Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fanarts and a Comic

Alright! I have managed to savage some of the things in my computer. Enough to at least finish a comic that I have been working for a while... And with a while I mean I finally managed to sit down on my computer, and DO IT.

But first I want to point out a couple of things I have been noticing here and there. By here I mean Gaia Online, and there I mean TinierMe.

It was not really strange to me when suddenly in Gaia is available items from this very popular anime: Full Metal Alchemist. I think is a great anime, and is no surprise that Funimation is trying its best to put the word out there.

What I found funny is that, for the items of Anime and Manga (such as the ones I previously mentioned), they "opened" up a new store for otaku fans called Mecha Neko. The BEST part though is WHO is the clerk of this store. I don't have to say anything, because an image is worth a thousand words, and this image couldn't say it any better...

Yeah, yeah. Of coooooooourse your name is Murasaki... It has nothing to do that you have such a resemblance with a very well known Earl from the Victorian Era... *coughs*

Now, another image that really impacted me (not the image per se, but what came in my head with the image), is this fanart I found online. I give the disclaimer that this fanart is not made by me, if someone know who is it from, then I will gladly give them credit.

Now go all "AAAAWWWWWW" all you want. What was funny for me is the clear imagine on my head of me playing the Pokemon videogame (the very early versions of course), and then the message popping:




I would love to do those images, but for some reason it wouldn't look right.

Now! I wanted to congratulate myself on finally being able to cosplay in Gaia Online a very well done Miharu. I was so happy for my achievement, that I decided to use the avatars of both TinierMe and Gaia Online to do a little comic. It was a quick idea that came out of nowhere, but it was fun doing it. Not fun having lost it all cause my computer is acting up on me, but I was able to open it up again and finish it. 

Hope you all enjoy it!

I will have another comic coming up soon! And a fanart too, yaaaaay! Let's all pray that my computer decides to cooperate with me, so I can finish these too...

 Ja ne!

Okay, NOW I am pissed off...

Sorry everyone. My blog will have to be temporary dead cause my computer is acting up on me. It has been shutting down software after software for no apparent reason. I have been unable to save or open a lot of my files of fanfics, fanarts and other stuff I was going to submit here. And I am angry.

Sorry for all the inconvenience. Until I have calmed down, I won't be responding to any comments either. Wouldn't want to make anyone else angry too.


Thursday, May 17, 2012

Purple Dil-Er... Demon...

Seems showing yourself how you run and scream like a little girl is not the same anymore.

For some reason I have been kind of obsessed about watching this guy's videos, because there is something so satisfying about watching him scream and jump so scared because of a video game. Not that the games aren't scary, but his reactions are just so hilarious...

These couple of days, trying to lift my spirits, I have been watching his videos nonstop. People are kind of saying weird things to me now about this, but I have never really cared what they said before. I did notice though, when I was watching him play Ao Oni, that he is not only popular enough to be watched by his thousand "bros" anymore. He is having his own animated shows too!

Let me just give you an example. here is a montage he did about the more funny and scary scenes of him playing Ao Oni. They are funny, but they would be even more funny if you watched him play the whole thing. Of course, you would have to sacrifice more than an hour and a half of your life doing this... And some people don't think is worth it...

If you do watch the whole game with him, you will understand my title reference...

Now, unto what I was saying about his animated shows. Watch this:

Weird thing, I don't know if most people have noticed, is that this PewDiePie has breast... Just saying...

My mood lately has also inspired me to draw some more, which is a nice change. I drew a new fanart of Yoite, which I am hopeful to be able to color it this weekend and post it. I will be busy this weekend, but I will try my best to make time for the fanart. I must say that the drawing of Yoite isn't happy, cause I was not happy at the time I made it either.

Anyway, that would be all I have to say for today. Hope you all are having a nice week, and get to enjoy a nice weekend.

Take care!

Ja ne

Monday, May 14, 2012

Alice Fanart

Alright. I won't be posting things for a week or so after this post. In a few days it will be my grandfather's death anniversary, and, seeing as he just died last year, it will still be very hard for all of us. Specially now after finding out that my other grandfather has refused to accept my existence. Meaning that I will never, ever be allowed to see him again. Oh well...

Moving on to more cheerful news. I have finally "finished" (kinda rushed, so I never really consider something finished when is rushed) my fanart of Malice (Alice: Madness Returns). Not what I expected, but... Meh...

