Saturday, April 23, 2011

Yoite Fanart

I felt really bored today, and I figured that I might as well pass the time by drawing something...

Should remind myself that I need to draw daily, if I want to keep calling myself an artist >_<

Anyhow... Here is a rough sketch of a drawing of Yoite I did, using one of my cosplay pictures as a reference XD (Then yes, it means that I drew me :D)

Tell me what you think!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Where to find Yoite's Hat

Because I have had several people asking where I got my hat, I decided to give you some places of where you can go and buy it. Unfortunately in the website where I got mine my particular hat disappeared, so I cannot give you that link anymore. But I searched other places where you can find it now.

Let me tell you this right now though. The hat is not cheap. So do not be expecting to get it for less than $10 (not even less than $20 >_<).

What you are looking for (if you are a perfectionist like me 8D) is a Newsboy Cap Camel color.

If you are one of those people who hate buying stuff on Internet (like me, I haaaaaate the wait DX), the best moment to get it is before winter in any clothing store. Seriously, I found it EVERYWHERE. If nobody had stopped me there, I would have gotten myself like 5 or 6 caps exactly the same just 'cause it was Yoite's hat XD (so yeah, I just got two now...).

I hope this is of any help to those who want to cosplay as Yoite. You go for it! And good luck!

Yoite is love

See you all soon!