Monday, November 4, 2013

Free! Episode 6

I am back with more Free! I will be including some fanarts (NOT made by me) to make a point of some observations I have had with this episode. Otherwise, it is pretty much going to be the same as before.


Nagisa: Uh? Haru-chan?

Haruka: My boyfriend senses are tingling. Makoto is in trouble...

Nagisa: What are you talking about Haru-chan?

Haruka: No time to explain. We got to save Makoto...

Nagisa: And Rei?

Haruka: ... And Rei.

So a lot of people might be criticizing about how lame is to be afraid of the ocean. I, for one, understand what is like to have an unexplainable fear. My fear is the universe, which is very tied with my fear of losing control. I also know what it's like that, no matter how old you are, some fears JUST NEVER GO AWAY...

All in all, I love that Makoto has a weakness.

... Besides being a scarcely-cat (please correct if I wrote it wrong). But that is one of those good weaknesses, like the Mary-Sue's have.

Don't have much to say about this scene, except...


I just loved, LOVED, how worried he looks about Makoto. You can FEEL just how important he is to him, and I enjoyed seeing a different side of Haru-chan in this episode.

On this scene, a big part of me was like...


And another part of me was like...

Oh my, is he really going to do it?! Am I really going to see a lip-lock here in this episode...?!



*Haruka moves closer*


*Makoto breathes*

....... F***************ck!!

I am not the only one who thinks so, though!

Here is pretty much a description of what every fangirl, and boy, went through on this scene...

Couldn't have said it better myself.

I am getting the feeling that we are not talking about swimming anymore...

Makoto: I want to swim with you!

Haruka: *shocked*

Makoto: ... And everybody else. It's meaningless without you!


Makoto: ... And the gang. 

I am just replacing in my head "swim" with "be", and I will take this whole scene as a big heartwarming confession scene. It is not like nobody else has noticed that they are practically married...

NAGISA YOU C*CKBLOCKER! It was just getting to the good part!

You better run, Nagisa. All the fangirls, and me, are after your blood right now, for disturbing them in their moment...

Makoto: At least everyone is okay.

Haruka: It's not okay. Why were you swimming in the ocean at night, you b*tch? You almost cause my Makoto to drown.

Everyone else: ....

Mm!!! Haruka is displeased! *grins*

See? I KNEW I was not the only one thinking so...

I don't know what is the inaccurate part in that sentence. If it's either the "stop talking like a couple part", cause... Have you SEEN the guys? Or the "about to enter a haunted house." That place might as well BE a haunted house...

We all saw that Haruka was holding a grudge because of what Nagisa said. He tried to scare him, but unfortunately it backfired and scared Makoto as well. LOL

This pretty much depicts how I saw it in my mind. It was not made by me though!

... Oh! So it WAS a confession!!! Just noticed it pfff...

Haruka: Stop scaring my Makoto with your creepy monologues!

You tell him, Haruka!

What the hell? The most likely place?! The refrigerator would be the LAST place you would look, as the food in there might be beyond disgusting. The first place to look is always the pantry with all the canned food. First rule in surviving Zombie Apocalypse! DUH!

OF COURSE it was going to be a waterfall. Nagisa asked for a new love story, and we all know already everything between Makoto and Haruka.

And the overprotective boyfriend strikes again!

I am almost amazed that Haruka is not sitting right next to Makoto, trying to assure himself that he is okay... Almost.


*slams desk* This is it, Yoite! I HAVE FOUND MY SHIP! MY BEAUTIFUL SHIP!


No, but seriously. What a beautiful moment in here. I am a tiny bit sad that Haruka didn't return his stare though ._.

The water embraces all of you, in all your boy's love!

This is all I have for today! I had fun with this episode. I believe this one is one of my favorites, if not my very favorite. I hope to write soon again with some recommendations of some comics and fanfics, now that I have boarded the MakoHaru ship! It is so much fun, yaaaaaay!

