Monday, November 30, 2009

Counting Manga with Yoite and Miharu part 2

Just a little later note on my previous post. I have been showing to some of my friends this video (because I think is hilarious), and I have been quite surprised by the responses I have gotten from it.

First I showed it to my closest friend Ashke, because I wanted to make a very good point with the video. The point being that I do not have nearly as many mangas as they do. If any, I am barely reaching 100. Seeing that I am not so overboard as them, give meeee my Nabari no Ou volume 2!!!

Unfortunately it didn't work...

It did give Ashke another (apart from the mangas) big shock with the video.

It seems that I have quite a resemblance to the girl cosplaying Yoite. But like a big shocking resemblance that scares them a lot. At the beginning I was thinking, well duh! I am having the same haircut (and wearing the same hat), so of course we look the same!

This was his reaction:

Ashke: Okay fine, I'll watch it.

Me: Yay!

Ashke: ... Nemy? What are you doing in the video?

Me: Wha?

Ashke: When did you take this video? And who is the girl sitting next to you?

Me: What? I didn't take any video! (hate my image on any screen is not even funny)

Ashke: But I see clearly here that you... Wait... That is not you...

Me: Of course not! Since when do I have blue eyes?!?!?

Ashke: But she looks just like you.

Me: Well of course. We are cosplaying the same character.

Ashke: The boy?

Me: Not a boy...

Ashke: But even the same hair and the hat.

Me: Actually I have it longer, and is not the same hat.

Ashke: Fine, whatever. You look exactly the same...

I didn't believe him, and I forgot entirely this conversation until later. The next day I showed it to one of my friends (who is also a big fangirl), and her reaction was this.

Lanz: Nemy! You look exactly like the girl in the hat!

Me: Oh, not you too... (and she hasn't seen me recently, nor my cosplaying)

Lanz: Yeah totally... It really surprises you at the beginning. Later you start to tell the differences.

Me: Meh...

Lanz: So hey Nemy.

Me: Yes?

Lanz: ... How many mangas do you have?

Me: XD Gosh I dunno. I have them all hidden (from my family), that it would take me forever to find them and count them. You?

Lanz: Not as crazy as that! I think I have over 100 maybe...

Me: Yeah me too...

By then I was starting to think that maybe they were having a point somewhere about the resemblance. So I showed it to another friend who I haven't seen in months, just to see his reaction. If he thinks the same thing, then I will give the point to them that we do have a resemblance. Dunno from where, seeing that she is blond, white, blue eyed, and me brunette, tanned, brown eyed.

This was his reaction.


Me: What? What! What happened?!

Cat: How scary!

Me: What is?!

Cat: She looks just like you!!!

Me: -_- Darnit.

Cat: It surprised me a lot. At the beginning I thought it was you.

Me: You know I don't have many friends here.

Cat: Yeah, that's how I knew that it couldn't be you. You with your big antisocial-totally-awkward-moments skills.

Me: *glares* Thank you so much.

So probably they do have a point. Can't say. I still thought it was funny, and worth sharing it with you guys. Hope you don't mind...

See you all soon! Ja ne!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Counting Manga with Yoite and Miharu

I will keep this post short, because there really isn't a lot to say.

I was just going through Nabari no Ou videos on YouTube when I stumbled across this video called "Counting Manga with Yoite and Miharu." It is as the title says, two people cosplaying as the characters counting down how many mangas "Miharu" has. I suppose it looked interesting enough for me, so I started to watch it!

And Oh My God XD

I just saw the piling and piling of manga appearing on the screen, and how the numbers just keep on increasing. 30. 50. 100. 250. 630. 830. 1000. Until they reached the number 1125 mangas on that room. Where do they all go in that tiny tiny room I have no idea (maybe the anime/manga vortex is being used in there too). It was quite scary and funny.

But not as funny as the interactions between Yoite and Miharu.

You could see how Yoite was beginning to freak out by the outrageous number of manga volumes. The "I'm.... So.... Scared" and the "I'm going to die in here" got me laughing for hours (still laughing writing this post). Though to be quite honest my Miharu would have acted a little different in those circumstances. Why? Simple. There was a bed. They were alone. Forget the manga. Miharu would have jumped Yoite a loooong time ago.

Then, he would have started all over again.

The ending was great though, with Yoite reading Junjou Romantica (a *cough* manga from grandma yeah right *cough*), a very very yaoi manga, and asking: "Miharu? Can we do this?" and Miharu's answer of, "I thought you would never ask."

Great, just great. Very funny. I am very thankful for coming across this video. This really made my day.

If you get the opportunity of seeing it, do it! And be amazed XD

Thanks for reading! See you all soon!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Kurosushi! Tee-hee!