Note to self: I suck at makeup.

Okay, here it us! I will probably just stick to portraits if I ever color the drawings after this. It just takes so much TIME!

When I was drawing this I was experimenting with perspective. A total failure I know, but it was fun drawing it nonetheless. The other fail part is that in the drawing Alice is holding the knife with the left hand, when she holds it with the right one. BOOOOOOO. I could have totally just swiped the drawing, but BOOOOOO.

Anyway, that would be all for right now! Hope you enjoy it.

Ja ne!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Miharu Fanart

Because some people don't read it all, I had to rush myself into finishing this fanart for my sister.

But I am done, finally. YES!

This is an idea that was inspired by my (online) sis, Zeki. Don't know why she started thinking of Miharu pole dancing or something relating him removing his clothes, and made me have this image on my head. Of course immediately I had to rush to my sketchbook and draw it down. This is the final product.

Hope you like it, sis! This is for you!

I will have the other fanart I have of Alice soon... I hope.

Ja ne!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bunch of Days this Month

Wooooow! Once again I am cut up in so much stuff that by the time I remember that I have a blog, days and days have gone by...

First of all I want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZEKI!!! She just informed me that it was her birthday today, and now I will definitely will have something for her tomorrow. I swear!

Don't you love Mother's Day? Suddenly one day I go to my FB, only to find it INVADED with my baby pictures, because my mother thought it would be totally adorable to that for mother's day. Not only that, but she tagged to fricking everybody, and now I have people who I don't even know commenting on those pictures! *facedesk*

Talking about mothers. When I was talking to her the other day, she suddenly informed me of very important news.

Mom: Nemy, I need to tell you that your sister will be having a second wedding besides the one in Mexico.

Me: .... Really.

Mom: She is going to be having a Jewish wedding.

Me: ... We are not Jewish.

Mom: No, but her fiance is. And it will take place in Florida.

Me: A Jewish wedding... In Florida... I thought his family was from Philadelphia.

Mom: They are.

Me: Nice.

Mom: I am expecting you to be there.

Me: Not nice. Oh no! Ooooooh nooooo! I am so not going there!

Mom: I would mean a lot to your sister.

Me: The F... I am going to a wedding where they will try to brainwash me! The Christians already tried! The Catholics already tried! Even the Atheist!

Mom: I will let you sing the songs from Fiddler on the Roof.

Me: .... Dammit! >.<

Of course she sealed the deal by bribing me with me $500 dollars to spend it on whatever I thought was necessary a.k.a. clothes for my sister's wedding. And OF COURSE I used it instead to buy a PsVita., because for me that is much more necessary than stupid clothes... Not that she needs to know that, just minor details 8D

I am kind of wary of that groom's family now, though. I just received an email from his mother telling me random stuff about wedding clothes, and stuff. It so weird that even three days later, I haven't answered back... So out of nowhere...


I was in YouTube the other day, when I stumbled across this guy who is called PewDiePie. He seems to love playing horror games, and, even better, he loves posting him playing these games and showing off his scary face along with his girly screams. Oh believe me, they are girly screams.

It kind of stroke my schadenfreude in a weird way, because I have been watching his other videos for days now. I can't seem to get tired of how scary and jumpy he gets by the games he plays. I suppose some people just love getting scared the sh!t out of the, who knows? Anyway, if you want to know more or less what I am talking about, here is a small videos of recollections of his scary reactions. Kind of funny...


The last game is epic.

Keep posted for tomorrow's surprise!

Ja ne

Friday, April 27, 2012


I was bored, and I felt like going back to my old obsession of Nabari no Ou. I missed it. I was browsing around, checking for new AMV videos when I FOUND THIS!

Abridged yaaaaay!

This is a new side of Miharu, had he been sarcastic and a tad paranoid. And what is best, he loves pancakes.

Of course Kouichi still looks like a complete stalker.


And also, Kumohira-sensei still looks completely useless.

I love some of the soundtrack songs they use. Like Persona 3 and Shadow of the Colossus (Ico).

Had it been me who made it thought, I would have done some Yaoi jokes XD. But it wasn't, sooooooooo nada.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Corpse Party

I am not a huge fan of horror games myself. They tend to leave me with pretty interesting dreams, and my imagination can go so far beyond what I usually see in movies or games. But, for some unexplainable reason, I decided to try this horror game called Corpse Party. All I could say is that I saw that it had very good reviews, and wanted to give it a try.