Hope you all have a great day!
Ja ne

Monday, October 28, 2013

Free! Episode 5

Hello everyone! I have finally here with me Free! Episode 5. The most exciting stuff (for me at least) won't happen until NEXT episode, but this is a good story development for the emotional episode 6. SO MANY FEELS!

Anyway, here it goes! Episode 5!

I don't even know why you bother asking Haru and Rei what they are doing. As you all know, Haru ONLY does free, and Rei can ONLY swim butterfly. Why the heck bother asking them what they are doing?!

Had Haruka said something else, I would have gotten a heart attack, I swear.


Oh wow... Talk about safe. Swim Club Summer Training Camp from Hell? Yup.

The flames add a nice touch to the poster, must say. 

Yup, this plan screams SAFE all over the map. Just look at it! Deserved islands, big whirlpools, gigantic waves. Wow, what could POSSIBLY go WRONG?

Wait, wait. What is this? Are they sharing a popsicle?


Kinda looks like the popsicle from Kingdom Hearts 2. But I don't wanna go there... I still haven't gotten over it ._.

Oh? OH? Does Haruka, dare I say it, look concerned about Makoto? Oh My Gawd, They are going to hell!

This... Kinda looks like a confession scene. Now all I am waiting for is the Sakura blossoms which always appear on the front scene no matter what time of the year the confession happens.

Thought must admit that I always thought Makoto would be the first to confess, rather than Haruka...


... Oh. No love scene... Shucks.

I am getting the sense that Makoto is afraid of the ocean. Now I am totally understanding why Haruka immediately said, "too much bother" when the idea first popped up for this training camp. You are such a good boyfriend, Haruka...

And the concerned boyfriend sticks close to Makoto. Wouldn't want him to fall to the ocean and drown now, do we?


You smelled something?!?! YOU SMELLED MACKERELS? What kind of human - shark hybrid are you?!?!?!

Does this actually means that Haruka has had an obsession of eating mackerels since elementary school? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang... Maybe he is hoping to actually turn into a dolphin by eating so many.


I think you mean SEX difference... They are girls after all. And of COURSE they would have enough money to afford the lodge by themselves, but not for the guys as well.

OF COURSE....! Soooo silly of me!

Do these things actually exists??? I am so glad my swimming club was poor and couldn't afford any floating devices. Then again... I kinda wish they had some, as they loved to push you into the pool and see you struggle as you fight for your life. All time time they kept screaming "Swim! SWIM!"

And the concerned boyfriend strikes again! I am kinda liking this ship... Such nice change of pace from aloof Haruka to actually concerned over his best friend Haruka. I LIKE IT!

Gou deeply apologizes for interrupting your date with Nitori. She really, really does. She is currently running for her life while all the yaoi fangirls are chasing after her blood. 

OH WOW! They are really trying to make me have a heart attack! Rin concerned about Makoto as well?! DARN YOU! DON'T MAKE ME LIKE YOU!!!

Oh my gawd, Nagisa, you cockblocker. READ THE MOOD! Not only did you not allow Haruka to watch over his boyfriend for the night, but you also didn't allow Rei to spend some quality time with you!

Maybe... Just maybe, Nagisa was afraid of his chasticity with Rei.

Or maybe he as no fricking clue. 

This is one of those cases that, with a night as beautiful as this one, what could possibly go wrong?!?!

Oh, a storm. Go figure...  What a GREAT idea to go swimming during the night, Rei. Boy, I knew you were smart!

A cliffhanger? Nooooooooo! Makoto!!!

... And Rei.

This is not going to end up good ._.

This is all I have for you guys today! Sorry if my comments sound kinda sad, but I am kinda in the dumps right now. So many things happening, and not all of the good *sigh*

Have a nice week, everyone!
Ja ne!

Friday, October 25, 2013

So Wrong but so Good...