Sorry that I haven't been around here as much these couple of days. I believe that this will start to happen more and more often, as I start to get more desperate searching for a job XD

People are incredibly picky nowadays.

But! Going to the main topic that I wanted to discuss today is the new chapter that just came out in Kuroshitsuji! It really made my day, and loved it. Though the Queen's butler appeared again, and I just really dislike the guy. I would with pleasure kill the son of a witch...

I don't know if anybody noticed... Or it is just that I am reading way to much Kuroshitsuji fanfiction (Oh, I am sooo going to hell for that >.<), but Ciel acted.... Well... As a (pardon my language) cock tease to be quite honest.

I don't really remember the new guy's name (the writer that inexplicably was invited to a party of the Phantomhives with a lot of famous people), and Ciel would act rather... teasy towards the guy. I mean, yes I understand that Ciel had to entertain him, but there is entertainment and there is *entertainment.* Hasn't anybody bothered to teach Ciel that? The guy's reactions where being at shock (and completely expected), and I believe me that mine would have been too remembering that Ciel is fricking THIRTEEN YEARS OLD.

Our conversation would have gone a little like this...

Ciel: *Smiles*

Me: *Nosebleed* Remember Yoite >.<

As a side note, that the guy compared Sebastian to an Oscar Wilde's character was genius. I rather believe that he would fit to be Dorian Grey XD (except he would be much more evil). But really, it's actually even more fitting for Sebastian to have been Oscar Wilde's lover XD. Oh the ideas! ^0^

*Cough* back to the conversation!

Ciel: Is it okay if I sit next to you?

Me: Of course. Pleaa- Oh My God Earl! (Pretty...)

Ciel: Are you enjoying yourself?

Me: .... *Whisper* Y-y-yes.

Ciel: Please sit down, Mr. Wordsmith.

Me: I wouldn't really consider myself a worsdsmith yet... (never heard the word even) "Arthur" would be just fine (Arthur is the name! Not even Ciel knew it XD).

Ciel: I want to call you this, so isn't it okay?

Me: *blink* Oh em...

Ciel: *Leers* Do you dislike it? "Wordsmith" that is.

Me: *keeps blinking* (Am I hearing things?) Ah.. No.. Is just that... If may I ask... Why did you invite me here today?

Ciel: Because I read your work the other day.

Me: Oh.

Ciel: It was a novel that appeared in Beeton's Christmas Annual.

Me: You read such (crap) a minor magazine?

Ciel: As an entrepreneur who likes to keep track of the latest fashionables, I see many things... (I bet you do Ciel). What's wrong?

Me: So a (crap) magazine like that is even read by people with a high social status including the Earl.

Ciel: *laughs* It has nothing to do with social status right? Besides, my business partners are common people. I also read Punch. The main character of your...

And bla bla bla they go on about business and writing, and no matter how hard you try. You cannot turn that kind of conversation to sexyness. You just can't. I have tried.

Then the story goes on, and Ciel and Sebastian start criticizing one of their guest in French. Arthur was looking at them amazed (and admiring their beauty I bet), when Ciel turns and catches him peeping at them. I was almost expecting Ciel to be a little put off by this (or I don't know, act a little Ciely like), but he shusshes at him. He. Shusshes. At. Arthur. But not any kind of shush! It was more like a cooky look kinda sush! Arthur even blushed.

And yes Ladies and Gentlemen! That proves that I was not imagining stuff! XD Or I just really really need to lay off the fanfiction reading for a while...

And then more mystery is added to the story when one of the guest is murdered in their room at the Phantomhive mansion. Not to be mean or anything, but this got to be the OLDEST trick in the book for mystery stories. How many many times have we seen this already? I was little put off by this. When the guest stayed at the mansion for the night, I was joking that one of them would be murdered in their room. When it did happen, I was not pleased. I do not want to start guessing what's going on next! I am quite good at this. That Kuroshitsuji manages to catch me off guard every-time with its mystery, is what has made me so loyal to it! If I start guessing, is just not going to make me happy T^T. I start losing interest, and then I leave it altogether.

I don't want this to happen to this beautiful manga! I am really hopeful that soon it will catch me by surprise again, with something very unexpected in the next chapter. I will keep my fingers crossed until next month >.<

I also wonder if there will be more interaction between Ciel and Arthur. It was so... Different... That I want to see it again.

Common Sense: You perv.

Me: Blame it to Harry Potter fanfiction.

CS: No wait, you are not a perv. You are sick.

Me: Why, thank you!

See you all next time!

