Saturday, August 31, 2013

It was yummy- I mean entertaining... In the end

So my roommate has been somewhat infatuated with this sports car that he bought a couple of months ago. I mean it. Every time he has the opportunity to drive and show off his car, he does it. We need snacks? Drives his car. We need to check the mail? Drives his car. Need a break? Drives his car. Any excuse he can use, he does as long as he gets to drive his darn car.

Me, on the other hand, as long as it has the basic necessities, I wouldn't give a buck if it was the ultimate most powerful car known to man. It drives, and it has air conditioning? Good enough for me...

Anyway, a couple of days ago supposedly I "promised" to go with him to a somewhat of a reunion where different people would take their sports cars to show off, mingle, eat food, have a nice time... I can't for the life for me remember when I would make a promise like that, but he says I did. I am pretty sure that he must have used a time when he would know I wouldn't be paying attention to his conversation. He does it sometimes. Specially when I am doing my homework.

So, today I was dragged against my will to this gathering. With the bad start that we had, I was hesitating really bad going to this thing... We were getting ready to leave at the door, when I see him holding my camera.

Me: Is that my camera?

BB (my roommate): Yeah, can I use it to take pictures?

NOW you are asking me this when you already have it in your hands with all the intention of using it for this?

Me: ... Yeah, sure. Just as long as you don't erase the pictures that I've already taken from my convention.

BB: Oh, I already did.

... What?

BB: But I saved them on my computer, if you need them.

I don't believe that for a second. Why would HE have MY pictures saved on his computer? AGH!

The most horrible thing about his "amazing" vehicle is that it's very sensitive to anything that is on the road. You are constantly going up and down on the concrete, and you can feel the pull when he accelerates and slows down. I hate that thing. Five minutes in I could feel the food already back in my mouth...

BB: Why are you so quiet?

Me: I'm not feeling so good...

BB: Oh, okay!

And then he decides to turn out his music really, really loud. I mean really loud. And it was the rock screaming and shouting kind too. Between the hollering that I could feel echoing inside my mind, and my stomach doing somersaults because of the car, my head had only space for I'M IN HELL! and KILL ME NOW!

It took me about ten minutes before I was confident enough that I was not going to grace his recently-washed car with my lunch.

Me: How much longer?

BB: We'll get there pretty soon. It's not far.

Me: Ok...

BB: *mumbles* Is it this exit or the next one...?

Oh. My. God! He is going to get us lost AND will cause me to make me feel sick again! If I didn't feel like I've already suffered enough, I would have facepalmed myself right there. Finally he was genius enough (insert sarcasm sign here) to use his GPS, and we arrived to the place. I literally jumped out of the car to hug the ground.

I got to give him credit thought that he was smart enough to direct me first to the desserts to calm me down before I exploded on his face. He got bonus points that the chocolate I got there was extremely good. We started walking around, or more like he was walking while I was dragging my feet behind him. You could see the excitement on his face while looking at the other models of the cars, and at the opportunity of showing off his car to whoever was interested in seeing it. It was amusing for about five seconds, before I took off to take a seat and start reading my book.

Yeah, yeah, I'm not the greatest friend. Sue me.

He would still come back to drag me every once in a while to a vehicle he thought I might find interesting. We bought some food, had some drinks, and ate even more chocolates. Actually, I think I went to the chocolate place enough times that they started recognizing me...

Lady: I see that you like chocolate.

Me: I'm actually tasting them to find out if I actually do like them.

Lady: ... Oh. And?

Me: ... *takes another bite* It's too early to draw a hypothesis yet.

Lady: ....

I guess the lady will never know if I was joking or not. Finally it seemed like things were turning up nicely. He had fun talking to some other people about gods know what (I was still reading my book during those moments, so I wasn't paying attention), and when it started getting darker, we drove home.

It was interesting, to say at least. I'm kinda glad I got to experience it once (and ONLY once it will be!), and was glad that my roommate had a good time... At my expense...

