Monday, July 20, 2009

Nabari No Ou Ep. 20

These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind. I also apologize for the spanish subtitles, but thats the only way I could find these episodes.

Now, unto episode #20! Now things are getting pretty serious here!

Let me get this straight... Everybody is running for their lives, and here is Thobari-sensei hiding in the woods? When he could be out helping somebody? Does he ever wonders why everybody hates him at times?

Can anyone see his desperation now? Anybody who knew Miharu from the beginning would NEVER imagine him doing this. The question is... What it is his REAL purpose? Why is there no more of the manga/Miharu doubts in this anime T^T

I can believe he said that! Yoite is worth it a whole lot more than you do pal!

Dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... Give me the Kira scroll! quick!


Or at least the Izunashingan! I got some brainwashing to do...

Okay, noooow he is starting to get worried about Miharu, and the consequences that it might come to be if he uses the Shinra Banshou (because people have requested to actually write it in two words >.<)

Miharu: Better late than ever I guess...

And another person who says that Yoite isn't worth it? What is this? Yoite is not worth to save episode or what? Dangit people! Just look at his... Yoite's face and melt!

Melt I say!

That's got to be one heck of a headache... I feel for you.

Here I shall put some translation for you in this scene...

Miharu: gomen ne Yoite... (oh my Romeo)

Yoite: Miharu... (my Juliet...)

Me: I keep telling you that Yoite cannot be the seme!

Miharu: And why not?

Me: Because... Because... Hey hey! Don't point that finger at me Yoite!

Miharu: Whatever... At least I got to be hold by him.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Yoite's Hat

Finally! I got my Yoite's Hat! After a week of waiting (and really... It was a LONG week) I got it. I got so excited that I tried taking pictures in my "Yoite Get Up." I really just used a jacket I had and a scarf I recently got. Hopefully I can get original clothing for my cosplay soon (now that I got the HAT!)

I really don't feel sometimes like cosplaying Yoite. I mean, let's face it. He... she... Yoite is rather "cute" or more like androgynous, and I really don't feel like I fit in that category. But after studying some make up tips and all, let's see if I make do. Here are two pictures that I got! I would have gotten a little farther away from the camera, but I don't have the clothing for that. Soon my people! SOON!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Funny Anime AMV Links

Because I have felt down for the last couple of days, I have decided to put some funny videos of the different favorite animes of mine that I have found on YouTube.

Unfortunately I’m not allowed to put the videos themselves here on my blog, so I will only be putting the links to the videos. They are really worth to see though! I highly recommend them!!

Because life is not life without a little crack in it... Here is... Kuroshitsuji (Part 1) (Part 2)

Because life is a song... Here is... Nabari no Ou

Because blondes have more fun! Kyou Kara Maoh

Because bloopers are my cup of tea... Princess Tutu (part 1 fanmade) (part 2 fanmade) (part 1) (part 2)

Because voice-actors have the BEST jobs... Here is Ouran High School Host Club (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4)

Because Yaoi love moments are the best... Here is Monochrome Factor! (Though me sorry, is in Spanish!)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Nabari No Ou Ep. 19

These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind. I also apologize for the spanish subtitles, but thats the only way I could find these episodes.

Now, unto episode #19!

... I don't know either... What does the hand sign mean by the way? Horns? o_O

They should have specified that it was Miharu's birthday, but whaaa the heck. I just loved this scene of the cake XD

Yoite: It smells good.

Miharu: It taste good too.

Gau: I asked Yoite not you!

Miharu: Yoite? Ah... You ate my cake too. Would you eat me next?

Everyone: o_O

Me: Oh you dog! XD

And after the tender moment between Yukimi and Yoite, you can see Miharu checking that Yukimi doesn't try anything with Yoite (okay fine, maybe is not the true, but one can wish right?).

Miharu: He is my man you hear?

Yukimi: About the man part...

Miharu: What about it?

Yukimi: Er... Well... Just never tell Yoite that he is a cute guy... That's all.

Miharu: Of course not. Everybody knows that he is drop dead gorgeous.

This? This is Yoite when he was fifteen? He reaches the WAIST of Hattori-san! OMG o_O He is worst in malnutrition than Harry Potter. Compared to him, the wizard is a spoiled master!

Ah Yoite... Now I wish you didn't cut your hair... Or is it because that would make you look like a girl?

Yoite: It distracts in battle.

Me: Ah... Pity...

Yoite: Besides I'm following the protocol of keeping the same hairstyle for all your life.

Me: Stupid... Anime... Protocol!

Er.. Kazuho-san? Next time try the shortcut of Alt+Ctrnl+F4. It will be less obvious than draaaaging the mouse to the X button. Believe me, I would know...