I think it is cursed. For all the days that I played, I had horrible dreams. They stopped when I decided to stop playing the game. So, for me that counts as cursed. But it is incredibly good. Not only are the Japanese still the masters of horrible stories (taking out their cliches), but the characters are very realistic as well (taking out they look like animes).

It's about this group of teenagers who "mysteriously" are spirited away to this school called Heavenly Host Elementary School (now, that name for me is scary already) where is full of not only ghosts, but decaying bodies in such a horrible conditions where is easily noticed how they died in a painful, slow way.

Not surprisingly, not all the dead bodies there were killed by the ghosts. If anything, most of the killings were done by the living. Makes perfect sense to me.

Now, the characters. I liked that instead of develop this "hidden knowledge" of how to handle a weapons they randomly found (like sooooome games I know...), they reacted as someone in reality would have done have they been in their position. They screamed like girls, and run.

So, pretty much the whole time you are trying to find out where the heck are you, scare the shit out of you for all the dead bodies everywhere, avoid ghosts at all cost, and run away from enemies (which, as I mentioned before, are not all dead).

Here is a very good preview of the game

Mind you. Do remember that Japanese like to follow their cliches. So, for me at least, it was pretty obvious from very early in the game what was reaaaaally going on with the story. But was still surprising nonetheless on the ends. Yes, plural. You can get aaaaaaaaall kinds of ends on this game. It really depends on what you do, and not do. Kind of refreshing from my other games where usually they are either with one end only, or have no end at all *cough*skyrim*cough*.

If I already got your attention on this game, and you don't mind a little of spoiling, here is a very good video of the game too:

This video might show that suddenly all the characters of the game die. But that is why I mean with this game having different kinds endings on each chapter. You can either kill them all, or get the good ending.

Unto the characters! We also have our cliches here. The usual tough guy with a very warm heart. The usual (or not) little sister who has not so sisterly love for her brother. The usual girl friend who takes too many liberties with your body, and might not have such friendly love either. The usual girl who is so naive that you already know she is going to die first.

And the not so usual.

The guy with an obsession of death (thought, for me, that's becoming usual). The guy with a freaky schadenfreude. The girl who REALLY loved her sensei so much, she would do ANYTHING for him. And the little girl who would also do ANYTHING for her mother too. Do make a note on my capitals.

And of course, as Japanese often do. If they have something for the Yuri fans. They also have something for the Yaoi fans! Pffff....

Leaves a bittersweet feelings the extra chapters of the game...

Anyway! I really enjoyed the game, and I will never EVER play it again! 8D

Have a great day everyone!

Ja ne

Friday, April 20, 2012

That Game from ThatGameCompany

Okay, so I recently had been looking out for good games to play ever since I finished Skyrim.

I was playing the Back to the Future the game, but I know that anybody who hasn't seen the movies won't understand A THING of what is going on with the game. Besides, not only did Marty looked like Harry Potter (I swear...), the story had also broken some "golden rules" from the movie's universe.

But the voice-actors were amazing, I give them that.

I stumbled across a review from XPlay about this game from ThatGameCompany (yes, sorry. I had to do that) called Journey. I only read very good comments and reviews of the game, so I decided to give it a try.


Everything was very well structured for this game. Not only are the graphics (for a PS3) amazing, but it really gives you a feeling of a mythical journey to a very ancient magical place. There is very little story, but you really get the idea of what happened in that world, and why it is the way it is. You can play by yourself or go along with companions that you stumble across the world.

The best part of the game is that you don't talk. You sing music tones. No more whining, or crying or asking awkward questions. You play your tunes, and if the other person gets you or not is up to them. You can improvise as much as you want with this game.

So simplistic yet artistically beautiful. No matter how many times I play this game, I go back and play it again.

And again.

And again.

I actually got all the trophies from this game, something I have never gotten before.

Here is a small trailer of the game. It's as short as the game, but still very good.

Okay, I am done. I know I promised about the fanart and fanfics for my next posts, but I promise that I will have them posted this weekend at least.

Er, I think...

