Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fanarts and a Comic

Alright! I have managed to savage some of the things in my computer. Enough to at least finish a comic that I have been working for a while... And with a while I mean I finally managed to sit down on my computer, and DO IT.

But first I want to point out a couple of things I have been noticing here and there. By here I mean Gaia Online, and there I mean TinierMe.

It was not really strange to me when suddenly in Gaia is available items from this very popular anime: Full Metal Alchemist. I think is a great anime, and is no surprise that Funimation is trying its best to put the word out there.

What I found funny is that, for the items of Anime and Manga (such as the ones I previously mentioned), they "opened" up a new store for otaku fans called Mecha Neko. The BEST part though is WHO is the clerk of this store. I don't have to say anything, because an image is worth a thousand words, and this image couldn't say it any better...

Yeah, yeah. Of coooooooourse your name is Murasaki... It has nothing to do that you have such a resemblance with a very well known Earl from the Victorian Era... *coughs*

Now, another image that really impacted me (not the image per se, but what came in my head with the image), is this fanart I found online. I give the disclaimer that this fanart is not made by me, if someone know who is it from, then I will gladly give them credit.

Now go all "AAAAWWWWWW" all you want. What was funny for me is the clear imagine on my head of me playing the Pokemon videogame (the very early versions of course), and then the message popping:




I would love to do those images, but for some reason it wouldn't look right.

Now! I wanted to congratulate myself on finally being able to cosplay in Gaia Online a very well done Miharu. I was so happy for my achievement, that I decided to use the avatars of both TinierMe and Gaia Online to do a little comic. It was a quick idea that came out of nowhere, but it was fun doing it. Not fun having lost it all cause my computer is acting up on me, but I was able to open it up again and finish it. 

Hope you all enjoy it!

I will have another comic coming up soon! And a fanart too, yaaaaay! Let's all pray that my computer decides to cooperate with me, so I can finish these too...

 Ja ne!

Okay, NOW I am pissed off...

Sorry everyone. My blog will have to be temporary dead cause my computer is acting up on me. It has been shutting down software after software for no apparent reason. I have been unable to save or open a lot of my files of fanfics, fanarts and other stuff I was going to submit here. And I am angry.

Sorry for all the inconvenience. Until I have calmed down, I won't be responding to any comments either. Wouldn't want to make anyone else angry too.