I can't believe I am writing a post today of all days. I haven't been sleeping well all week, and I have been about to fall asleep ever since I woke up. But, for some reason, these thoughts do not leave my mind, and I feel like the only way to get rid of them is to write them here.

Another inconvenience right now is that my roommate is drunk out of his @$$ and is trolling my FB. I never thought that the drunken "hick" was true. Shows you how much I know.... *gets another post in FB from him.*


I guess I am going to end up one roommate less tonight...

Back to my topic! It is sad for me to say that ever since I looked into dating sims, I have been somewhat hooked into them. Specially, and those who play them will know why, the Voltage Inc. ones. They know what they are doing, that's for sure.

This is what I have been going through.

It all started with me playing the game L.A. -YAOI- a BL game. As it was the last game that I found that it was shounen ai, I decided (against my better judgement) to try other games created by the same company.

I didn't quite get the results I was expecting. I found a game called "Shall We Date: Ninja Love" which is a money sucker. A bloody money black hole type sucker. And if you decided to NOT spend money on them, its frustrating as hell.I won't dwell too much on this game.

Trying to widen my choices, I decided to do just an app search of dating sims game. Of course, to make it slightly more appealing for me, I decided to always put boy's names in my OC's XD. Hey! I got to get my kicks somehow! Searching for more games I came across an app called "Thief X", or more accurately, "Love Letter from Thief X."

Long story short, you are the granddaughter of a genius Japanese artists, and these groups of thieves have come to kidnap you in order to find out the "greatest invention" of your grandfather. Or something of the sort.

After a quick introduction to all the possible characters and "paths," I decided to try as my first Hiro. The younger and heart-breaker of the group.

He is quite the cutie, so I said "Why not?"

And I sucked.


Like, I had to do his path THREE TIMES for me to get the "Happy Ending." Which is the best ending for this app (sometimes they change the names of the endings).

For some reason I am just terrible in his path! When his sequel came out, I was crazy enough to get it as well. I thought I would know better, and that I would be able to get the best ending.


Why do I keep trying with you?!?!?!?

Ah... I see why.

The only thing that bothered me about his story (it always does whenever I encounter a situation like that in anime or manga) is when he said "please do not fall in love with me." I'm like WTF MAN! I don't even KNOW you! Are there people like that, so confident of themselves, that they know they will have people falling under their feet left and right? I don't get it! PISSES ME OFF!

This is probably why I never really picked the right answers...

Then I tried Riki from Thief X. The story was okay, nothing majorly amazing to be honest, but wow! I got the happy ending! I guess I am not as bad at this as I thought!

My next try was Takuto. For me, Takuto was a character that pretty much went along these lines.

"I don't want to be in charge for you. You are bothersome. Leave me alone. Such a pain. Don't be in my way. Baka, I like you."

I mean, HUH? When did this happen?!?! I don't know much, but I don't think girls would appreciate being insulted by their "boyfriend" whenever they are with them. Don't expect to get nice nicknames from him, unless you actually consider "idiot" a nice nickname for a girl. And for the record, I sucked at his path too. I could NEVER figure out what was the right answer for him.

In the end, Thief X was not a grand experience for me. I was going to end this app with a sour taste in my mouth (my money....!!!).

That was until! Until they put out this "special story" showing you THIS!!!

The story was amazing (sad it was so short... T^T), and their reactions at having to play a "BL" story were hilarious. Ahh... I knew I liked Voltage for some reason...

My next app tryout was "My Forged Wedding" (bloody money sucker! why are you so good??). Now this story was slightly (for me) more interesting than the Thieves one. And the characters design are not bad.

Yup, not bad at all. The story is that you moved from Kyoto to Tokyo (mmm never noticed that you just move the letters around for those names...) in order to find a job, and your uncle promised to help you with this. When you find your uncle, he says that the condition to help you find a job is if you help one of his friends with their "situation." In almost all cases, their situations involves having to fake being their fiance for some x or y reason.