Oh no they didn't! They didn't reunite a bunch of assassins in an art museum, nah-ah! Shame on you! Respect the Arts dangit! >.<

Oh, and IF you are going to a museum. At least change your clothes... Overalls *shivers*

Nabari No Ou Ep. 18

These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind. I also apologize for the spanish subtitles, but thats the only way I could find these episodes.

Now, unto episode #18!

Because this is like, maaaa favorite, I will have more pictures than usual muwhahahaha....

I don't know why some anime characters have this NEED of talking while looking somewhere else. Here I would be walking away thinking that he is talking to the wall or something. Why he would be talking to the wall? I don't know, but I do know that they are good listeners!

Once again a glimpse (oh so small) of Yoite's past. I had now idea why he was doing that when I first saw the series. I mean, I could think that he has a hickey there!

Miharu: What?!

And later on we see him walking and all, and we see NO SCAR! If you are going to show us this (Yoite touching his neck) might as well show the darn scar dangit! >.<

Miharu: He has a scar?!

Me: See what I'm talking about?

Oh! You can see the love here. His face broke my heart when they told him the news T^T

Miharu: He is dying!

Me: You... Kind of knew that already...

Miharu: Yes, but not so soon!

Me: You kind of... Knew that too...

This conversation for me was hilarious, I don't know why. I will try to put more or less how it was for me...

Raikou: I envy you.

Yoite: You know I'm dying right?

Raikou: Let me start my rant of angst. Angst, angst, angst...

Yoite: ... I'm kind of sick here...

Raikou: Angst, angst, angst, angst...

Yoite: And he's still doing it...

Raikou: You have such close connexion with Miharu... angst, angst, angst.

Yoite: I also threatened him to kill his friends too.

Raikou: I want Gau to wake up. Angst, angst, I would do anything for him, angst.

Yoite: Then use Daya. We have it.

Raikou: Ang- I couldn't use that taboo!

Yoite: Okay, I don't get you...

Raikou: I am not a shinigami like you!

Yoite: And here you were just saying that you envied me...

My God he dared hit him! Doesn't he see that Yoite is wearing hospital clothes? That he might be really sick? That he should be in bed instead? OMG, I cannot believe the nerve of some people.

AND! I cannot believe these people either! It's SNOWING outside, and you see this "guy" walking with practically nothing, and NO ONE tries to help him? He was BLEEDING too! What? Is that like usual in Japan? I am getting scared of going there o_O

Miharu is the only one to see the blood. Once again I wonder if it really is a common occurrence there. Blood on the streets. People freezing to death. Yeah, so very common...

Here is something I didn't get...

Yoite: Me neither. When did I promise to stay with you forever?

Miharu: Remember that we would disappear together? It was an implied promise that we shall be together... Forever...

Yoite: ...

Me: He has a point.

Miharu: Now you are mine...

Yoite: Next time I will be more specific in my threats...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nabari No Ou Ep. 17

These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind. I also apologize for the spanish subtitles, but thats the only way I could find these episodes.

Now, unto episode #17! Bunch and bunch of silliness!

And once again, Ninja drama. Really, was it necessary to hit the door? And not even properly! You are supposed to push her against the door, so she feels threatened...

I also wondered what exactly does she sees in Thobari-sensei. I mean, maybe he makes her feel like a mother? It is the most obvious answer!

You can't see it very clearly in this screenshots, but I always wondered what exactly happened to all those "knifes" (didn't really bother to find out their names XD) they throw to the enemies. I mean, do they just stay there?

Kid: Mommy! Mommy! I found a weird looking knife on the floor! Can I keep it?

Mom: Really, people these days...

Kid: Look mommy! There is another one!

Or do they have a "special team" that follows them everywhere they go, and collects them back?

Special Agent #1: Er.. boss? We failed to recollect all of the knifes in Banten. Seems... Seems a kid got them before we did...

Boss: Dangit people! It's the fifth time this month!

Yoite comes to save the day... well Thobari to be fair... and what does Sensei do? He just stood there!!!

He still stood there...

Er... Yukimi? Not in front of people, come on! It's a school for God's sake!

Yukimi: What?!

Yoite: No need to be so rough Yukimi.

Yukimi: o_O

Me: ... OMG Yoite can joke!!!


Miharu: Where is Yoite?

Thobari: ... He came to help me from Yukimi.

Miharu: And you didn't help him fight Yukimi-san?

Thobari: *blushes* I just couldn't... intervene...

Miharu: ... What? YUKIMI-SAN! Yoite is mine!!!!

Me: Run for your man... Eer... hermaphrodite Miharu!


Yukimi: And why would I say something so silly while jumping?

Me: It would be more funny than, "SUICIDE!!!!"

Yukimi: ... What?

Me: I mean. You realize you are jumping from 5, probably 6, floors up?

Yukimi: Ah crap...