And here is a little something for a friend who put this imagine IN MY HEAD, THANK YOU. I hated myself for doing it, but I was laughing so hard at how it turned out. It's an image of Miharu from NnO... With troll face...

Yes, I can't believe I did it either.

*Warning, what comes next may be very traumatizing for everyone young or old*

Here it is:

Pfffff... No comment.

If you all wondering why I didn't do it to Yoite (*legasp*), is because I simply can. Although...He/she would really fit in the "forever alone" face... *kira'd.*

Have a nice day everyone.

Ja ne!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Back to the Present

Sorry for the title. I have been playing the game Back to the Future (YES, THERE IS A GAME), and have watched the movies all over again (an obsession of sorts in my family). It never surprises me why I always get so fascinated with Marty.

*cough* Anyway, back to what I wanted to say...

Wow! It has been SO LONG! The beginning of my "disappearance" was because I got somewhat occupied with Skyrim. I never really though a game could be so addicting, but boy was I wrong! I literally ceased to exist to everybody else, because in all my free time I was always playing that darn game. And I am the sort who wants to do EVERYTHING, just because I can. So I got to be a arch-mage, bard, werewolf, companion, stormcloack, daedric worshipper, nightingale, can't think them all... Dragonborn... After having done pretty much all the quest and mini-quests, I started exploring the whole map too. That world is big!

When suddenly my family sees me wandering outside of my room, they figured I was finally done with the game.

"Welcome to the land of the living!" They tried to be funny with me. "You got some explaining to do..."

I only had three words to say, "FUS ROH DAH!"

Then after that I had really difficult test coming up, egh... I had to study like crazy for all the slacking I did. But I am done with that too! Woohoo!

Aaaafter that I had family coming over. News that my sister is getting married-OH MY GAWD, IT IS THE END OF THE WORLD! And had all my obligations and responsibilities for her wedding already laid up on me. How in the world she expects me to prepare a party across the country, is something she only knows...

While going out with all my family, I invited a friend over. We all went into a fancy restaurant, and for some reason he wanted to look sophisticated and stuff. After finishing his meal, he wanted to "compliment" the chef on the meal. This is pretty much how it went.

"Er, excuse me."

"Yes, sir?"

"Could I have some more of this salsa? I have to compliment the chef. I have never tasted salsa more delicious than this."

"That is ketchup, sir."

*throws himself to the floor trying to stop his laughter*

"Nemy, get up! You are going to ruin your new nice clothes!"

Then... Either someone hacked into my brother's facebook, or he decided to "come out of the closet," because some of my friends decided to inform me (I am hardly ever in FB) that my brother loves d*cks. It took me a while to stop laughing too... And I also never informed my brother of the situation... Took him three days to notice *snorts.*

And now! I have found the best automobile EVER! I went to an airshow with a friend, when they presented to me a ROCKET-PORTA-POTY! A portable bathroom that can go up to 30 miles per hour! ISN'T THAT AMAZING OR WHAT?  One of the most awesome methods of transportation ever! No more bathroom breaks! Pffffffffff......... I wish I could have taken a picture of that... But it was too far away. I was just so wishing for someone to actually have been using that bathroom while it was being shown in the performance. That would have been the cherry on top XD.

And it also sounds like some cool for superheroes to drive...

"Hurry, Miharu! To the Rocket-Porta-Poty!"

*transitional music Batman style!*

Anyway! I do have some fanarts that I will be showing up soon. Some final updates to my fanfics, and more pictures because for some reason I have been fascinated lately of taking picture of the international food I have eaten... Weird... Oh! And a Renaissance fair I also went! It was really cool too.

Have a great week everybody!

Ja ne

Monday, February 27, 2012

Fanfics 411

For some reason I felt like doing this all of a sudden. I have been reading fanfics for years and years and years (gosh! I'm OLD), and of course have discovered what makes a fanfic good and bad. And I want to share some of these findings with you all, in case you ever find yourself wanting to write a fanfic of whatever. Be Nabari, be another anime/manga, a book, a tv show, etc, etc.

Here are some rules in regards to writing fanfics:

Lesson #1: Characters.

If you are going to write a fanfic of your favorite whatever, its obvious that you must know something of these characters you want to write of. A good story is enjoyable when the characters are IN character and are believable in whatever situation you are putting them in. It is unforgivable to suddenly read an author's note that says this:

So, I don't really remember the names of Miharu and Yoite, and neither do their ages, so I am just going to make them up.

