don't know if most people have noticed, is that this PewDiePie has breast... Just saying...

My mood lately has also inspired me to draw some more, which is a nice change. I drew a new fanart of Yoite, which I am hopeful to be able to color it this weekend and post it. I will be busy this weekend, but I will try my best to make time for the fanart. I must say that the drawing of Yoite isn't happy, cause I was not happy at the time I made it either.

Anyway, that would be all I have to say for today. Hope you all are having a nice week, and get to enjoy a nice weekend.

Take care!

Ja ne

Monday, May 14, 2012

Alice Fanart

Alright. I won't be posting things for a week or so after this post. In a few days it will be my grandfather's death anniversary, and, seeing as he just died last year, it will still be very hard for all of us. Specially now after finding out that my other grandfather has refused to accept my existence. Meaning that I will never, ever be allowed to see him again. Oh well...

Moving on to more cheerful news. I have finally "finished" (kinda rushed, so I never really consider something finished when is rushed) my fanart of Malice (Alice: Madness Returns). Not what I expected, but... Meh...

Note to self: I suck at makeup.

Okay, here it us! I will probably just stick to portraits if I ever color the drawings after this. It just takes so much TIME!

When I was drawing this I was experimenting with perspective. A total failure I know, but it was fun drawing it nonetheless. The other fail part is that in the drawing Alice is holding the knife with the left hand, when she holds it with the right one. BOOOOOOO. I could have totally just swiped the drawing, but BOOOOOO.

Anyway, that would be all for right now! Hope you enjoy it.

Ja ne!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Miharu Fanart

Because some people don't read it all, I had to rush myself into finishing this fanart for my sister.

But I am done, finally. YES!

This is an idea that was inspired by my (online) sis, Zeki. Don't know why she started thinking of Miharu pole dancing or something relating him removing his clothes, and made me have this image on my head. Of course immediately I had to rush to my sketchbook and draw it down. This is the final product.

Hope you like it, sis! This is for you!

I will have the other fanart I have of Alice soon... I hope.

Ja ne!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bunch of Days this Month

Wooooow! Once again I am cut up in so much stuff that by the time I remember that I have a blog, days and days have gone by...

First of all I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEKI!!! She just informed me that it was her birthday today, and now I will definitely will have something for her tomorrow. I swear!

Don't you love Mother's Day? Suddenly one day I go to my FB, only to find it INVADED with my baby pictures, because my mother thought it would be totally adorable to that for mother's day. Not only that, but she tagged to fricking everybody, and now I have people who I don't even know commenting on those pictures! *facedesk*

Talking about mothers. When I was talking to her the other day, she suddenly informed me of very important news.

Mom: Nemy, I need to tell you that your sister will be having a second wedding besides the one in Mexico.

Me: .... Really.

Mom: She is going to be having a Jewish wedding.

Me: ... We are not Jewish.

Mom: No, but her fiance is. And it will take place in Florida.

Me: A Jewish wedding... In Florida... I thought his family was from Philadelphia.

Mom: They are.

Me: Nice.

Mom: I am expecting you to be there.

Me: Not nice. Oh no! Ooooooh nooooo! I am so not going there!

Mom: I would mean a lot to your sister.

Me: The F... I am going to a wedding where they will try to brainwash me! The Christians already tried! The Catholics already tried! Even the Atheist!

Mom: I will let you sing the songs from Fiddler on the Roof.

Me: .... Dammit! >.<

Of course she sealed the deal by bribing me with me $500 dollars to spend it on whatever I thought was necessary a.k.a. clothes for my sister's wedding. And OF COURSE I used it instead to buy a PsVita., because for me that is much more necessary than stupid clothes... Not that she needs to know that, just minor details 8D

I am kind of wary of that groom's family now, though. I just received an email from his mother telling me random stuff about wedding clothes, and stuff. It so weird that even three days later, I haven't answered back... So out of nowhere...


I was in YouTube the other day, when I stumbled across this guy who is called PewDiePie. He seems to love playing horror games, and, even better, he loves posting him playing these games and showing off his scary face along with his girly screams. Oh believe me, they are girly screams.

It kind of stroke my schadenfreude in a weird way, because I have been watching his other videos for days now. I can't seem to get tired of how scary and jumpy he gets by the games he plays. I suppose some people just love getting scared the sh!t out of the, who knows? Anyway, if you want to know more or less what I am talking about, here is a small videos of recollections of his scary reactions. Kind of funny...


The last game is epic.

Keep posted for tomorrow's surprise!

Ja ne