Monday, August 31, 2009

What's up with Funimation?

Something very big happened to Nabari no Ou.

This is how it started...

I was surfing through the website of Funimation today (it indeed happened today, and had to post it as soon as possible), going through the episodes of Nabari no Ou that they have, because I wanted to see their translations.

We all know that supposedly they have the more "accurate" translations of Japanese to English, or gosh we hope so (because if not then we would be full of lies). Or course they have their small differences here and there that either they are not very important or so highly important (that it makes me want to kill the translators).

For example: You all remember the conversations between Raikou and Miharu about being Yoite's friend? They killed it... Somewhat... Instead of saying the usual, "You are more than friends" (blushes), they have the, "Instead of friends... I'll would say that you only are thinking of Yoite" (very very roughly put. Is not exactly what they say, but the main point is there). LOOKS the same, but the romance is dead...

So anyway, moving to the episode number 14 is where it happened. The same as usual, I was complaining about how they keep killing the romance between Yoite and Miharu's conversations:

They put instead of the "I want to know what's in your heart," the "I want to know what's in your mind." Again, they sound the same, but they totally kill the romance of that moment.

This is when I noticed it. I even took pictures, so you can see it along with me! The usual images that we see in YouTube and other websites is this, for example:

Looks normal right? Here is when Miharu wants to stop the bleeding Yoite got from the sword. We all have seen it several times (or million times, if you are as masochist as me). THIS is what they had in Funimation website...

See the BIG difference? I'm like "what the fuck," did they had to go overboard with the drama? I think it was fine the way it was. Did they had to overboard, and had Miharu FREAK OUT with the change? I bet your face was the same as mine when I saw this!


Again, another example!

Again. Looks the same, Kouichi was shot and boom! He is bleeding...

Now, here, he is BLEEDING! The blood even shines in the camera, you see?

Oh no! Kouichi has fallen dead at Thobari's feet...

Again, now Kouichi has fallen in his own pool of blood, at Thobari's feet. The blood actually grows more than this. I just didn't feel like waiting for it all.

Was this really necessary may I ask you? It is already traumatizing enough to have Yoite almost dead in this episode. But to put him with so much blood? Is Funimation trying to kill us with shock or what? It certainly almost scares me to death...

See you all next time! Hopefully I can put today the post I was supposed to put today (if it was not for seeing this). But don't hold too much hope on that. If not, tomorrow see the wonderful world of Harry Potter and MUSICALS!

See ya!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nabari No Ou Ep. 23

These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind. I also apologize for the spanish subtitles, but thats the only way I could find these episodes.

Now, unto episode #22!

With this look on his face, you can pretty much tell that he is thinking the, "Oh shit. I shouldn't have brought Yoite and Miharu here." What did I say before about the road to hell? But did you listen? Did ya?! DID YA?!

Yukimi is adorable, but here is probably the only time I feel like hitting his head... Multiple times... With a hammer...

Okay, once again they try the tied up thing, but obviously didn't listen to me either. Right place, Right people, wrong circumstances, and only ONE is supposed to be tied up... To a bed...

Let's peek unto their thoughts in this scene, shall we?

Yoite: ... Tied up once again.

Miharu: ... Dang, I'm blinded while Yoite is tied up. I'm totally missing my sugar eye.

Yukimi: Leader... What this really necessary?

Hattori: Enjoy while you can... Enjoy while you can...

So it was HER idea to teach Yoite the Kira technique?! I HATE YOU!!!!!!!!!


Oh, and by the way? Yoite is not a wild animal. Anybody with survival instincts would be scared to hell from an ugly woman like you!!! *sniff*

Yoite: He is not saying anything.

Miharu: Look Yoite, he is not breathing.
*gasps, squeals, and dies from asphyxiation*

Men, talking about melodrama *eats popcorn.* Next thing I will be hearing is "I am your real father...*dramatic sound effect*" or "You have an incurable disease, and have one month left to live *dramatic sound effect*".

Wait... There is already that... *dramatic sound effect*.


No way! Cinematic Record from Raikou-san! Grell, are you here? o_O

Yes, I have been seeing AMV videos from Kuroshitsuji XD

Hold on a second. It means that his soul is being judged this very moment and... NUUUUUU!!!! In the manga you don't die!!! ......... Yet!!!

When they said, "It has started." I was like, "What? A thunderstorm? What does that has to do with the Shinra Banshou? Is not like the Shinra-wait... Is she Mother Earth then? o_O"

It would explain a lot of things...

This scene is so familiar though... Like I have seen it somewhere else...

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nabari No Ou Ep. 22

Just one note before I start with this whole thing. I am starting now comic strips! Where me along with my kidna- *cough* I mean borrowed favorite characters share wonderful experiences together! In chibi mode! It takes a while to draw it on the computer, but soon I will have the first comic strip.