Er, hello? There is a thing called Google and Wikipedia. USE IT! And you call yourself a fan...? How can't you not know this simple stuff...? I kinda understand those who write Yoite as a guy *coughs* specially if they have only seen the Anime series, BUT COME ON!

This is pretty basic, and all who read fanfics would know that it is more enjoyable when their favorite characters remain with their same unique personality, than them suddenly starting to sprout wings and dancing la macarena (and I have no idea where that came from).

A easy way to avoid this: Research.

Lesson #2: OC

Ah yes.... Original characters. Who doesn't have their own original characters that one wants them to be unique and special? And wouldn't it be awesome to suddenly start putting them in fanfics, and have them marrying of your favorite characters! NO.

It is very, very, very, very tricky putting original characters in a fanfic. Why? Because it is very, very, very, VERY difficult not making them into Mary-sues (or Gary-stues). It is okay to have one or two appear as background characters, and them having their somewhat important role in the story. But do not have them take over the story. And specially, do NOT have them paired up with your favorite characters. That's just... Egh... Because, for some reason, they end up somewhat like Bella and Edward from Twilight, and your brain turns into mush. Believe me, it does.

And I do mean that is very, very easy to make an OC into a Mary-sue. Take a look at Yoite. Has he not have been so determined to have his wish granted that he was willing to kill people, he would have ended up as a Mary-Sue. Why? Look at all his special qualities: He is a pretty boy/girl, tragic story, turns everyone around him to his side, attracts the attention of the protagonist, and has super powers (though don't know if I should really call it that...). These things in anybody else would have screamed: MARY-SUE.

An easy way to avoid this: Not use OC.

Lesson #3 Grammar:

We all would love to believe that our writing is perfect, and its going to be understood by everybody, and be loved by everybody. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. We are humans, and we do mistakes. Some big, some small. It is harder to view your own mistakes. Because, when you are reading your story, you are actually reading it from your mind, not your paper/computer. A betta would be perfect to polish your story, but they are hard to find (I would know).

But if you want your story to actually be read, then pleaaaaaase edit your story. At LEAST three times. It's actually painful when you read a story that has a lot of potential, to be completely destroyed because you find mistakes in every sentence. And not just spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes too. As I mention before, it is easy to forget one here and one there. Most of the times everybody overlooks those, and won't even notice they are there. But wehn u ar writiing like dis, that is a just biig no.

For more information please watch a video I posted last year called "The The Impotence of Proofreading"

An easy way to avoid this: Edit!

Lesson #4:

Review! Review! Review! When you come across a great story (and we can all think which ones are those), please take a little of your time and review those stories. This is a great way to first, compliment the authors on a job well done, but most importantly encourage them to write more. And we all want more! More! MOOOOAAAAAAAR!

And while you are down that road, review my stories too! 8D *smacked*

So, what to do? Review! Review! Review!

I hope they are of help. Not that I was actually trying to be helpful. I am actually being spiteful, and making fun of some stories I have read. But, hey! Killing two birds with one stone! Yeshh... Plus, it was fun.

Have a wonderful day!
Ja ne

Sunday, February 19, 2012


Soon enough I will be posting here some fanarts I did for the game of Alice, Nabari and... Yeah others. I just can't think of them at the moment...

For now, here are some videos I found that I thought they were worthwile to watch.

Now, this one of Alice is amazing. Is one of the few videos that actually captures the very essence of the game. Meaning, they actually hint at the real enemy of the game, and the actual crime that is happening around Alice. Really good.

Now, this one is a Skyrim video. It won't make sense to anyone, but those who actually play the darn game as much as I do. I was laughing so hard at how much I understood the frustration of the guy. Some things that you go through the game make no sense at all, and its good that there is someone out there who thinks the same way I do. Plus I love accents.

Three words for this video:


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Yeah, that...

Taking a break from Skyrim at the moment, I decided to take a minute to update a little my blog. I waaaaas going to change the layout to be "Valentine" like, but I have never been much into the holiday. Most of the time, I see how people use it as an excuse to get together with someone, only for the sake of getting presents. That's.... Not cool. 

Anyway, many things have happened to me this last two months. Weird things, cool things, bad things, and every day things.

One of the cool things is that I finally got the pet I always wanted. I got a corn snake! 

