Thursday, September 24, 2009

Nabari No Ou Ep. 26

And we have reached the last episode! *sobs* No more episodes after this one T^T (unless you want to pull a Kuroshitsuji here).

Maybe after this I will move to the manga and... Superimpose on the conversations to change the quest to Miharu's eternal search for the perfect boyfriend XD

And cry when Yoite dies... AGAIN.

These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind.

Now, unto episode #26!

You might wonder that Yoite, but let me tell you that you are the most beautiful zombie that there has EVER been. For you, I will gladly give you my brain... And be a zombie with you foreva XD

By the way Yoite... It wouldn't be a zombie if it WASN'T walking... A dead corpse is a dead corpse until it starts moving.

Its affirmative! The Shinra Banshou is a total yaoi fangirl who digs Miharu/Yoite XD

Think about it! She has front seat for EVERYTHING THAT THEY DO. Me and the normal yaoi fangirls, would kill/die/squeal/faint/giggle/nosebleed to have such position T^T

Ah... Now Yoite became the housewife... Isn't that adorable?


I believe that the only woman I like in ANY anime/manga world is Hanabusa-san. At the same time I hate her, because I am totally jealous that she had Yoite in her house.

Lucky bitch...

Mark my words. I WILL BURN YOUR BOOKS.

I love books, but those books I will gladly shrew them and burn them to ASHES.

This promise I make to myself.

I don't know about you, but this image was for me more adorable than the baby. Even the baby would coo at seeing such adorableness.

Baby: *blushes*

See what I mean?

Okay, so this the the FATHER? They look NOTHING alike! Wouldn't it suck that suddenly is found that Yoite was adopted? All that trauma for nothing...

Or maybe they got the babies mix up at the hospital...

AAAWWWWWWWWW I want to take you home, and keep you forever!!! By the way Miharu, what was that about Yoite being your important friend? Who are you trying to kid?

Miharu: Well. I didn't want for Yoite to start suddenly running, because he couldn't take the truth.

Yoite: The truth? Am I not your friend?

Miharu: Er... No, Yoite. You are more than that.

Yoite: That's what you said. Important friend.

Miharu: ...

Me: ... He is not getting it...

Miharu: ... More than that Yoite.

Yoite: And what would that be?

Me: *pats Miharu's shoulder* Good luck.


We all KNOW that Yoite is dying (practically said it in every single episode!), and that he has not a lot of time left! You could have just left us that he had a nice time with Miharu, and that at one point he died. The end!

But nooooo. You made us suffer seeing how he DIES, and Miharu is shocked that Yoite has disappeared completely! And Miharu? Shame on you! Not even a tear? I would be crying my EYES OUT!

Miharu: My manga version does that enough for me already.

Me: *gasp* You have no heart! You-

Miharu: Quiet! I need to learn alchemy now.

Me: ... Huh?

Miharu: To bring Yoite back from the dead.


Miharu: Didn't see Fullmetal Alchemist?

Me: ......... Oh!

Miharu: Exactly.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nabari No Ou Ep. 25

Dum dum duuuuuum! What's going to happen? Like we already didn't know XD

These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind.

Okay so, this post won't be funny at all. Is more like me complaining for a lot of things that happened in this episode... So yeah, typical nagging girl post here. You have been warned!

Now, unto episode #25!

Once again a fight is detained because of a gun. Like they couldn't jump or something to avoid it! Remember that it can only point to one person at the time? Ninjas should really be more faster than that! Anyway...

If guns are so powerful, ninjas should really update to the 21st. Century. Sometimes they are so... Old fashioned...

Why did Yukimi waited until he got hurt to pull out the gun anyway?

This kinda just showed me that the one who was in really deep shit (pardon my French) was Yoite and not Miharu. Meh... Miharu could destroy de world with the Shinra Banshou bla bla bla, but Yoite was really having some psychological issues with his existence... Again...


It kinda disappointed me that Miharu was so much into his own issues that totally disregarded Yoite during these moments. I believe that Manga!Miharu would have been more worried about Yoite than himself.

But then, what do I know right?

Let me take this moment to show my deep, deep, deep, deeeeeeep affections towards this guy right here...



Somebody pass me my chain-saw! I have a leader to kill!

When I saw this right here... Well, what can you tell is missing? Or rather, who?


Oh! He escaped? Wow, with all the commotion going on? Remarkable! He was able to avoid the big-flying-rocks and the huge Miharu form? Outstanding!!