The only downside to all this was that he never actually used the camera to take pictures. So my pictures were sacrificed for nothing...

Now, to end up this post with a blast, I will be sharing a video that made me laugh my head off. If you are familiar with the anime Free! AND My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, you will laugh too. It's a must see!

Have a great weekend everyone!
 Ja ne

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Japan World Cup... Wha... The...

I really don't have much to say about this video except you must watch it. It's hilarious, and just makes me want to go to Japan even more...

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Free! Episode 1

Okay, so I am finally posting my first thoughts on the anime series Free! The first one is kinda mellowed compared to the coming episodes, but it still did made me laugh at how much these characters seems to lack common sense. Mainly, it seems that EVERYONE in that school has locked it away in a treasure chest and buried it in a far away kingdom, but that will be something I will be commenting later on the show...

Here is Episode 1!

The intro was really quite nice, to be honest. At the very end though, when he start going on how the water and him were almost one and the same, I was like, "what's on that water?!" I knew all those chemicals they use on pools were bad for the brain, and this just proves it!

But then again, you all know what they say about "prodigies."

Unfortunately the "funky stuff going through your head" is still there. You will prove it to us in just a few minutes...

Now... I usually like to try and guess what the plot is going to be, but this is like a punch to the face. Oh, you have no idea who he has eyes for? WELL, HERE IT IS! *SMACK*.


My reactions at this part were really hilarious. They pretty much went like this. Oh, he is still in the tub? Oh! Wow, look at those muscle- Wait, wait, wait, he is getting up, but the camera still in that angle!? WAI- Oh, a bathing suit... 

Still trying to decide if I was disappointed or not... Mmm...

That's love, man. Someone who can read you like a book is love. Too bad you already punched us in the face with who you have your eyes for!

This is the face of someone who is brokenhearted.

Rei: I'm going to become a Olympic swimmer!
Haruka: I see how it is. Is your dreams more important to you than me?
Rei: Wha-
Haruka: Are you going to abandom me-us, just so you can get special swimming lessons?
Rei: Er...
Rei: Wait, just wha-
Haruka: I swam for you, you bi*beep*ch, and this is how you repay me!!!
Makoto: Er, guys? I am still here despise have been completely erased from the scene...

Now this was a scene (the first of many) where I was going WTF with the characters. Wait, what? You are going to race? Now? Why are you getting naked? WHY do you have a bathing suit?! Why do you TOO have a bathing suit! Wait, REALLY? You are going to race without looking to see if there is at least water in the pool?! WAIT, STOP! THE POOL MUST BE SO UNSANITARY!!!

Seems this series might be contagious with WTF moments.

Fan service. Yes, do take your clothes there. It makes perfect sense to wait to get into that pool in your bathing suit. Hey, follow the game (see previous post) along, and go with your bathing suit EVERYWHERE. You already use them as underwear after all...

So, we criticize Haruka all the time for always been ready to dive into a pool. I would rather have that than Nagisa going skinny dipping! Oh, don't you be mad at me for choosing this scene instead of the other one (and you know which one I'm talking about!) to talk about it!

Did anybody else wonder how come, if they haven't been swimming for years (supposedly), they still have all those muscles? They even have more muscles than the Olympic swimmers! (Yes, I looked, shame on me) No wonder Gou goes crazy around these guys! Who wouldn't?!

I am just posting this part because I want someone to explain to me the ending, because I DON'T GET IT! What does this have to do with anything?!?!?! Maybe this is where the common sense was buried... Mmm...

Anyway, let me know what you think! Not my best material, but I did say that there wasn't much to talk about on this first episode. As the other episodes come and get crazier, so will my inner thoughts and comments... Hopefully *prays*.

Have a nice weekend!

Ja ne

Friday, August 23, 2013

Shounen-ai Dating Games

Okay, I have finally managed to finish Princess Tutu which I recently bought on a convention that happened a few days ago. I will be posting (the few) pictures very soon here. I got to say though, the anime is really, really great. I love it. But re-watching it made me realize that it has a lot of nudity in there... Makes me wonder how come I managed to miss that when I first watched years ago...


