Sunday, March 27, 2011

Having fun with TinierMe

Because I just did not have enough hobbies as it is, I decided to also be involved in the community called TinierMe. What was my avatar (or Selfy as they call them) going to be about? Yoite of course (duh...). The community has its goods and bads, now that I had time experimenting here and there. The good part is that they sell "cosplay clothing" such as Black Butler, Durarara!, Hetalia, and other popular animes on the site. The bad part is that there is a limitation on what you can put on your avatar.

You can have a great time roleplaying with other people in the community, but I am such a n00b that I hardly have anything on my avatar yet. Their trading system (so unlike Gaia Online where they have a marketplace), makes it even harder on getting what you want. Basically, you have to spend real money if you want any of their real cool stuff...


Anyhow, I have had a lot of fun getting crazy with other Selfies in the community. Here are just some cracks of what has happened in the crazy world of TinierMe.

SEBASTIAN OVERLOAD! *drools and faints*
Oh yeah, and the room was also major overload of those Gloomy Bears (wtf?). If anybody of you are wondering who am I, I'm the one with Sebastian's hair and brown eyes (yup, that's a me!). Miharu is the Selfy to my right (or your left side XD). Miharu and Yoite were hyper that day, and having fun cross-dressing... Heh...

I had to take the picture again when some Sebastian were having that wtf face (myself included XD).

Miharu and Yoite seem to be having a family, isn't that adorable? (how the heck did that happen?!?!) The two on the left are their children, whose names are still undecided XD

Finally a picture of what I want my Selfy to look like one day >_<
May be possibly never, but is still nice to dream...

As more crazy stuff happen, I might be posting more and more here (just for the heck of entertaining myself...). If possible, I might even do a comic with the pictures XD

Have a great day everybody!

Ja ne

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Testing... 1,2,3...

This is a little test on my part, you can ignore this post if you want XD

New Yoite Cosplay Pictures


After years (and yeah, it has been years) of fruitless searching, I have found the perfect (ABSOLUTE PERFECT!) Yoite coat! And now I have it here!! In my hands!!! Can't stop my excitement, can you tell? XD

Of course I couldn't stop myself from taking new pictures of the cosplay! I can now really move on unto different cosplays for my collection, I am so haaaaaappyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

And yeah, I can't forgive myself for finishing Ciel's cosplay before Yoite, but I really wanted to have the perfect coat for it T^T

Here are the pictures!!!

So, this is a picture I took a little while before the coat. I think that this is my hair before I got the wig. Oh yes, I got a wig now because I got tired of getting mad at the hairdressers for not GETTING IT RIGHT, DAMMIT!

Not a fan of close-ups, but this is finally a picture of my wig. I have to make some trimmings, but I am happy now that I don't have to get frustrated over getting my hair cut.

My coat! MY COAT! Mycoatmycoatmycoatmycoat *squeals*

Beautiful, isn't it? ^0^

Kinda weird that from like 50 pictures I took, I only liked these three XD

Yeah, it got a lot to do that I have no confidence on myself, WHATSOEVER! But maybe in other tryouts of taking pictures, I might put some more on here, yaaaay!

So here they are! Stay tuned, for I might post my Ciel cosplays here now that I got clothes to play with XD (got my punk cosplay, and my gothic lolita cosplay, and yeah Ciel. I will have a lot of fun with you....)

Hope you all enjoyed the pictures as much as I did! Can't wait for a convention to come up, yaaaaay! (Because I love to get marriage proposals, and free candy 8D)

Hope you all had a great day.

See you all soon!