Yes... It is sarcasm. I didn't think that Yoite was stable enough to actually ran away. I just believe that the director didn't want Yoite to die this way.

I believe that this is the only good thing that Thobari-sensei did in the WHOLE anime (besides being a comic relief). On your knees bitch! Lick my shoes, and BEG me to help you find where Yoite is!

Kneel more! Your forehead is NOT touching the FLOOR!

Because, really, why would I like to help Thobari-sensei reconcile with Miharu? He knew him from 10 years ago, and TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY IGNORED MIHARU until he reached Junior High! And you can tell because Miharu would call sensei Oni-chan before, and now he is just plain Kumohira-sensei.

Okay so... Amm... You are going to let Miharu take his own decisions as long as he takes responsibility of his actions... But you won't allow him to use the Shinra Banshou...

No Thobari-sensei, is EXACTLY as it was BEFORE.

I think I need a lawyer or something to understand his way of thinking -_-

Don't know why, but this moment Fuuma-dono reminded me of Kantarou from Tactics. They kinda have the same take-advantage-of-situation-I-smirk-a-lot-rather-flamboyant personality.

Of course I like Kantarou because he DOES HELP the people he cares about.

Fuuma-dono is just an disturbing pervert peeping Tom. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Homework for today! Can you tell me the amount of times Yoite's name was mentioned in this episode? Good luck!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sebastian's... Dolls?

So... I hate Japan sometimes? Because I believe that they are selfish, and don't like to share the COOL stuff that they have there... Things like Kuroshitsuji The Musical, and BL games, and doujinshis, and all the BL movies that they have there!

See what I am saying?

The FEW things they do share... Unfortunately they are kind of expensive. But don't worry! Just you wait... They WILL BE MINE.

One of the things that will be mine is this... Sebastian's doll. Yes... It will be a nice doll to add to my collection... The many things I would play (fantasize) with that doll! The possibilities! Uh oh... NOSE-BLEEDING ALERT...

So... Because I do like to share! Here are some pictures of the future doll that... One day... Will be on my hands...

Oh yes baby, you will be mine... *salivates* But look! HOW ADORABLE! It comes with a cat! XD

Erm... Totoro? I think that you are in the wrong picture. Sebastian does not look amused...

SAMURAI SEBASTIAN Oh yeah!!! I would follow you to the end of Earth!
Or maybe not...

Can anybody tell me a situation in which Sebastian would do this face? I just wonder how the circumstances must be for him to do that face.

See? He is shocked and embarrassed!

Oh don't worry Sebas-chan! I will fall right into your arms!

Man... I think I had a Grell moment there...

You can practically hear the "Bocchan," tone when Ciel is not paying attention to the lesson.

AAAAHHHH!!!! HE IS SMILING!!!!!!!!! He looks pleased, which makes me happy... And worried. You didn't eat Ciel yet did you?

As a side note here... I always get the impression that the "pets" that Sebastian gives to the cats, makes the cats feel like they are being raepd... In the good way of course!

And who wouldn't enjoy going to class with this kind of teacher? The kind of teacher in which everybody fantasies about in their lessons XD. Making the teacher frustrated, and the girls squeal and giggle.

Amm... is that Death Note though? o_____O

This doll... Unfortunately... I cannot get... But I will have you in my thoughts and dreams and fantasies and daydreams and... Well, you get the picture.

Darnit! Sebastian makes you really want to go the *Dark side* XD

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nabari No Ou Ep. 24

We are getting close to the end! *sniff* Maybe that's why it takes so much for me to post the last episodes of this series. It... Just... Hurts...

These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind.

Now, unto episode #24!

This is more like a side-note. I just wonder if Funimation will also exaggerate the blood scene on this episode. (For more references see last post on Funimation). I just wonder if they will make it more gory and shocking. Will the blood also be spilled to the camera again? Mmm... What's with blood and the camera...

Okay, so that's it? Make Miharu despair and angst, and you pull the Shinra Banshou out? So what was all that about taking all the kinjutsus from the other villages? What's that for nothing then? Really, some people should just go STRAIGHT TO THE POINT. But then there wouldn't be any anime...

I don't know. It's just... Waste of time, people, and kinjutsus.

When this scenes where happening, this were more or less my reactions.

Oh! Wow! How cool.

3 seconds later.

It's getting more impressive...

5 seconds later.