And once again we are left with mystery. Who the heck is she? I mean (if we know the story) it couldn't have been the mother. Yoite's sister? Cousin? Second wife (not Yoite's, Yoite's Father's XD that would be more explaining to do)? WHO IS SHE!!!!!

Nabari No Ou Ep. 16

These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind. I also apologize for the spanish subtitles, but thats the only way I could find these episodes.

Now, unto episode #16! I mostly complain here, so bear with me.

This is where our beautiful ending of the series "Aru ga Mama" starts!!! ^0^

After reading the manga, I understand that here is where Miharu was supposed to find the scar on Yoite's neck. And well... where is it? They didn't bother to put that?!?!?!?

It has NOTHING to do with the scene, but for reason I got the impression that Yoite was drinking Arizona's Tea XD

Arizona's Tea brought to you by YOITE!! Yaaaaaay! Must go and buy a whole life supply now.

And yes... There is a need to go that far.

I know they are ninjas and they can defend themselves and all. But god for them having the guts to be outside in the city and using taxis!! T^T How scary!!

This gave me the impression that, maybe subconsciously, Hanabusa-san DID know where the kinjutsu was... I mean look where she is almost touching while thinking it!

Ah okay. They DIDN'T bother putting the scar scene, but they do put this! Everybody would be "what the crap..."! (I was, because I didn't read the manga before the anime). Here I thought they were stabbing him in the back or stomach or something! Or that it was a daily occurrence! EXPLAIN PROPERLY PEOPLE!!!!

I didn't get this. Supposedly the knitted scar reminded him of his mother (family) right? But the person that used it before was Yoite. Wouldn't it then smell like Yoite? Or does Yoite know reminds him of his mother? I don't get it... x_X

Quite the mama's boy neh?

Miharu: Why going that far? I just enjoy her embrace.

Me: I will present you this great friend of mine called Sigmund Freud, and his work called Psychosexual development.

Miharu: ...

Me: Must admit that it would explain the scarf scene...

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A First Kiss, Nabari no Ou Fanfic

Title: A First KissAuthor: NemyRating: PG-13Disclaimer: I do not own Nabari no Ou. I do not make money out of it. No offense is intended with this fictional story.Pairing: Yoite/Miharu and Kouichi/RaimeiWarning: Spoilers from all episodes of the anime.Notes: This has not been revised. I apologize for the grammatical errors and such. I must admit that writing what would Yoite and Miharu say it is reaaaaally haaaaard.Summary: Miharu never considered the importance of a first kiss, until now.
Miharu never considered the importance of a first kiss. He imagined it was a significant deal in the life of every teenager. Either giving it or it being stolen, a first kiss has always taken an important part in the story of each person.
Miharu, never been involved with anyone before, didn’t put too much thought into it.
Until now.
It all started when he was hurrying, after classes ended, to go to Hanabusa-san house to see Yoite. He was dismissing everyone trying to talk to him while avoiding the traffic of students. Getting frustrated by all the people, he decided to take a shortcut through an isolated hallway on the far east of the school.
Reaching the hallway, he almost stumbled upon Raimei and Kouichi who were in the middle of it.
Not used to a scene like this, Miharu was left speechless, and unable to move from his position. Raimei and Kouichi, both of them being ninjas, rapidly sensed his presence, and separated with embarrassing blush on their faces. Raimei, humiliated with Miharu catching them in the act, rapidly told them that she left something in the classroom, and left to fetch it.
Miharu slowly turned to Kouichi, who was still a little bit embarrassed but more calm than Raimei, and said almost in whisper, “sorry.”
The white-haired guy turned to Miharu, “Is not your fault Miharu-kun. It is kind of our fault for being in a public place.”
“So you and Raimei,” Miharu left unsaid with his expressionless face.
“Oh! It’s kind of recent actually,” Kouichi said, avoiding Miharu’s eyes. “We haven’t dated as much. Actually... that was our first kiss there.”
“First kiss?”
“Yeah,” Kouichi answered with a laugh. “And what a great ending for it, neh?”
“Oh! No no no no! I didn’t mean to blame you Miharu-kun! I told you to not worry about it. Well, I got to go. I will look for Raimei, and walk her to her apartment. See you later Miharu-kun!” Kouichi started to walk in the direction Raimei ran while waving his hand to Miharu.
After that, for some reason, the concept of a first kiss would not leave Miharu’s mind. Was it that important? Would a first kiss determined if you were either friends or lovers with that person? Would you give to anybody, or someone special? Is it spontaneous or planned?
Without noticing, he already reached Hanabusa-san house. Putting his thoughts for later, he spent a quiet afternoon with Yoite sewing and talking about their activities of the day. Miharu always felt more comfortable being close to Yoite, and felt for the first time that there was something of importance in his life.
When both of them were watching silently the sunset over a cup of tea, Miharu’s thoughts went back again to what happened in that isolated hallway, and his musings over a first kiss. He slowly turned to see Yoite’s profile. Although, he would look a little bit weaker sitting on that rocking chair each passing day, he would also look satisfied and much more content than when he first met the Kira-user.
Putting his tea next to him on the floor, Miharu said, “Yoite, can I ask you a question?”
Inquiring blue eyes turned to green ones, “Yes?”
“Have you ever had your first kiss?”
Yoite’s expression turned to full-blown surprise, and he didn’t speak for several seconds. Then, he slowly turned to the sunset, and said with a calm face, “No, not really. Too many things to be concerned about that.”
Feeling a bit guilty, Miharu turned his eyes to the floor, “I guess.”
“Why you ask that Miharu?”
“I found Kouichi and Raimei kissing at the school today.”
“Mmm,” He continued, raising his head again, “Kouichi said that it was their first kiss. It got me thinking.”
“Totally natural.”
After a few moments of silence with Yoite still studying the scenery and Miharu watching his tea get cold, Miharu turned again to Yoite. “I haven’t had my first kiss yet.”
“I didn’t know.”
Miharu raised himself on his knees, and rested his arms on Yoite’s legs. “Yoite... would you be my first kiss?”
It was the second time that day that the Kira-user was left speechless, but after a couple of blinks he said, “Miharu?”
The fourteen year old placed his head on tops of his arms, and continued talking. “You are the only one I feel so closely connected to. And with not having a lot of time left... I want to keep as many memories of Yoite as I possibly can.”
“But I...”
Miharu could feel his heartbeat fasten. He raised his head, and got as close as he dared to the other’s face. The blue-eyed boy was stunned by the desperation he could see in his green eyes. “It has to be you. I want my first kiss to be only you.”
Yoite slowly raised his bare hand, and placed it on Miharu’s cheek. “Miharu...”
Neither of them said anything after that. Miharu gradually started to close up their distance. He closed his eyes, and could hear his heartbeat echoing throughout his body. It felt infinite, but finally touched Yoite’s dry and warm lips against his. They stayed like that for what it could have been hours, but were just mere seconds.
Miharu moved back, and stared at the close-eyed face of the sixteen year old. Yoite then opened his eyes, and stared back at Miharu without saying anything.
Miharu felt a small smile forming. “Thank you, Yoite.”
Yoite smiled back. “No. Thank you, Miharu.”
Together they watched the stars come into sight.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nabari No Ou Ep. 15