Friday, November 20, 2009

More News on Kuroshitsuji

You all probably know all this by now, but there was a "bonus" added to season one of Kuroshitsuji later in the year. They added... Not exactly an ova, but more like an extra episode. Has nothing to do with the story overall, but it will make more sense if you see if after episode 7 at least.

I got the opportunity of seeing this extra episode much earlier than most, because there was this wonderful person who translated in Spanish way before it was translated in English. I saw it, I laughed, I laughed some more, and I loved it!

But then, I love everything of Kuroshitsuji it seems. It's so well done! >.<

Now that the translation of English has come, I thought it would be a good idea to share it with you all! Well... It's not exactly completed, but maybe if you look around you will find the last part.

The best part is that is Hamlet a la Kuroshitsuji! Pure crack I tell you! XD

Not only did they do this wonderful (absolutely wonderful!) extra episode, but also a commercial that goes in it! Believe me, if more people made commercials like this, people would buy even MORE stuff from T.V. Saw it, blushed, and loved it too...

Here it is!

Pluto Commercial (yes you read it right, expect what you usually expect from Pluto...)

To finalize this masterpiece, they did... Kinda like a preview? But not any kind of preview! It's a preview of an alternative world of Yakuzas... In England (I assume... or Tokyo, can't tell)... Fighting over Sushi...

Did I forgot to mention that robots appear? What the crap XD

Yeah, it makes sense as much as 1+1=3

The best part is that is Yakuza/Ciel fighting against Poor Chef/Sebastian! Makes no sense, and I absolutely have no idea what it is about (haven't found it translated anywhere yet), but love it to pieces anyway! Doesn't matter what they say! Just squeal and giggle at the images of Yakuza/Ciel and Poor Chef/Sebastian XD

Genius! The creators of Kuroshitsuji are absolute genius!

I really cannot wait for what they will come up next on season 2. Unfortunately everybody (specially me) have already set up very high expectations for this wonderful anime. I wonder if they will meet them? Go beyond them? Disappoint us? God, hope not...

I want this year to be over, god dangit >.<

That is all for today! Sorry I haven't been around as much! I found some other manga pages of Nabari no Ou to mess around, so I will post something really soon.

Thanks for reading! See ya!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Brought Back into the Cycle again...

This is a big spoiler for the game of Shadow of the Colossus? So if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read.

My friends has been hooked up lately with a computer video game they bought a while ago ( kinda forgot that they had it, so... Yeah...). Me, not having anything else to do, got back to my video games too, and decided to finish up ones that I had already advanced on.

That day I decided to finish Shadow of the Colossus. I started this game a few years back when one of my friends go it, and was too scared to actually play it. Thing I didn't get was that she was able to fight bloodied zombies and terrifying monsters, but too scared to climb up giants.

Big "HUH?" was my reaction too.

When I came over to her house, she asked me of I could play it. I was like "sure! bring it on!" and started playing. The story goes more or less like this.

This... boy is riding his horse towards this empty and very big lands with a big brown bag. He is riding, and riding, and riding (very beautiful scenery) when he arrives to a forgotten and deserted temple. There he puts the package (who turns out to be a girl) on a shrine inside the temple. A big deep voice starts talking, and says what was his purpose there. The voice (or god) figures out that the man wants to revive the girl, because she was sacrificed for having a cursed life. The god the tells that he need a special weapon to do this. The boy shows up a very shiny (shiny!) sword, and the god finally agrees to a bargain. The bargain is that the boy must defeat 16 giants in exchange for the girl's life. He warns him though that the price might be too high for this exchange. The boy still agrees.

And it starts. One by one the god starts pointing out the giants. The boy must find them within these lands, and defeat them using the sword.

This is where I come in.

They were already with the first giant (formed by vegetation and rocks), so they kinda had to guide me how to jump, avoid, stab, and all the sort of things they teach you in the tutorial (which I missed). Then the puzzle comes which is figuring out where the weak point is in the body of the giant, go there, and stab it with the sword. On the first one you had to climb (with their big hairy body XD) your way up to the head, and start stabbing as much as you can.

I defeated it pretty quickly, and the giant falls down to a pile of rocks. Then a black essence comes from the giant, and goes directly into the boy's body. It hurt... A lot. We figured that the boy's future didn't look very promising.

He appears back into the temple, and goes to find the second giant.

Pretty simple, no? No complicated story-lines, beautiful graphics, and puzzles complicated enough that made this game worthwhile. With my friend I got the opportunity of killing 6 giants before I had to go back to my home. That was the end of that game for me.

A couple of years later I find it on sale on a store, and decided to finish it on my own. That way I can see the ending of the game. I kinda had my theories, so I wanted to know if I was right or not. My theory was that he will defeat all the giants, revive the girl, die, and at the end become the 17's giant of the temple.