And no, I mean a "real" corn snake. Not putting any hidden meaning behind it, so I have an excuse to play with it. The darn thing is too smart for its own good though. Two days in, and it sneaked off. Gods know how it did it, but took me a couple of weeks to find it. Well, one of my cat found it. Kinda of funny. The snake was looking at the cat. The cat was looking at the snake. All the while the two were wondering how in the world they were going to eat one another (or that is what it looked to me XD). Fortunately I have always been a fast learner, so now I have improved the conditions where it lives. It won't sneak off again. I have called it Sora, cause I still have no idea of its male or female... Or both *kira'd*

One of the weird things that have happened, is that one day the anime shop were I go decided to do a "release" party for the Vampire Hunter manga that was coming out. It was either the manga or the DVD. I have never been much into that series. What interested me was that they say we could cosplay as vampires at the party, and so I did. I arranged a friend to drop me off at the store. Of course, once I am there, I see everybody either dressed up normal, or cosplaying as other characters such as Bleach or Hetalia. I decided to check what new merchandise they had. I found the body pillow of Sebastian (several in fact). One of them had him laying like on a bed with this leer look on his face. You know... the leer look. It makes you squirm, blush, squirm some more, look to the side blushing, and walk away like you did something bad. Then I moved to the manga section, and was seeing if there were any new titles that would be interested to read. I was kind of ignoring all the people around me when this guy walks to me and says.

Guy: Hi. I just came in to tell you that that girl over there *points* wants to call you.

Me: ... *stares at him*

Guy: So, you don't mind if we call you. Right?

Me: ... *shakes head*

Guy: Also, she said that she wanted to buy you a puppy.

Me: ... *has a wtf face*

All the while the girl was completely red on the face, and laughing non-stop in embarrassment. She kept trying to stop the guy from continuing with what he was saying. I decided, not wanting to make things more awkward, to just let it go, smile, and walk off. It was later that I found out that these two have never meet before either. Makes you wonder why the heck this conversation took place then. 

And of course, there is skyrim. There is nothing I haven't done in that darn game. I am the arch-mage of the college of Winterhold. The leader of the assassins group called the Dark Brotherhood. I am the leader of the Thieves Guild. I am, of course, the dragonborn. I am married, and my wife has already tried to kill me... Several times... Plus I think she is cheating on me, cause there is always this guy in the house too. Plus my wife calls me Love. I am not into nicknames like that. Not after a guy (who cosplays as Grell) started to call me endearing names in Gaia at least...

And this all is just the tip of the iceberg. Just exactly how many things are there to do in this darn game? Will this EVER end? Will I have my old life back one day? *sighs* I miss it... But then I took an arrow in the knee...

My family is not exactly happy with me at the moment. If there is ever one thing you do NOT, ever, ever, EVER do is ignore your mom calling you. Nope, don't do that. Big mistake, BIG. 

I apologize for this weird post. There was just some stuff that I had to let out, and there is nowhere else to put it. So it's out. You can ignore it if you like. I will. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Ja ne

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Nabari no OU, Chapter 72


I'll probably never, EVER, do it again. But it was fun... In some parts... Somewhat...

Final chapter is here! I had to do it before the final mangas came out in the bookstores (at least, where I am from), because, otherwise, it would have been for nothing.

Now, before I actually start going on with the spoilers. Here is the link!

From here on, I warn everybody, are spoilers of the last chapter...

It's kind of funny how in this chapter you can see clearly how Kouichi resembles Miharu's father. I don't know if it was his (and the mangaka's) intention, or because the mangaka tends to make her character resemble one another by accident sometimes. 

If it has been Kouichi's intention to look like him, just because he admired him very much or something, I can kind of see how the conversation between him and Miharu would have been.

Miharu: Stop looking like my father!

Kouichi: Stop looking like your mother!

Miharu: ...

Kouichi: *smiles*

Me: *writes down* Kouichi one. Miharu zero. 

Another funny part is where Miharu, for no reason apparently, keeps saying on and on Yoite's name. Yoite. Yoite. Yoite. Yoite. And people said I was exaggerating whenever I would portray Miharu like that. Tells you how much you know, ha!

And, let's face it, it's fun saying his/her name. Yoite. Yoite. Yoite. Yoite.Yoi-

Okay, okay. I'll stop.

