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In Memories We Stand (Chapter 2), NnO Fanfic

Title: In Memories We Stand Chapter 2
By: Nemy
Rated: PG13
Summary: Miharu is set on making the most of their time together. 
Notes: Okay first and foremost, this is not a fic that will end all thoughtful or angst or anything. It is just meant to be a little cracky, and silly, despise how it starts at the beginning. Un-betaed, so all the mistakes are my own >~< Oh! Also this is based in the anime-world, so we kind of know where these two are at. 
Warning: Intersexual in drag.... But is that considered a warning? Is not like cross-dressing to be honest XD Let us all remember just how... unique Miharu's fashion sense is heh? So this is also a warning too...

You can find Chapter 1 here...


The days passed in a lively matter with Miharu dropping in everyday to see him, occasionally accompanied by his friends. The subject of the winder festival didn't come back, not even in the silent yet comfortable moments they always find themselves enjoying. Despise the constant remainder of what it would mean, Yoite never felt the necessity of voicing any of his thoughts. He knew the time would come soon enough. 

Besides, it was not like he won't end up doing it. He will not back out from his promise. Yoite couldn't explain why, but it meant a lot to him to make Miharu happy. When he threatened him to work together, inexplicably the young shinobi stuck to him like glue, and, despise the bafflement he felt at the beginning, he slowly started to warm up to him. So far they have come together that even his decaying senses started to make his voice, his image, his smell, everything about him stand out. Even now, with his sight pretty much being the only remaining sense left, he could still detect Miharu's presence by instinct.

With such a meaningful person in his life, of course Yoite would want to do something meaningful for them in return. If it implied sometimes doing weird request for the Nabari no Ou, so be it. 

One day he was leisurely working on his scarf when Miharu walked up to the room with a small white box in his hands. At seeing that, he immediately knew what it meant, and figured that it was finally time. Trying to calm down his heart, he remained with a calm expression so as to not make Miharu take notice of his anxiousness. 

"Good evening, Miharu."

"Yoite," he greeted happily, placing the box on a couch next to his. Sitting by his side, Miharu grabbed his arm in a gentle squeeze, "how are you feeling today?"

Yoite smiled back, "I'm fine."

Sensing the open invitation, Miharu leaned against him, whispering to his chest. "Today is the winter festival."

He remained quiet, not feeling the necessity to answer. Leaning back, Yoite decided to wait for Miharu to continue. It was always comfortable how Miharu had the sense of knowing when it was necessary for him to talk or not. It is as if words are not needed between the two, and their connection goes far beyond this physical realm. It is still pretty confusing for him how this is possible, but has learned to accept it. He certainly knows that this being called Miharu Rokujo will forever be a mystery to him. 

Miharu turned his head a little sideways, as if to check that the box was still there. "Will you need help?"

As soon as he heard that question, despise the innocence of it, Yoite felt the invasion of conflicting emotions enveloping him once again. Fear, joy, warmth, cold, hesitance, all at the same time in a span of a second. How complicated the heart can be, he thinks. Before, he would claim being empty, and constantly ran away from them, but these feelings always caught up to him. Now they seem to want to make up for the time they were ignored, with wave after wave of powerful feelings roaming inside him. 

Kira was not what usually left him breathless nowadays.

"I'll manage." He finally answered quietly.

Slowly removing himself from their embrace, Miharu got up to the door. "I'll be in the next room in case you need help."

Yoite gave him a slow nod, watching how the young shinobi left the room. At the click of the shutting door, he finally rested his eyes on the white box by the couch.

White, pure, untouched. Steeling his nerves, he took a slow breath, before getting up to open the box. 

He did a double take at the contents of the box. He has seen some dresses worn by Hanabusa-san, Yukimi's sister, and Miharu's friend. Yet, this was... something new. The bows, and frills, and layers gave him an idea that this was no ordinary dress. Dread was once again gripping his lungs so tightly that he had a count his breathing for 10 seconds before continuing. He should have seen this coming. Miharu, after all, had a different sense of fashion according to what his friends have told him. He has seen too how sometimes he comes in with a particular combination of colors in his clothes. 

Gau once commented that he and Raikou would have made a new sense of style in the world have they had the opportunity. 

He took each clothing, trying to figure out how did it all go. By the time he was taking out the stockings, corset, and petticoat, Yoite pleaded that Miharu would at least let him keep his cap on.