Okay... This is now exaggerated...

10 seconds later.

Okay, now you are showing off...

20 minutes later (when it appears again)

Yes... Definitely showing off.

And here comes Thobari-sense to save the day! Come on people, scream with me:


I totally feel the pain on Raimei on hitting Thobari-sensei. Although I wouldn't have gone with fists, I would have used a chainsaw. And I wouldn't have stopped, I would have continued until I have hit my target. But, like I said once before! He has a fan club... And they are scary...

Maaan... That scene...

Miharu: You are thinking the same thing I am?

Me: That your father was totally and brutally murdered?

Miharu: No.

Me: Then?

Miharu: My father was a total pussy.


But then again... If you are involved with a ninja... And you KNOW that she is a ninja. It kinda comes with the whole that you might, one day, be killed by other ninjas. Then... DON'T GET INVOLVED WITH NINJAS! Even Hanabusa-san is already prepared for that!

I was thinking the same thing. What was the whole purpose of seeing how his parents were brutally murdered? Was he supposed to take it, and say: "Okay! I wont use the Shinra Banshou anymore, because the Shinra Banshou was the reason my parents were killed in the first place!"

HELLO?!?!?!? If anything, I would have used the Shinra Banshou, and killed Hattori-san because he was the one that killed Miharu's parents!

And you oh so totally had the hots for Miharu's mom, Thobari-sensei.

And what is the lesson for today kids?


You don't tell an EMO kid that you hate him okay? That just will totally get you killed, followed by suicide by said EMO kid. Come on! What part of Yoite does not scream "I AM EMO, HUG ME"?

And we all know that we don't want Yoite dying... At least too soon.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kuroshitsuji Season 2

I believe that you all who are related to the anime series of Kuroshitsuji are also wondering (like I do) how the heck Square-Enix is going to make it a season 2.

Well, my first fear was that Ciel was going to be dead, and Sebastian would have a new master. Fear not! Seems that one of the first "conversations" that they have in season 2 (or so I have read) is that Sebastian says "Now Bocchan, open your eyes." Either Sebastian is a total sadist and wants Ciel to see his death. Or it seems that he decided (PFFFFFFFFT!) that he rather remain HUNGRY until gods know when.

It could also be that there is still mystery to be known regarding the deaths of Ciel's parents, and that weird, weird ritual that Ciel took part of when he was ten.

In regards to season 1, here I will show you a website that also addresses a lot of unanswered questions that happened in the story. Questions like: "why does Ciel looks so much OLDER when he summons Sebastian?" or "What was an ANGEL doing making a DEMON ritual?" etc, etc. (and really its so funny when they also address the mistakes that the animators did with the anime XD)

So back with connecting season 1 to season 2. If they were having the slight suspicion of making a season 2, WHY THE HECK DID EVERYBODY ANNOUNCED THAT CIEL WAS DYING? One of the coolest characteristics of Ciel was him accepting and facing his dead with such dignity and courage! I admired and (well, I can't say I certainly loved it) liked how they ended the series. Must admit that I cried, but is one of the few animes that I can say ends with a real ending! I am always complaining that the other animes look like the might continue but they don't (Examples: Monochrome Factor, Tactics, Final Fantasy Unlimited, to name a few). I was really shocked that the only anime I was considering finished was actually going to have a season 2.

Common Sense: It won't stop you from watching it though.

Me: Heck no...

I read recently a fanfic that gives an "example" of how it could start over in the next season. It is so funny that I really recommend it for you all to read it. Here is the link:

And now to the really funny part! More YouTube videos! Really, some people come up with such weird ideas. And I am here to see those weird ideas and LOVED THEM!

A fanmade trailer that I really considered worth watching it. It is one of the best I have seen so far. And believe me! I watch new ones (and repeated ones) every... Single... Day...

CS: You need a new hobby.

Me: No. I need a less hobbies.

Kuroshitsuji Trailer (if anyone wonders about the song. Its the same song that appears in Pirates of Caribbean 3 trailer)

Being in the subject of Trailers, here is a Twilight trailer, Kuroshitsuji style! Yes, you read me right. It is awesome (although not in high quality), and I loved it. THIS would be a movie that I would watch in Premiere, even if it had the Twilight story-line. Sebastian would be a kick ass lover demon oh yeaahhhh....

AND! Being on the subject of Twilight! Here is The Undertaker (YES! you read it right!) reviewing the movie of Twilight! Really, the undertaker should review all the movies from now on. I would totally watch that! Unfortunately is not finished, but I can't wait until it is!

