Sunday, July 31, 2011

At last some good news...


This Friday I finally got my very, very waited and beautiful victorian coat. I was so happy that I let out a tiny squeal. I was alone though, so no one has proof. And almost in time for my birthday!!! So it turned out to be a right on time birthday gift (oh yeah, my birthday is today 8D).

I was going to take pictures today, but the weather has been kind of cloudy lately. The pictures were not going to turn out good *groans*. I have to be very picky when its black clothing, because if it's not completely sunny outside, you can only see a blob of dark clothes on me. And really, the coat has so many intricate details that it would be a shame to not be able to see them...

So I will probably try to take pictures this coming Friday, before the convention, and try to post them here as soon as I can. I kind of got inspired by the latest manga volume of Black Butler (volume VI), and I will try to add some details to my Ciel cosplay. I got some jewelery making skills, IT'S TIME TO USE THEM!

Me ish so happy!!!

On a later note, I was told that Nabari-Miharu's birthday was the day before mine. I felt bad that first: I didn't know, so I didn't wish them a Happy Birthday, and second: I didn't do anything for them. So here is a tiny little thing I did! I hope you like it!!!

This is what Miharu did for my birthday. Isn't it cute? ^^

Makes my day so much better =D

I hope everyone has a great day!

Ja ne

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Nabari/Something AMV

I just found this video that I wanted to share with you guys. It has mangascans from Nabari and another manga (whose name still eludes me, not that I really care that much...), but I still liked it very much!

The author (and link) for this video, you will find it right HERE. I just wanted to post that, to give credit where credit is due... I just hope this person keeps making more videos of Nabari, because they are really amazing.

Hope you all enjoyed it!

Ja ne

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Is not Fair!

I just need to let this out, so here it goes...


I was just told that I was going to be able to go only for one day for my convention coming up, because some friends of my family are getting married that same weekend.

I waited a whole year for this convention! I bought the three-days pass way ahead of time, to get them cheap. I have been planning, I have arranged cosplays, I have even participated in the forum of the convention. All so I could meet new people, and start making friends, and have fun!


Now they are telling me that "maybe" I can go on Friday at least. Because not going to said wedding is not OPTIONAL.

Well, (pardon my french) Fuck it! Don't I wish I could say that to them... FUCK IT!

I threw a fit when I found out (of course, how else am I supposed to react?). And now they are trying to bribe me to take me to another convention that is happening near where we live in October. IS NOT THE SAME!

Gosh, now I am all depressed and angry and I hate it. I hate it when I get like this, because I start giving up, exploding to everyone around me, and just ending up alone again...

And to add to everything, I was just informed too that my Victorian coat will be late. THEY JUST SHIP IT! I bought the thing A WHOLE MONTH AGO! What did they do? Remake it? It said it was in stock! Or else I would have gotten it a size smaller, so it would fit me better!

WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME NOOOOW! Is this Karma? I wonder...

So unfair, so unfair, so unfair...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Profiles 2

This is just me working on more profiles because I AM THAT BORED...


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Black Butler Photoshoot 2010


I never thought it would take me a whoooooole year to post my pictures from my first con... Which happened... On June 2010 (epic fail right here folks).

These are pictures that I took from a Black Butler Photoshoot that happened at OMG2010. The people were crazy and really funny to hand around (if only for the photoshoot *foreveralone*). The cosplay was amazing, and I was crazily taking pictures of everything that was happening there XD

I hope you all like them! Here they are...

This is a group picture. I keep laughing at the face Ciel (in the dress) was giving to Sebastian. Kind of like "I am about to be raepd!!!"

The Grell on the right was an awesome cosplayer. She did the voice perfectly, and really was able to captivate how Grell is with Sebastian (really, like, sometimes TOO much....)

Wonderland Ciel is about to be eaten in this picture, can you tell?

This is Grell's fantasy. Pfff, like Sebastian would ever do that on his own free will XD

Sebastian/Sebastian pairing? I know he likes himself and all, but this is quite narcissistic of him. But then, he is a demon. You never know with demons nowadays...