To be continued...
Maaaaan! This took longer than the first one. Pretty much because it had the first chapter figured it all out before I even wrote it down in my computer. Hopefully the next chapters won't be as difficult, now the more people will start interacting in the story >~<

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More Profiles, woohoo...

Happy Birthday Miharu Rokujo XD
May your new year be prosperous =w= (lol, I need a shrink...)

Meh... XD

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In Memories We Stand, NnO Fanfic

Title: In Memories We Stand
By: Nemy
Rated: PG13
Summary: Miharu is set on making the most of their time together. 
Notes: Okay first and foremost, this is not a fic that will end all thoughtful or angst or anything. It is just meant to be a little cracky, and silly, despise how it starts at the beginning. Un-betaed, so all the mistakes are my own >~< Oh! Also this is based in the anime-world, so we kind of know where these two are at. Finally, these characters are not my own, and I am not making any money out of this =3
Warning: Intersexual in drag.... But is that considered a warning? Is not like cross-dressing to be honest XD Let us all remember just how... unique Miharu's fashion sense is heh? So this is also a warning too...


Yoite knew as soon as he saw Miharu doing that face that he would end up doing as he wanted. It's not like he isn't immune to his charm. He has seen how some people can't hardly go against Miharu whenever he gave them this expression of his, specially that sensei of his who seemed to have a great weakness for the young shinobi. 

It was how Miharu felt the need to make this face for him to agreed what made the whole situation rather... adorable. Even knowing that he has seen him use it before, and knew it was how he got his way most of the time. 

Yoite, trying to contain his smile, said, "Miharu..."

Sensing his hesitation Miharu slowly placed a hand on his arm. "It's just a small festival we do every winter, Yoite. You will enjoy it, the scenery at this time of the year is soothing and peaceful."

He looked down at the hand. This is something that Miharu has slowly and increasingly been doing more and more these couple of weeks. It seems to be his way of reassuring himself that Yoite is still here. He is still alive. He always felt a pang on his heart whenever this happened, but could not go against the decision he made back on the church, when Miharu asked him for the last time what was his wish. 

His decision has been made. It was just the thought of Miharu and what it would happen to him when the Kira finally takes over his body what makes his heart squeeze in a painful grip. But Miharu respects his wish, and will stand by him until then. 

"It sounds like a good idea, Miharu, but-"

"I just want to introduce you to some of my classmates. They have all been bugging me on what is my reason for wanting to leave so early from school everyday. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get them off my back."

The defensiveness finally broke his resistance, and a small smile graced his face, "I don't mind that, just..."

Doing that face again he said, "it would mean a lot to me if you came with me."

"But, Miharu... In a dress?"

The young shinobi looked down with a small blush appearing on his usually pale cheeks. "I just know Yoite would look good dressed up like that."

At that blunt response, he also felt warmth coming to his cheeks, and could not look away from Miharu's expressive face. It always has been rare occasions when Miharu slips up from his before indifferent and now happy demeanor. He has been told that Miharu is mostly this expressive whenever he is concerned, but it's still rather mysterious what made the Nabari no Ou open up to him this way. 

But the subject of the dress has brought back his perception of wrongness that always has been in the back of his mind ever since he has been conscious of what... he is. It makes him feel fear, doubt, and a cold shiver would go down his spine. It makes him wonder if Miharu knows, if he suspects. He tries to subtly calm his breathing, reasoning that it couldn't be. There hasn't been any incidents or situations which would tip Miharu that something was wrong with his body. Yet, he also feels shame that he hasn't told Miharu of this. It is a big part of him, and, after everything they have gone through, he feels that he deserves to know this part of Yoite. He already knows about his past, now he just needs to be told about the darkest and obscurest part of him. 

All these doubts and questions would invade his mind everyday he spends with Miharu. Maybe, just maybe, this would make the perfect opportunity to let it all out. 

If he only knew how Miharu would react to it all. 


Breaking free from his thoughts, he turns to Miharu. "Sorry."

"No, don't worry about it." He says with a smile, "so?"

He hesitates for a while, then finally answers, "I-I... I guess. I don't mind..."

With a big smile on his face, Miharu jumps to hug him tightly around the shoulders. "Thank you, Yoite."

Hugging back, Yoite could swear he saw the little devil wings attached to the shinobi's back. 