Wait for it guys!


These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind. I also apologize for the spanish subtitles, but thats the only way I could find these episodes.

Now, unto episode #22!

This kind of shows me that the most EVIL character in the whole series is HER. It would be of no wonder to me that the whole "use the shinra banshou to get rid of human's history" would be her idea.

I hate you!

Well, would you look at that... At least someone is having a nice time while Miharu, Yoite, Gau, Raikou, and Oda-san are RUNNING FOR THEIR LIFES. At least the Fuuma ninjas were inside the hotel! What are you waiting there? For a miracle to appear?

*Gau appears*

... You my friend, are NOT a miracle. Not to them anyway.

Ah, forget what I said in the previous screenshot. HERE is someone who is doing nothing, feeling angst, and has NO IDEA of the situation! Man, can't you do anything?

Here goes again the angst, angst, angst, have the hots for Miharu's mom... I mean, hello? You already have a woman?

Really, don't bother looking for Miharu. Really. He'll be thankful.

AAAAAND the truth comes out! See how Yoite looks away with the "oops" written in the face XD

I can almost see the conversation here.

Yoite: I lied.

Miharu: Where they all lies? The fragment in Kouichi, Raimei, Kumohira-sensei-

Yoite: Yes...

Miharu: Your promise that you would remain alive. That you would remain by my side always-

Yoite: ... Amm...

Miharu: That we would grow old together, get married, adopt children-

Yoite: ...

Miharu: That you started loving me from the first time you saw me, and that-

Yoite: ... Miharu they are follow us, let's go!

Miharu: Okay! ^.^

When I heard his declaration from the first time, I remember saying "What are you saying?"

Then I hear Yoite say, "What are you saying."

I was like "Psyched!" Great minds think alike!

The second time I watched the anime, same thing happened. By the third time... Well, I guess I could already tell from memory the whole conversation altogether. No fuuuun.

The whole fighting scene ends just like that! Because Yukimi has a gun. You ninjas reaaaally need to get guns too, wouldn't that make things much faster? I felt like the whole minutes of fighting scenes were pointless by this.

Kinda like in the Matrix...

Okay, now they are talking through the door? Is it soooo difficult to slide the door, and talk face to face? What if you misheard a word or something? And what you end up hearing is something tooootally different? Like...

Voice: and now Chip's Market has cases of canned pears on sale next Wednesday, cheap.

Woman (because I really won't bother with her name anyway): Understood.

Hattori: So, what did they have to say?

Woman: That a pair of Martian spaceships has sailed in and landed next to Wendy's jeep.

Hattori: ... Okay... Good to know...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nabari No Ou Ep. 21

I am so sorry that it has taken this long to continue with the episodes! I had too much going on, and must admit I didn't have time to re-watch the episodes to come up with screenshots for my blog.

And had to watch Tactics again both in Japanese and English... in WIDESCREEN.

But now I am back! So here it is... Episode 21!

Remember that both screenshots and anime do not belong to me okay? And neither am I making money out of them... Just killing time while I get a job XD

Episode 21

I really really reaaaaally believe that this was not necessary. If anything it should be banned for violating my innocence. The only thing I could say is:


Uh look! Hakama! XD (yes, you can see I just saw Tactics)

OH MY GOD YOU DEMON! How dare you inflict on this poor woman the CHINESE WATER TORTURE! You should go to heeeeeell.

Common Sense: Is it really the Chinese Water Torture?

Me: Well, why else would she be in the bathroom? By the way, is a big bathroom o_O but there is no toilet! *gasp*

It touches my heart how Yukimi is always concerned about Yoite T^T
Too bad that you never showed it to him! He also doesn't make the BEST of the decisions, but he's filled with good intentions neh?

Too bad the road to HELL is filled with good intentions TOO.

Okay, everyone knows what happens on this scene right? Good. NOW I am showing what he was REALLY thinking...

Miharu: "Yoite... Where is Yoite? Damn... Now that I find myself in a free hotel room there is no Yoite to take advantage of the situation. And this bed is so soft too... Good for some... Damn, now I can't get up...


Oh yeah, and I hope Oba-san is okay too."

Yes, I'm a pervert. So sue me...

Okay, good. The right actions, but not the right intentions. The right situation would have been a tied up Yoite, in a hotel room, with no way out, and a Miharu IN IT.

Can't you people get ANYTHING right?

I didn't get this. Is she blind? Then why is she not acting as a blind person? Or is it that she can't open her eyes anymore? Or is it that the glass made her a cynical woman?


This guy certainly took advantage of the situation. Do you see it guys? Where his left hand is? A little touchy touchy heh? You perv...

Common Sense: What? Only you are allowed to be a pervert?

Me: Damn right...