Now we are going to random stuff!

Here is Grell being a Sailor Moon! Soooo random that's for sure. Link

Poor Unfortunate Souls, Sebastian style! Yes... He is hungry... And he will eat your soul! Link

The song "Guy's Love" sang by Sebastian and Grell! Because we know that this relationship is "special" in its own way... Link

And that is all for today! I hope you get to enjoy the links as much as I do!

See you all soon!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Me is Back!

Hello everyone! I am back for more stupidity and funniness in the anime/manga world! With family visit and all, I will need some time to recollect stuff to post (not to mention that I have to start drawing the comic for this week). Hopefully, I will manage to have something by tomorrow! Lately with the news of the season 2 coming of Kuroshitsuji, I have been more focused there as of late.

Is just that I have no fricking clue how they are going to make it to a season 2. Everybody who has seen the last episode knows what I am talking about.

I also have seen, through some community websites of the anime, some unusual mistakes done by the artists! They are so bloody funny, that I might share them with you all.

And possibly some more YouTube videos.

That is all for today. See you all soon!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bad News...

My sister will be coming to town; meaning that I won't be able to do anything for this blog for a whole week. I wanted to post the next episode of Nabari no Ou, but getting everything ready (*cough* cleaning like crazy) for her arrival has made it impossible.

At least I posted something of Sebastian in tight pants. That always makes my day XD

I did had time to mess around with the dress up of Gaia Online. I made the characters of Ciel, Sebastian and Yoite!

Miharu: What about me?

Me: You don't share your Yoite. You don't get to be in MY blog.

Miharu: Tch...

Common Sense: I don't think that Ciel would share Sebastian if he knew.

Me: What he doesn't know, won't hurt him.

Common Sense: You are so dead when he finds out.

Me: Yeah... Well, Carpe Diem...

Must admit that Gaia pretty much made Sebastian for me. I wonder if they made it on purpose?

Nuuuu Yoite in the snow *sniff* brings back memories...

This is pretty much an original character of mine... I just wanted to share it XP

See you all in a week!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Kuroshitsuji Thought

Square-Enix alright... This makes me think A LOT of Final Fantasy...

I really believe that this mangaka Yana Toboso likes (or rather) loves to play with her characters. And who wouldn't really when is wonderful Sebastian and the cute cute cute Ciel? Really... Her homosexual implications, cross-dressing tendencies (she loves putting Ciel on dresses), and the character cosplay are just signs that she is really having a wonderful time.

I am sorry to imply that the mangaka is female. If not, please correct me...

I was surfing through the images the other day, and you just LAUGH at the different images that you find both from the manga and anime version of this series. What attracted me a lot of this story-line was the Faustian factor of a child making a contract with a demon for x and y reason. I study crypto-zoology myself, so I have read a lot of folklore on demons from around the world and such. When I first saw this anime/manga, the first thing I did was laugh.

And I laughed... A lot. Yes I am creepy, and yes the story is rather dark. Sorry, I still laughed.

To see a demon degrade himself to what Sebastian was dragged into? Hilarious! (Specially more in the manga). A demon complaining... How FUNNY! And that is all it took for me to love the series.

So the images! Here I shall share some of the images that I found to prove all the fun that the mangaka has had with Kuroshitsuji. (My god, the jealousy consumes me! XD)

1. Homosexual implications

Who has forgotten the scene of the corset? I was so shocked, that, after I found out the truth, I had to stop the anime, laugh for 20 minutes, and continue on. Yes, it was that funny for me.

Pink... *snorts* What Sebastian business to take Ciel's hand you suppose? *gasp*

Am I seeing a Shakespearean play here? Sometimes I believe that neither Ciel nor Sebastian know ANYTHING of personal space. Just watch the anime and manga again... By the way, I loooove Grell in this picture! XD

2. Cross-Dressing Tendencies

See what I mean about personal space? We all know this one, so let's move on quickly to the NEXT ONE! (I still love that dress though XD)

Appears in the manga, so I don't think that you are all unfamiliar with it. Still, again Ciel in a dress... I bet he loves it very very very VERY deep inside XD

This I wanted to put in the cosplay category... But not knowing where all my Ciel in a dress' pictures ended up in, I had to put this one. Ciel is, once again, in a dress... And... Tights... Ciel got wonderful legs I guess XD

College/High/Junior High school? AWESOME. Oh! The many ideas and plots bunnies *teary eyes*. Okay... NOSE-BLEEDING ALERT!