It must have been long ago since I had read the final chapters, because I can't remember what was the importance of that rock when Shijima showed it to Miharu. If someone can help me remember, I would greatly appreciate it. Or I will just go back in a couple of days to read the chapters again.

For now, that part just goes like this to me.

Shijima: Just as how this stone changes it's shape... Somehow, somewhere in the future, we will meet again.

Me: *whispers* What's with the rock?

Common Sense: *whispers* Must be a circus thing.

And here I never thought I would ever quote Bug's Life. Ever.

And no, sorry. Yoite still remains dead. But I have to admit that this is one of the best endings I have ever read. And believe me, I do read a lot. I am really happy at how the mangaka kept Nabari's ending in both the manga and the anime. That is one smart woman. Unlike some people who had also perfect endings... And decided to kept on going with a second season... Not that I am talking about a particular anime of a demon in mind of course. Nope, not at all.

Hope you all enjoy it! I am no expert at this, so of course you might see some strange things here and there. I was, of course, doing it for the fun. And also, because it was unfair that the final chapters were only found in Spanish and not in English. So here you go!

Have a great day everyone!

Ja ne

Sunday, January 29, 2012


I want to apologize to everyone for my "disappearance" these couple of weeks. Unfortunately I have met  my ultimate demise, and I have been fighting against it to stop it from destroying me.

Nah, just kidding. The stupid game of Skyrim is just too good, and it is almost impossible nowadays for me to not be playing that game... I can already hear it in my head... Calling me to play.... It's so addicting...

Anyway, I wanted to apologize for the lack of response. I had so many plans that I wanted to do for January. I had some fanarts that I was going to start working on the computer. Was going to translate the final chapter of the manga. I was going to also write the final chapters of the fanfic... All to the trash, meh.

I will be doing all this eventually, but now it might take me a lot longer to do them. I might have said that the game takes a lot of my time lately, but my health has also not been so good too. Doctors are sucking me dry, stuffing me with medication, and don't let me get started with the surgeries I will have to go through soon.

Still! I will be making an effort to be here as constantly as I was before. I really don't like leaving my blog  for so long. And I apologize for not responding sooner to your comments too. Sorry.

Have a great day everyone!

Ja ne

Monday, January 9, 2012

For Those Yaoi Lovers

I don't really have much to say (you will see their awesomeness if you watch these videos), but that you Got To Watch Them.

Now *grins*.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Ikkicon VI

Here are my pictures, along with my anecdotes, of my new years eve convention I just went to this weekend. It was awesome. I was trying to get new cosplays to post here, because I think is more fun that way. And boy did I find wonderful new cosplays here!

Sorry if the pictures are too big. I am being lazy, and I didn't feel like cutting them down. They might be huge on my blog. My bad!

Best Jack Skellington EVER! The first time I saw him, I was going through the registration office. I didn't have a change then to get picture. For a while I had to hunt him down, until I would be able to get a picture of him. It was in the dealers room when I "stumbled" across him.

I had to take a picture for my friend (and me 8D), because she and I are crazy about Nightmare Before Christmas. And I knew she would love to see it too.

Best part was that he also recognized me from Nabari (can you guess who I was? XD)

You! You! You, No Face from Spirited Away! Awesome! GIVE ME GOLD!

I didn't really intent to take picture of them. But when another person requested a picture, and they did this pose, I couldn't let the opportunity pass by. Horrible lighting though.

The only reason I took this picture was because they were selling bat wings! It would have been perfect for Miharu. Too bad I don't know any that live close by.

Here it was kind of funny. I was taking random pictures of cosplayers, and this Ciel kept glancing my way every now and then. I was wondering if he recognized me or not when he walks towards me, and requested a picture. That answered my question.

Funnier part was that a little bit afterwards. I see these two girls running, nothing abnormal about that in a con, while I was taking pictures. It was when I hear them yelling "YOITE!" That I knew I should have paid attention to WHERE they were running. One of the girls jumps to glomp me, and starts yelling:

"He is touching me! He is touching me!"

Never mind that I was paralyzed, and my arms were locked under her hug. 

The other girl said, "I don't believe he is touching you..."

"Yeah, he is!"

I just looked at the girl hugging me, and I silently pointed a finger at her head (she knew I was meaning it in a nice way, thought kinda weird how you can threat someone in a nice way). That made her let go of me, and both of them run off giggling. Weird. 