Yes, I am a pessimist.

So, I started over again. Very frustrating game at times (had to go to walkthrough on the later giants to figure out the puzzle), but entertaining (and stubborn myself) enough to reach the end.

Oh, and what an end...

Throughout the game you kinda get attached to the boy (or at least I did). Doing so much for the sake of reviving the girl, right? You can see how the more giants he killed, the less "alive" he looked on the game (had big big flashbacks to Yoite). When he killed the 16's giant, he was pretty much dead, but was brought back to the temple despise that.

A little before he appeared though, a group of people arrive to the temple. They knew about the stolen sword, and that someone was messing around in the forbidden lands. They saw the girl's body, and suddenly the boy appears in the temple. They saw him, and said that he was being possessed by the spirits of the death (another flashback). They kill him. Then the dead body starts being covered in black, and starts growing and growing into the body of the giant.

The god starts talking about borrowing the boy's body, and reunite all his 16's pieces after being separated and sealed for so long. The people were terrified, and decided to reseal him once more. The god tries to stop them, but they did the purification... Something... and a vortex appears in the temple. Because of the vortex the body starts growing smaller again, until you see the body of the boy just being covered in black. The... spirit? (combination of the boy and the god) tries to stop being sucked by the vortex, but fails miserably.

The people ran away as fast as they can while destroying the way to reach the forbidden lands once and for all. THEN the girl awakens, and starts looking around very calmly.

Emm... Calmly?

I don't know about you guys, but if I didn't recognize where I was, I would be a little freaked out? Worried? Wondering how I got there?

Anyway, she sees the horse of the boy... And there is nothing. NOTHING! No recognition of the horse! Meaning that the girl DIDN'T know the boy, so she DIDN'T know the big sacrifice that he did to save her! I felt so sad for the boy... Talking about being forgotten *sees Yoite.*

She starts wondering through the temple, and (where the vortex was) sees a baby with horns there on the floor. I figured that he was "purified," and brought back to life by becoming a baby. I don't know if that makes me happy or sad. Haven't decided yet...

And she stays there in the forbidden land, raising a kid with horns. The ending didn't dissatisfied me, but I had a lot of mixed feelings about the boy. Throughout the whole game you NEVER find out what is his name. He is stabbed, killed, possessed, sucked, and disappeared. I refuse to believe that he will be back, just because he was transformed to a baby. He won't. He will never be the SAME AGAIN.

This, along with my mixed feelings about Yoite in the manga, put me right back again into the angst I just left. GOD! Will all my favorite characters will be forgotten and DIE? What do you have against meeeeee!!! Whyyyyyyy!!!!!!

So yeah, that is all my rant for today.

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Useless Randonmess

The other day I was in a Nabari no Ou forum talking about the anime and manga. Two of us started to go off topic, and started to talk about Yoite (em... Excuse me Nemy, but when are you NOT?). How Yoite was so cool, the best character ever, etc, etc. We even started to compare our Yoite avatars (though in reality we were just checking who had the most accurate one).

Then, by some clicking mistake, I went to this person's blog, and find this rather interesting picture in there:

I saw it, and I couldn't help bursting out laughing at it. I mean, who doesn't want... Well, not exactly rape... But something "interesting" to happen between Miharu and Yoite? I just have mentioned before that no matter what we all think or want or believe, Yoite CANNOT be the seme. It's simple and obvious, deal with it!

Pretty good idea though, and I would loooove to give credit to the genius who created this. Unfortunately I do not know. If by some mere miracle you read this, and it's you who created this. Please tell me!

Now I want a clock just like that one to wake me up every morning. That way I can face the day with big-old smile in my face =D

Have any of you have seen those inspirational posters? Those that have very touching messages about goals, happiness, family, etc. Well I never seen one deep enough for me to actually get one. That is, until now...

That is oh so true!

I am so getting this one, and having it framed. It reminds me of those touching times where Miharu and Yoite would go away, and hide together (ahem...) between bookcases and stuff. I know why Yoite would do it, but Miharu? What did that devil little mind of yours was planning in there?

I was also (once again) in my eternal search for more pictures of Yoite, when I found some very nice fanarts that I thought would be nice to share with you all. I will give the link, so that way I also give credit to the person who created them. I will just put my comments after the links, because I always consider funny what I think of them (yes, I am pathetic, so what?).