To be continued...
So, tell me what you think! Should I continue...? Should I end it as it is...? My original idea was to make it all a one-shot, but I can't stand to write a lot whenever it comes to a fanfic. I needed to finish it here for now, before the writing felt forced and dull. I would love *constructive* review of what you think!

Thank you for reading!

A not so Teaser of Nabari no Ou Chapter 69

So, yeah... My original plan was to tease everybody of something I have been working on yesterday and today. But turns out that it did not take as long as I was expecting it to...

Here is the teaser!

Did you get it? Did you not? No worries. I will explain what this is all about.

I found out a couple of months ago (man, time do flies...) the final chapters of Nabari no Ou. The problem was (not for me, but for other people) that these chapters were in Spanish. Here is a link of where I found out about the last chapters: Livejournal (the face, lol).

I never knew I would be so glad that my first language was Spanish as I did at that moment, complete bliss... Anyway, I told several people of my findings. They were all kind of disappointed that they were in Spanish, and could not really understand what it said. Some of them asked me to translated it to English seeing that I know both languages, and I am somewhat competent with Photoshot.

I munched the idea for a while, until I decided that I really had nothing to lose (except beat boredom when I have nothing to do) doing this, so yesterday I started the translation. Of course I took help from some people who posted only the translations of the conversations and such of the manga. In Spanish it was kind of confusing what they said at some points of the chapters, but then I found out that it was not really their fault seeing that the mangaka loves to talk in riddles...

Then, with help of both the chapters in Spanish and the translations in English, I began the editing and translating... I was going to put the above image just as a teaser for everybody with the news that soon enough I will be uploading the whole chapter online for share. But, as I said before, it turned out that I finished sooner than I expected.

Without further ado, here is the link of where you can find my translated chapters 69: Link (please tell me if it works or not, I am kind of new at sharing documents). I want to say right away that I am not an expert on this. I have never done this before, so there might be some weird things going on where the conversation is not in a "talking bubble" as I call them. Also, I don't have the font that is used for mangas (seriously, where can I find this font?), so I used the... Most similar to that one I could use.

But I tried my best, and that is what counts, right? *gulp*

I will try uploading each continuous chapter every weekened, just to build anticipation heh...

I hope you all enjoy it! Have a nice day!

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In Need for a Laugh

So just yesterday I felt like I needed to have a laugh. And I mean a good laugh, like those that come from the bottom of your stomach and just feel like they go through your whole body. I figured that the best, and easiest, way to find something to laugh at is looking at police videos, where you can see how stupid (and I don't mean to be rude, but come on people, you just pull the weirdest thing when it comes to the police) things you could ever encounter in your life.

These are some of them

For this one you will have to click again where it says YouTube because its not allowed to be embeded >~<

Do not worry future students! Turns out that you can trust 911 ALSO to help you with your math...

Pffft... Not to give anything away but... "NOM NOM NOM" XD

Someone needs to learn how to give tickets...

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! I have watched them over, and over, and over again. Man, it feels good to laugh this much...

Have a great day everyone!

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On the other hand...


*rolling of drums just for suspense*

Sebastian Michaelis. What a surprise... Though seriously, you all really think I would do good as Mr. Michaelis? *shrugs* Okay...

So good things and a bad thing have happened in these last few days... Lets start with the bad, just to get it out of our system, shall we?

I was planning on going to this con this coming weekend. Said con where SOMEONE very special from the cast of Harry Potter was going to make a guest appearance. Only for this SOMEONE to suddenly say he was not going to be able to make it...

Sucks for the con, because the whole thing was in dedication for him being there. They had photo-shoot, autograph session, Q&A of Harry Potter, etc, etc. And now the thing is going to have big black holes of nothing... So I figured there was no more reason to go. I was not really interested in anything else they were having.


Now unto the good things!

I have been swamped by commissions here and there (yay!). I was actually quite surprised by the amount of commissions I have gathered these last few days. My poor right hand just can't take it anymore (and that totally sounded wroooooong). Not that I am going to stop! Oh no. With all this money I will have my cosplay of Sebastian Michaelis sooner than I expected.

Now, that is a good thing. Right?

So, yay! Be expecting very soon cosplay pictures of Mr. Michaelis... Not that I am going to do a good job, but... Whatever...

Oh, and if you by any chance see also cosplay pictures of me as McGee's Alice... Ignore them and please don't ask questions.


And that is all for right now! Seemed for me that I had more stuff to say, but suddenly I ran out of things to write about... I must be more boring than I thought!

Have everyone a great day!

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