Anyway, back to the main topic on hand. I will be posting a few games that I have managed to come across that A) are dating sim and B) are of genre shounen-ai. The first one is not hard to find, but the second one does take a while. Believe me...

The first one I am really exciting to share, because it's a dating sims based on the characters of FREE! The funny thing is that I saw the game before I watched the anime. When I was watching the anime I kept wondering how come I felt like I have seen the characters somewhere before... Then it came to me that the game is based on the anime (very loosely, doesn't really follow the plot of the series). The script of the game is awesome, so this is my number one to share.

One thing I might have to mention is that I am not entirely sure if this is really a shounen-ai game... Now, now, before you start screaming at me because of the title of this post, let me give you my side of the argument. The main character (or you) is called Mizu Oyogu which sounds like a girls name. BUT, aren't the names of the characters of FREE! girly too? So, the main character could be a boy as well! Besides, is FREE! How it could NOT be a shounen-ai?

Here is the game for you to play it. It's in beta version, so it's NOT finished... But it's definitely worth playing what you can. Again, the scrip is amazing, and it does have a good quality of work in it.

Swimming Anime

What I recommend the most is watching the YouTube video of some guys playing this. They reactions and interactions are so funny!

(Post-Edit. For some reason the link is not allowing me to put the video here on my blog. Here is the direct link to watch it on YouTube though. Enjoy!)

The second game is kinda based on a horror game. Meaning that it is still a dating sim, but it does have the creepy and scary atmosphere that you find in your usual horror games. It was kind of short, but I liked the three different endings that you get. Another thing I really liked was the character design. The main character Frank gets my brownie points due to the second ending. I really don't want to spoil it out for you, so if you want to understand, play it!

The download is very easy (not patches and weird changes on the computer or anything of the sort), and if you feel like giving it a try, here is the link for it.

Night at the Hospital

The third game I want to add is really interesting because you can get 21 different endings depending on your decisions throughout the game. Funny thing for me is that my first ending ended up with me in a threesome. I never knew I was that kind of person...

Is not short and the story is good, that is another good thing of the game. The character design may not be like WOW! But the game did entertain me for a couple of hours, with me trying to make different decisions to get different endings.

Here is the link.

Sacred Sands

The very last one I really can't say a lot because I haven't played much. Supposedly you are raising your own prince, and depending on how your raise him and the decisions you do, you can have the prince end up with other male players of the game. Makes me feel like I'm raising my own gay boy or something... (not sure what to think of that). I tried to have some help with walkthroughs, but they were all in Chinese. Thanks a lot...

If you wanna give it a try (and then tell me how to play it), here is the link.

Prince Maker Braveness

And that is all I have found! Not much but for me something is something. Definitely better than nothing. Tell me what you think! And share other treasures you may have found! I hope you all enjoy playing these as much as I have.

Have a nice day!
Ja ne

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Magical Diary A.K.A. if Harry Potter had been a girl...

Wow! just wow! I cannot believe a year has gone by since the last time I have been on the blog. I really apologize for the silence. So much to do, and times just flies so fast...

Anyway, many things have been going on. The same old, same old. I won't bore you with the details. But lately my latest hobbies have been video games (no surprise there), anime, manga and reading (nothing new there again, so why am I mentioning them again?).

The thing with videogames is, I have been kinda obsessed with a specific genre of videogames.... Mainly dating sim videogames...

Now that is a shocker. I feel like Fuuma...

To be honest, I kinda stumbled across them by accident. I will say that I had already played dating sim videogame before, as Persona 3 is kinda of one. But I didn't play it with the intention of actually experiencing the "dating" part, but more the RPG and fighting part.

In these new games though... The first one I came across was this computer game called Magical Diary.

The first time I saw the preview video, it was so cheesy I had a gagging reflex for like 5 minutes, and I completely erased the experience from my mind. The second time thought... What appealed to me was the part of you going to a "magical school to learn spells." I am a big Harry Potter fan, and I just couldn't past the opportunity. So I bought the game... Shame on me... To actually find out that I really liked it...