Doujinshi (links of the next pages in author's comments)

Page 1. This is a very interesting doujinshi to be honest. Kinda puts clear just how much Miharu wants Yoite XD Yoite poor you!
Page 2. Yoite, you are a sucker.
Page 3. Ahem, Yukimi? Technically Yoite is NOT a boy... And by the way, somebody has to be checking for spelling erroooooors!!! (tyred?)
Page 4. Somebody is a pushy...
Page 5. Yeah, tasted? This proves beyond all doubt that Miharu is meant to be the small seme XD Sorry Yoite (or not ^_____^).

I saw this scene a little before I started to watch the anime, and I was like "OMG When does this happen?" Only to find out that I was just a sucker (too), and it was just a fanart. But pretty well done I have to say! It looks exactly like the artwork of the anime. You can almost make yourself believe that this happened at one point (boohoo).

OMG! I want them? Like, oh so bad? OMG! What you could do with those! The videos *smirks* and pictures and shrines! I would totally tell this person to sell those! Seeing that we don't have any fricking merchandise of Nabari no Ou here... Darn it! >.<

That is all I got to share for now. Later I will put some very nice links of Kuroshitsuji, and the "commercial" that they have. It's soooo good XD

Thanks for reading! Ja ne!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Must Go On...

I was already ready to write down this new post for my blog a couple of days ago. Until I got a cold. Not a serious one (we all know which one I am talking about), but one enough to bother me.

I'll still try my best to keep my writing less incomprehensible then usual. If I didn't succeed... I suppose is still my fault, but lets blame it on the cold shall we? So, here it goes!

Finally I have come back from zombie land! Have you ever seen how students look after an exam? Yeah, like that. I figured that since I am surrounded by zombies (and being a zombie myself); therefore, I am in zombie land. I have survived woohoo! Which brings me to a conversation I had not so long ago.

When I reviewed episode 26 of Nabari no Ou, it stuck to me a sentence that Yoite mentions about himself/herself. He/she refereed her/himself (QUIT IT!) as a "walking zombie," and I said that you *have* to be walking to be a zombie. Otherwise you are just a corpse in the floor, you know? But for some reason it stuck to me, and I wondered...

Couple of days later I was talking to one of my friends, and for some unexplainable reason I asked her this question. This is how it went.

Me: Hey Jess, what do you think about the sentence "walking zombie."

Headesk: What about it?

Me: Isn't it like wrong? I mean it is kind of implied that you have to be walking to be a zombie. I mean, the corpse has to be moving to be a zombie, otherwise is just a corpse.

Headesk: Well, yes. But the zombie doesn't have to necessarily be walking to be a zombie. They can be in parts, and still be moving because they are zombies. I KNOW. I learned that the hard way...

Me: Resident Evil?

Headesk: Yeah...

Me: Okay... I understand, but... What about the parts?

Headesk: Huh?

Me: I would understand how a hand, or the legs would move and all. But what about only the head? How would it move? With the tongue? And, what about the torso only? With the nipples?

Headesk: ...

And this is how I always, ALWAYS go in a tangent in every conversation that I have. What can I say? I am a person who wonders about lots of stuff. My family couldn't never tell me a joke, because I would be always wondering what happened after...

Kinda took me a while to stop doing that...

And a while more to start getting the jokes...

Moving on! A friend and I went on a little vacation a couple of days ago! I had a great Halloween if anybody wonders. I dressed up as Yoite! Got the pictures, but I still haven't uploaded them to my computer (my baaaad). My Ashke and I went to a spirit-haunting tour! Kinda weird if you think about it seeing that I don't believe in ghosts. More weird even that I do believe in dragons, but not in ghost. Weirder even that this whole thing was my idea...

I complained? A lot? Because, if you are going to do something, you have to do it right, you know? One of the ghosts that we "encountered" is a very well known legend...

Of South Mexico...

Now even ghosts are (illegal) immigrants here!

Anyway, I was wondering all the time what this ghost was doing here, but nobody was paying me attention. Kinda went with the character I was cosplaying and all (teehee!). They mentioned the story tooootally different from what I knew of it. Then the ghost started talking... Or more like shrilling...

Ghost: AAHHHHHH!!! Mis hijas!!! (My daughters!!)

Me: I thought you had boys?


Me: I am cold...

Tour Guide: Be careful! She can take away your kids forever!

Me: *sees the kids in the group* You don't say...

Friend: How weird that we have this same ghost right were we live too.

Me: We can assume she likes to travel...

Ghost: Miiiiis hiiiijaaaaaas!!!!

Me: ... And that she wanted girls instead of boys too. Maybe thats why she drowned them.

It went on smoothly after that, but it was so cold! I guess this (and other encounters with cold weather) are what has brought me down to this bloody cold. Hopefully I get better soon, so I can put better (and sooner) posts in here!

That is all for now! Thanks for reading!

Ja ne.