I love this group picture!

Glomping Grell. What did I tell you? She took her character really seriously...

The corset scene all over again... With the adition of Grell of course.


I loved the cosplay of the Undertaker. So I had to put one solo of him. It was really well done, and I loved it.

Three Grells together! The world will now come to an end...

This is a pairing I don't know if I will ever see again somewhere else...

Kinda suiting... In a very, very twisted, never happening, who would ever think it, kind of way...

Running away Sebastian? How manly of you...

Seriously, this pose is very, very manly. Do you all agree with me? XD

I hope I get to post pictures soon of this convention, and the convention I went afterwards... Just keep your fingers crossed, and hope I don't forget it... It tends to... Slip my mind it seems... For months...

Have a nice day!

Ja ne

Harry Potter Friday

OMG This video is fricking AWESOME!

A friend just send it to me, and I couldn't stop myself from posting it on my blog.

A total and completely EPIC WIN.

More TinierMe Memories...

People crack me up sometimes...

Oh gosh, I wish I had a shark hat to go with Sharky XD

Here is when the real Yoite appeared, and, of course, had a major break down of his/her existence...

Nah, just kidding. But don't I wish that...? XD

I take it this pet really liked us...

Thumbs up for all those who love dressing up Ciel and Sebastian in TinierMe!

This is both:


and a FAIL XD

Yeah, TinierMe also is having a lot of fun dressing up the characters from Durarara...

Yeah, I really need to keep taking pictures of all the craziness that happens there. It is amazing what comes across other people's minds sometimes...

Okay, I am done with my rambling... Have a nice day!

Ja ne

Saturday, July 16, 2011


Oh please ignore this. This is just me messing again with my eternal enemy called the HTML CODE...

[img src="___________" style="position:fixed; bottom:0; left:0; z-index:-250"]

Heh... (I did say ignore it 8D)

Nabari Drama CD

I have known for a while now that a drama CD was being made of Nabari no Ou. Of course I couldn't pay a lot of attention to that for the fact that I knew it was going to be in Japanese. And of Japanese I know little next to nothing (nada, rien, zippo ._.). But a few days ago I stumbled across a livejournal where this fan came across the book of the drama CD. A script if you will. And she, very nicely of her, decided to translated it for us.

I will be giving you the link to her journal as a way to say that I am taking no credit of anything. I found the link, and I wanted to share it with you, in case you also wanted to read something new of Nabari...

By the way, the new volume of Nabari is coming this Tuesday! YESH...

This is the translation of the book of the drama CD Part 1

Ah Miharu... As apathetic as ever... But at least we can all say that he is a very dedicated student. Too bad he doesn't have very dedicated teachers...

I was really surprised (more like with a wtf? expression) when Shijima and Yoite appeared at their SCHOOL just because... If you think about it, what reason do they have to go to their school in the first place? In another notice, I love how the school has ninja-secret compartments, shortcuts and stuff. Gosh, I wish my school had stuff like that....

This is the translation of the book of the drama CD Part 2

A happy note to say that I learned something new of Yoite that day! He/she wanted to be a baseball player, who knew? Very touching how Miharu got kind of quiet when Yoite mentioned this... Don't we all wish he/she hadn't died in the manga/anime...? *sigh*

Also... Did I just read (I don't know for certain if it was in part 1 or 2 this) a certain hint of Miharu/Raimei? I know they end up alone and all, but that doesn't mean that they have to end up together! They are second cousins!

This is the translation of the book of the drama CD Part 3

I have also no idea what game Miharu and Yoite were playing at the beginning... Probably the one where you say the first word that pops to your head? I know I play that game a lot...

The incident with the cat's cry also gives me the impression that all of this seems to be like some sort of dream. Of course, if that were so, it would make me really sad and depressed (ALL OVER AGAIN).