These screenshots and the animation itself do not belong to me. I also do not make money out of this, so please keep that in mind. I also apologize for the spanish subtitles, but thats the only way I could find these episodes.

Now, unto episode #15! MORE Miharu and Yoite yaaaaaay!!!

Here is one of the scenes where I think Miharu only has Yoite in his mind.

Miharu: Yoite, Yoite, Yoite, Yoite, Yoite...

Me: Yeah... Just like that...

Miharu: Yoite, Yoite, Yoite, Yoite...

Me: Err... *looks worriedly at Yoite*

Yoite: I am as scared as you.

LOOK! He is not bleeding anymore! Hooray for... For... For what exactly? Mistakes? o.O

This scream fit oh so perfectly the fourteen year old boy that I just couldn't pass the opportunity to point it out. I just found it so adorably cute!!!

During this time, I would also observe Thobari-sensei and laugh my head off...

Me: There he goes... And there he goes flying again...

Thobari: Agghhhh!!!

Me: And there he goes... And there he goes flying again...

Thobari: Agghhh.... Would you stop saying that?!

Me: Only if that stops you from going to Miharu.

Thobari: Never! I made a promise... Rokujou!

Me: And there he goes...

I don't know why, but I thought (if they had an opportunity to talk) this is how the conversation would have gone between Yoite and Thobari.

Thobari-sensei: Dang Yoite... What did you do to Miharu?

Miharu: Yoite, Yoite, Yoite, Yoite...

Yoite: Heck if I know...

Miharu: Yoite, Yoite, Yoite, Yoite...

Yoite: ... I'll keep pretending to be unconscious until we reach Iga. I'll feel safer there.

Always for the eyes! Every-time he gets hit, one of his eyes is hurt too. Dang you guys! You know how much it hurts there? >.<

Creeeeeeeeeeeeeeepyyyyyyyyyyyy... Oh look! FEATHERS!

This was for me a big touche to Thobari-sensei. Deaf ears to stubborn words, and we all know that Thobari-kun is the epitome of stubbornness.

Thobari: No, I'm not.

Me: Yes, you are.

Thobari: No, I'm not.

Me: Yes, you are.

Thobari: No, I'm not.

Me: Don't make me go all Bugs Bunny on you.

Thobari: ... ?