Monday, August 24, 2009

Reflections and some Yoite Cosplay Pictures

I have always been complaining, since I moved to this new city, that I needed new friends. I pretty much have no one to talk to (besides my friend) about the things like anime and manga. I tried with my childhood friends, but they kind of brushed me off. Decided that instead of Nabari no Ou (for example) they rather wash Hetalia (which I really don't mind) and read shoujo (which I actually DO mind). I insisted and insisted, but my words just fell on deaf ears so to speak.

A couple of days ago I decided to join a manga/anime group that gathers here in the city. I was actually very excited to finally take part of a group like this, and also motivated to go to the meetings and participate in whatever is that they do. So I signed me up (besides my unlucky friend, I needed a ride after all XD) to one of these meetings this weekend, to see what they do.

I went, I saw... and I was pathetic (and I do mean me).

I must be the most shy person ever to live on this planet it seems. After a little reflection I realized that in all my career at the University I pretty much only made two friends (who actually started to speak to me very suddenly, and freaked me out).

I must be like a small wild creature where, if you are too bold, it will just freak out and ran off. Am I even human?

Back to the meeting. I went there and I realized that I couldn't gather the courage to talk to these people (and it was easy to tell who they were). It was happening on a tea house, so we pretty much went there, bough some tea (yummy), talked for a while and left. Must admit that we ears-dropped on their conversations (something that we are not proud of but are rather good at it), and saw that it was interesting and entertaining to participate.


It was so pathetic that my friend went and bought me a Ramune to cheer me up (double yummy! now I'm collecting them XP). Pathetic commoner me that couldn't talk to people, and has complained of having no friends at all (now I'm actually seeing the common factor here).

But! To cheer me up a little, I went and dressed up yay! The next day I prepared everything that I had so far, and went up to take pictures (it was sooo embarrasing). It was kind of rushed, so my hairstyle could have been better. Main point here was my clothes not my hair okay? So la la la la... Here they are!

It took me a couple of trials to get this one. I was either or too far to the left, or too far to the right, not the right position, too close, too far, etc. I was taking the pictures by myself, so it was pretty frustrating. But ta-da!

Okay, must admit that I had to beg for help on this one. I had no shoes, and I didn't want to take a picture where my feet would show. But now it's... A black thing with a hat...

Further note here. It is a extremely comfortable position o_O. Kinda feels like the saying "out of sight, out of mind."

I want my glooooves. It took me a couple of minutes to decide if I wanted to make this position or not. Remembering that Yoite sometimes appeared without gloves, I really saw no problem then. Yet... Damnit! Stupid light doesn't show off the COOLNESS of my trench coat.

Common Sense: Show off...

Hey, if you got it, show it XD

This one makes me remember the scene where we are introduced to Raikou and Gau and yadda yadda (everyone else). Once again, the hat makes it reaaaally easy not to have eye contact. It kinda makes a comfort zone that follows you everywhere. Not a good thing for shy people.

And a close up for the coat! Once again... STUPID LIGHT! GAH!

That's it for today. Thanks for reading everyone!

Ja ne!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Abridged Nabari no Ou Videos

So... I found out through a community livejournal about abridged videos. I don't really know why I never came across them before, but now I am very thankful that I have...

They are... HILARIOUS!

I will be posting some of the links here, because I thought it would be a good idea to show it to you guys (besides, I can save the links this way and watch them ALL OVER AGAIN!). I will be posting some of my comments through here, and some warnings because... *cough* they are needed...

First of all, there is extreme swearing! So no people under 13 years old should watch them! I don't want to be blamed by introducing a lot of swearing words to younger people. Is bad to swear alright? (now with the brainwashing out of the way...)

I want to post the first one I found first. Its a Miharu/Yoite couple, so unless you don't like boy on boy action don't watch it. I would actually put a rating of 16+ years because of the sexual themes that are talked about here... (that we all fangirls wished actually happened in the anime... dangit)

Nabari no Ou - Abridged Episode 10

The flashback... THE FLASHBACK!!! XD

Yoite: ... Why am I the one wearing the dress?

Me: Well... for various reasons I suppose. One, you are bishounen. Two, you are not *exactly* a guy which takes us to number three. Three, you cannot be the top in... any... relationship...

Yoite: But I'm the tallest and the oldest.

Me: So? Doesn't apply anymore in yaoi couplings! Besides, admit that younger and shorter semes are more sexy *wink*

Yoite: ... *blushes*

This second link I also give the same warnings as the first one. It is Miharu/Yoite coupling, and has sexual themes.

Nabari no Ou episode 6 (Abridged dub)

Must admit that Yoite can convince people if he puts his heart into it. He oh so tempted Miharu with his proposition XP

Yoite: I don't have a sexy look.

Me: Are you kidding me? I bet you get everybody hard and bothered if you so much as glance at them. Right Miharu?