Pff.... HAHAHAAHAHAAAAHAA.... OMG NOSE-BLEEDING ALERT! (those pants and chains...)
How sexy! Asian style clothes! OMG. At least now we know that in that story-line, it would have worked just fiiiiineeeeee. And also now is also a must-be-fic.

AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWWW... Damn Sebastian for looking good in practically ANYTHING! (... or nothing, nuuu nose-bleeding alert!)

Shock! Sebasian is not here! Yet Ciel looks adorable in Indian clothes awww!!! Sohma doesn't look bad either (though it takes a while to like the guy XD).

And that's it for now. With this images it gave me an idea of making a special Kuroshitsuji layout for Halloween! I would have done a Nabari no Ou, but they don't have THEIR characters in a costume (can you imagine? Yoite in a cat costume? ^0^).

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did! Sorry for making this so long, but I believe is totally worth it.

See ya!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Very Potter Musical

This saturday my friend broke his ankle playing basketball (happens all the time, I don't know why he insist on playing). So all our plans of hanging out died completely without having anything to do. I was kind of moping on the computer, when another friend of mine showed me this link for a Potter Musical made by fans. I repeat... made by fans...

I repeat fans, because the actually story is not really based on the books. Actually is more like all seven books put together to make one long story that really makes me wonder why we had to wait for seven books anyway for the story to conclude. Ah yes... Money.

I was kind of reluctant because well, to be a musical and be good what are the odds of that? But, because I didn't have anything to do, I decided watched it.

Like they say, "It's totally awesome."

Kind of long, but is very very VERY worth to watch it (if you really enjoy Harry Potter, and want to totally forget those awful movies they are playing at the theaters).

I want to dedicate this post to put a hierarchy of my favorite characters displayed at the musical:

Number 1! Draco Malfoy! Him rolling around on the ground while showing off how he is leaving Hogwards to go to Pigfarts... that is on Mars? AWESOME. He is a girl, indeed, but he looks so much like the actor/character that you totally forgive that. Thaaat he has a crush on Hermione? I ignore it, because something as sinful as that doesn't happen on my world. NUH-UH! Really really funny guy, and I just loooooove how he rolls on the ground. Oh do it for me baby!

Number 2! Serverus Snape! Soooo like the actor of the movie (if not kind of exaggerated) that is (again) totally awesome. Trying to kill Dumbledore during the whole musical? Great! Him being a double double agent? Who didn't expect that? I want to put my favorite quotes from him.

"Can anyone tell me what a Portkey is? Very good. Now, can anyone tell me what forshadowing is?"

"Waah!! Ginger!"

"(to Draco Malfoy) Coward! Ten points from Gryffindor!"

Number 3! Albus Dumbledore! I didn't expect that one either! Sooo funny. So unlike the real Albus Dumbledore that makes me like him more. He has a crush on Zac Effron (as you can see, don't really know the guy, because I can't write his name well either), and fights for who loves him more against Ron and Harry XD. Favorite quotes!

"What the hell is a Hufflepuff?"

"Ten points for Dumbledore!"

"Granger, nobody studies at Hogwarts except for you."

"Serverus Snape is one of the kindest, bravest, gentiles, sexiest man I have ever met."

Number 4! Lord Voldermort! One word. GAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAY. Here he is portrayed with Professor Quirrel, and kinda... shows... a very different relationship that what we are used to. It also explains many things that I always wondered like, "how did they sleep?" or "what if Voldemort is hungry or thirsty?" Amazing character. And, must admit, what a wonderful BODY. Watch it! And you will see what I'm talking about! Here are some quotes:

"Okay, just... relax with the Dark King. I watch you wipe your butt daily."


"I just ah... I just kill people that just try to make me open up you know? ... Oops..."

"You'll think killing people might make them like me, but it doesn't. I just makes them dead."

Other things that are funny? Well, Professor Quirrel is an example. A Cho Chang who is NOT Asian (actually has a Texan accent?). The dragon is great too! Ron Weasley who eats during the WHOLE play (where does he get all this stuff?). They kind of don't know the actual spells... but... who cares?

It is a definitely must be watched. I so highly recommended to spend an afternoon enjoying something Potteresque and bloody funny.

Hope you all like it as much as I did!

See you soon!