Miharu, soda? Bad idea... (sorry, this is sort of a inside joke between TM friends and me XD)

At the end... It gives me the impression that Miharu wanted to confess or something. I don't know, Miharu is a very complex character. I guess we will find out later on...

And that is all she has for now. Hopefully she soon she updates the rest of the scrip, so we can all enjoy it! I know I am dying to know what happens...

Have a nice day, everyone!

Ja ne

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Nabari no Ou Chapters

It came to my attention that since Nabari no Ou has been licenced by Yen Press, it has become incredibly more difficult to find online scanlations of Nabari's new chapters . There are still there, but they have to be more careful and selecting on where they put them, because they don't want to be sued by already mentioned company.

And lets face it, waiting for the mangas to come to our bookstores is sometimes too much. We want the new chapters NAO!

I wanted to share then to the few people (if there are even any XD), who probably bother to spare a little of their time to read rambles of my already weird mind, that read this blog some links on where to find the last chapters that have been scanned and translated of Nabari.

For those who have not yet read the manga, or have not reached chapters 66 to 68, here is a link on where you can find the chapters until 65.

Manga Readers (It is even linked directly to the Nabari manga, for those who are extremely lazy like moi, and don't want to bother to search it XD)

From chapters 66 and on, I will be giving the link on where you can download them to your computer. I kind of wished I had done so with previous chapters, but now that I am getting the manga, I really won't bother with that. Unless Yen Press decides to stop its publication, which would make me extremely upset...

I do not take credit of any of this work. I did not scan anything, or translate anything, or edit anything. That was done by fans who are part of the livejournal group of Nabari. I just wanted to share the links with you all, in case you have also been looking around to read the lastest (well not latest, because its already over, but you get what I am saying) chapter, and find out what has happened...

That is for now! I have discovered that they have also made a Drama CD of Nabari, and have been translating what the drama is about. I will probably be posting about that pretty soon.

Hoe you all enjoyed the new chapters as much as I did.

Have a great day!

Ja ne

Saturday, July 2, 2011

New Victorian Yoite Cosplay

Okay, so I got tired of not dressing up, and decided to cosplay Yoite with some clothes put together to make it look a little like they come from the Victorian era...

Kind of weird how some touches here and there from normal clothes and cosplay clothes make such a difference in the image you want to portray XD

Oh! I almost forgot. I am on my way of getting this beautiful (absolutely beauuuuutiful!) Victorian coat, hopefully a little before my con coming on August. If I do get it with enough time before the con, I will try to take pictures as soon as I can. Otherwise we will have to wait until the con has passed, things have settled down, and I am ready to take pictures again XD


Now, unto our pictures!

A little close up (that is as much close up you might ever get from me. Considering my very low-self esteem and dislike for my face XD) of my... What? Made up, cosplay? I suppose...

I am using a normal vest, jacket, pants. The shirt, boots, gloves, corset, bow, and hat come from my cosplay clothes. Like I said, a little touch here and there, and your normal clothes look like from a different point in time! XD

Position hurt like you have no idea, but I wanted a photo with my boots, darnit! I looooove this boots. Too bad I don't have a lot of cosplays to use this boots with, but hopefully soon enough I will! (Y U NO HERE COAT!)

A pose with a little less... Flair I suppose... I kind of like it. Too bad the light that day absolutely sucked... I really need to get those... Things that the photographers use to get good lighting effect. Is a MUST.

And an overview of my made up cosplay! It might be something I use for the con that is coming up for me in August. That is, if my victorian coat does not arrive by then (*crossing fingers*). If it does, then I will switch the wig for my Ciel wig, and use this to cosplay Ciel XD. Shorts are a big no, no for me...

And this is all for today! Gosh, I miss those days when I had something of importance to say about Nabari. I think I will start digging up here and there, to see if there is something new to tell about this wonderful series... If not, then I will continue on on keeping it alive! Nabari no Ou FTW! Mm... I do probably need to lower down on the sugar now...

Anyway, have a nice day everybody! I'll see you all soon!

Ja ne