After the quick introduction, my first option was (and always will be) Kunihiko. For some reason he was slightly more attractive than the rest in my eyes. When I found out that he is my "uncle," I knew the story was going to be JUICY.

... *drools.*

Oh, where was I? Oh yeah! His story is good, and it seems I knew this guy the best cause I always get the "Super Happy Ending" with him. The images are gorgeous by the way.

My second option was was Yuta, who is a comedian and has an adorable personality. SO MANY FEELS IN THIS PATH!!! SO MANY!!!

My third option was... Wait a minute...


No seriously, this is Makoto. Always taking take of others, the big brother, moved to Tokyo to study law school. OMG is this where you went after finishing high school in Iwatobi???? ARE THE RUMORS TRUE?!?!?!?

One hilarious fact is that if you choose his path, you actually do end up being married to him in the end. With everyone else you just end up together, but with Mako-*coughs* sorry, Takao, you have a wedding and all. His family was very sneaky...

I didn't really do Ren (another of the options), but he so DARN ADORABLE. Like, Haruka from Free! but with a plant obsession. Actually more like a cuter version of Haruka to be honest... SO ADORABLE, EGK! I'M MELTING...!

One of the characters that I consider to be the best as a secondary character was Saeki. He is so bloody funny when he is flirting with you in front of your love interest. I considered him more interesting like that than when I was actually with the guy. Such a pervy friend, LOL.

By the way...

This is so misleading, and I LOVE IT!!! XD

 Okay, enough with My Forged Wedding. Moving on with the next app! The next one I will be talking about is called "Seduced in the Sleepless City." In here you are a reporter, and have to do a special documentary about one successful idol that you encounter in this hotel/casino. Here are the choices:

Of course, OF COURSE, that my first choice was going to be Mirai. He is just so...

And so...!
And really, really...

I JUST HAD TO!!! Can you blame me...?

To be honest, he is the only character I have tried in this app. But he is sooooo worth it.

One weird thing about the character of Yuzuki (another of the characters) is that he looks remarkably similar to Yamato from My Forged Wedding. Mmmm....

I also might try Kyoichi later on. Cause him trying to tie me up really won me over XD. What's the deal with romance perverted writers? Just look at Saeki too!

The next app, which actually looks slightly more advanced than previous ones is "10 Days with My Devil." It actually starts with an introductory video!

Of course it only makes me want to gag and vomit, and it's no wonder why I haven't played it at all. The character design leaves so much to be desired, and the story sounds so SAPPY.

The story goes like this. This is you:

(I'm serious. You are toast) And you had to make a pack with one of those devils to give you 10 more days to live, before they take your soul to the next life.

I just... Is not.... Meh. Is not convincing!!! So... blegh...

By the way

There is only one demon prince in my heart and that is Wolfram von Bielefeld! If he had been one of the options, THERE IS NO THINKING. YOU CLICK AND GET!

Again, so misleading...! People are going to get the wrong idea of this app! XD

The next app is turning out to be even less alluring than the ones before... Even with the introductory video. This one is called "Dreamy Days" which supposedly you return to your hometown after being gone for 10 years to finish up your high-school. Turns up that you made a "promise" with one of these guys to end up together when you get older.

Not to be mean but, the guy on the right, Haruka, looks so much like Yuki from Kyo Kara Maoh. And I hate Yuki with a passion! I just can't pick him, and he is the only availabe option right now. NO. NO WAY IN HELL.

The only one I might try is him, Rihito. Typical boy who is so pretty they all thought he was a girl in elementary school. That is bound to make a pretty interesting adolescent personality, right...? Riiiiight....?

Aaaaaand I am finally done! These are not by far the only games available from Voltage Inc. But they are the only ones I thought were worth some consideration. There is really no reason why I'm writing about them down here, but I needed to take it out of my chest.

Phew! I'm done!

I'm turning myself in, guys. Have a nice day!

Ja ne