It kinda goes like this.

You create your own main character (a girl), that by default her name is Mary Sue (I KNOW!). Of course my character was looking very boyish because it bothered me that they wouldn't allow me to select which sex I wanted to be. You are "sorted" in the Horse Hall *cough*Hupplepuff*cough*, and start your new life as a witch in this wizard school, learning spells, having test with exciting challenges. And the fun begins.

I was really amazed by how open they are in allowing your character to chose your "paths" and see who you wanted to end up with. I thought that, because my character was a girl, I would only end up with boys as my boyfriends or something. Turns out I was wrong! They actually give you a variety of characters to choose from. From roommate, seniors, up to teachers and crossbreeds (wait, what?).

SPOILERS!!! From here on there are big, big spoilers of the game. No likey, no lookey. 

I will start with the guys.

The most easy one to pick is a senior demon (?) from Falcon Hall *cough*Slytherin*cough* whose name is Damien Ramsey. Actually, it is more difficult to avoid his path than is to complete it. Practically the game throws the guy to you to fall head over heels for. Obviously, it was pretty much the first one I ended up with when I finished the game. Pretty entertaining story. A high breed demon who supposedly has no weakness, and was supposed to have taken your soul to be proclaimed prince of his kingdom. But at the end he couldn't do it because he loves you very much bla bla bla...

The next one you can pick is a guy who is a year ahead of you named Donald Danson from Wolf Hall *cough*Gryffindor*cough*. He is the brother of one of your roommates and a troublemaker. At the beginning you meet him through your roommate, and if you had encountered detentions (with Snape, no seriously, you have them with Snape), you realize that every Saturday he has detention for doing pranks. As you get to know him, you realize that he only wants to be acknowledged by the family as his older brother is like bloody perfect, and the little sister is always sick and crying for attention (or something like that). It also goes very typical that as he starts to kinda court you, he also starts doing less and less pranks, and starts to actually be serious with his studies. Bunch of crap...

The last one I believe is the most interesting one. He is a professor of Blue and Red magic, and his name is Hieronymous Grabiner (what the heck is with that name?!). No, no, wait. I am not done. He is a British, snobbish, highly insulting teacher with black hair, black eyes and a cape (starting to sound familiar?). I am talking of none other than Professor Snape's doppelganger. The creators of the videogame actually admitted to have been inspired by the popular teacher, and I guess they have always wanted to know what it would have been like if they have dated him as a student... Sort of... You can start on his path if you are elected as the Treasurer of your generation. You slowly start having more interaction with him. Until one day you find him unconscious on the floor inside a circular ritual, with a big blue demon on top of him telling you he is about to be devoured. So, what do you do? Save the day! NOT... You run to the professor, crossing the circular ritual, and suddenly the demon starts sucking your life energy. The director of the school appears, and proclaims you as part of the house of Grabiner, and that you were about to be married to the professor. The demon lets you go, but then they have to follow the 'promise' and within 24 hours you are married to Professor Grabiner. Best fanfic ever (because if feels like one).

This story was much more interesting to me than any of the other boys, as his character is much more amusing to interact with. Who doesn't like to be insulted 24/7?

The girls... Well... You can also end up dating the two of your roommates (not at the same time, though!), and they kinda have their deep story to go along with. I don't really know if I have the energy to go over them. I was mostly surprised that you would get GL out of this game. Where is the BL then?! Fortunately we have been informed that a second game is coming out, they have finally found an illustrtator for the game, and the main character is going to be a boy this time from Wolf Hall (I think...). I can't hardly wait! I hope they are as openminded in the second game as they were with this one. It would totally SUCK otherwise...

That is for today! I have to admit that I have many other things to talk about. Other dating sim games I really need to share with you guys. I will probably be going over the new highly popular anime series Free as their episodes are definitely worth talking about...

Sorry again for the long wait. Hope this time I stick around for a while!
Ja ne.