Miharu: Why do you think I started to follow him everywhere?

Me: See?

Yoite: ...

Me: Hey, I just remembered something. Do you really check Yoite's ass in that scene?

Miharu: ...

Yoite: ... Why are you not answering?

Me: So THAT'S where he was looking...

Miharu: Now I want to check if Yoite is a guy or a girl.

Me: LET ME HELP YOU! Oh... he flew away. NOW he flies away!

Miharu: Bummer...

This third link just contains a lot of potty mouth words. Nothing explicit or sexual like the first two. I just found it very funny and enjoyable to watch.

NnOA [Episode 1]

The second part!

NnOA [Episode 2] (UNCUT)

This last link might not be as funny as the others (and also might be extremely short), but I felt it was worth to put it anyway. This has no swearing or anything, so anybody can watch it. Kouichi's comment in there, I don't know why, made me laugh...

The crappiest nabari dub ever...[preview xD]

So, that is all for now. Keep making more people! Here you have at least one fan that will watch them all!

Thank you for reading. Ja ne!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Funny Nabari no Ou AMV Links

I would like to dedicate this post to my beloved sketchbook that got lost on my trip to Cinncinnati. It is lost somewhere in the limbo, and I know that I shall remember it always...

It was a very sad day for me...

Anyway! Trying to cheer me up a little...

Common Sense: What are you talking about? Cheer up? You got a new sketchbook because of that!

I still don't have a PENCIL to draw with!

CS: Still, don't use your sketchbook as an excuse for your depression.

I had very important stuff in there!

CS: Well, it is your fault.


Because I needed something to cheer me up, I found very funny Nabari no OU videos that I wanted to share you with. You thought that I was over with my obsession. BUT I'M NOT!

Here is one that made me laugh a whole LOT. Also very accurate with what it says. It is about inspirational music as a background. Check it out! (Must admit thought that if Yoite saw this, he would point his finger at a person or two...)

It's kind of stupid. But my god some songs are worth hearing them with the characters XD
The "I'm no bimbo" and "I must be emo" are soooooo good!!!
The "rape" song just made my imagination go wild...

And because our favorite scene can never EVER be left alone...

I don't think that there is an anime without its Caramelldansen so...

The official trailer of Nabari no Ou is so fricking funny "and he really really couldn't care less..."

That's it for now, see you later guys!


Monday, August 3, 2009

News are coming!

It seems that the coming anime series of Nabari no Ou is progressively arriving (slowly but surely at least!). Now, not only did FUNimation placed some episodes SUBBED, but also now DUBBED episodes, in which you can finally hear the english voice-actors of our favorite characters!

And what can we say?

Nehhhh.... Neeeeh.... just NEEEEEEHHHHHH

I always feel like they don't put all the "feeling" that the japanese voice-actors do in anime. I feel them more detached, and also not quite correct for the character themselves.

Example Miharu... I get the feeling that is more like a girl voice rather than a boy. In the japanese version you still get the boyish voice even if it is an actress. In English... I just don't get that... Besides it makes me think rather a lot of Haruhi of OHSHC.

Yoite... I mean did anybody realize that it was the deep deep voice of a woman? (I keep thinking of Trans-America). I think that having kept that trait would have been perfect for the voice of Yoite. Instead they gave us the rather normal voice of a man. I mean come on! Since when is Yoite ever normal? Give us the correct voice dang it!

Miharu's mom? Not quite so caring as I pictured it...

I can pretty surely say that the ONLY voice I really have nothing to complain about is Yukimi's. I think that that actor at least tried to imitate the japanese version of it (or I could be imagining it, which suits me just fine). Come on people! At least try to keep up with how the japanese do this things!

AAAAAAnyway, besides all this, this coming series arrive to us on September 22, 2009! Everybody be aware of that! We can finally have it in our hands!!! Yeaaaahhhhhh....

See you later all!

Peace Out!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

What is to be Obsessed

I was going through some Yaoi mangas the other day (*cough* don't reaaaaally want to explain what they were about *cough*), and I came up to the cover of one of them. I really don't pay attention to the covers, but something of this one made me halt and point out a tiny little detail that they did.

Here let me show you...

Pretty normal right? Until you see the drawing on the bottom left corner! Here it is a close-up of the drawing...

Yoite? What the heck are you doing there?

So thaaaat's where you went after you disappeared from NnO

So yeah pretty much a lot of ramblings and craziness of my part. See how obsessed I am? My friends are like this close to take me to a mental hospital from my obsession. Shows how much they know!

They don't know a thing!!! >.>



Good day to you all! ^.^

Mah Birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday, so, to prove the loser I am, I will celebrate myself through my blog today.

Here it goes...

And a one...

And a two...


If anyone is concerned about giving me presents, a nicely wrapped Yoite would do ^.~