I wanted a picture of Harry and Draco. I almost say to Ron that I didn't want him in the picture. But I can't be mean without provocation... Sucks. 

I couuuld guess where they are from. But I am more amazed at their wigs. Thats got to have lots and lots of gel. 

Kirby! *hugs*

The guy running here, I swear he was stalking me. He kinda recognized me in a way of "You are from that anime I can't remember its name..."

"Yeah, I am." Has no clue.

I was planning for a long time how to steal those fans from her. DRAGONS!

Okay so Ciel again. But this time it was the Circus cosplay, along with Lizzie. There was actually the whole set of the Noak's Arc, but I never got the chance to take pictures of them. 

The Last Unicorn! Oh my, this is a classic. Who can still recognize Amalthea?

This is incredibly funny. This is not the same guy of Spirited Away from my previous picture. It was another one. But this one would stand behind people for a while, until they would notice her. Some of them would get really scared at seeing her.

But let me tell you what happened with this No Face. 

I was with my friend, resting for a while, when I ask him to take a picture of me. Just because I was getting bored. While he was getting the camera ready, I noticed through the reflection of the windows No Face, Kaonashi (just googled it right now XD) standing behind me. When I see my friend pointing the camera a little higher than normal, I knew Kaonashi was standing behind me to appear in the picture too (this is why you can see me kind of smiling in the picture).

My friend takes the picture, laughing his head off. I turn to Kaonashi, and silently wave at her, all shy. Then she started to bend over as if to kiss me. I stared to back away, while she kept leaning more and more. There was a point where I was half off the side of the chair, half on. I figured this scene would be so funny, I will probably end up drawing it too XD. Then she backed away to trick other people. Phew.

Few minutes later, she comes back to offer me gold. She kept saying "You know you want it." I made as it of to take the gold, but end up just pocking her face. She goes all, "Awww. How about a smooch then?" Wait, what?

But I figured, well, why not? I moved as it to kiss her, but she totally didn't see this one coming. She stood there paralyzed for a few seconds, enough for me to back away and laugh. And, wouldn't THAT be a weird picture too? XD

Er... I got bored again while waiting for the last panel XD

This is all! Of course I took more pictures than this, but this are my main ones really. The second day I went just all victorian, and, weirdly, people still thought I was from Kuroshitsuji. 

It was really fun being Yoite that day. I didn't get proposed for marriage (thanks god), but I did get poked around for a while. Someone was trying to be the target of my wrath! I got glomped, a lot. I got complimented about my eyes (I still don't know what to think about that one, because they are contacts o.0), and was asked for pictures more than I actually thought I would. Seems Nabari is getting more and more known I guess. Yay!

And, finally, I am done!

Ja ne

Sunday, January 1, 2012

My, What is This? Holiday

I am back! I hope everyone had a great Christmas (*gasps* I said it!), and new years! I know that at my Christmas I was very happy to be reunited with my whole family again in L.A. Is in those moments when you realize, for example, how much you missed your sister, and your brother, and your aunt, uncle, bla bla bla. Of course, that sentiment with my sister only lasted for about 3 hours. After that, I wanted to be far, far, faaaaar away from her.

Nothing against her, but... She can be a pain in the @$$ when she wants to.

Anyway, because we were going to be such a large group of people getting together for this Christmas, my mom had this brilliant idea of doing an exchange present. This way we would only had to buy one present (or several, up to $70) for this one person. It would make it easier on people who are poor (like me!), or people who are new to the family (my sister's boyfriend and my cousin's boyfriend).

Imagine my surprise, when I arrive to the house, to see THIS under the Christmas tree. And yes, I had to take picture of this, because it is so fricking ridiculous.

I was like, this is NOT an exchange present! You all cheated! What is this, I don't even...

Later on it was cleared up to me that the exchange presents were not under the Christmas tree, but on the corner of the other side of the room. So these presents were BESIDES the exchange present thing. And I know any other person would be thrilled at the thought of getting lots of presents this year, but my only thought at that moment was:

This is going to take forever...

And it did. We started at 6 with dinner, and soon after that we opened presents. We finished at 2 o' clock in the morning. Go figure.

Of course, I am happy that I got great presents this year. One of my favorite presents were my artbook of Alice: Madness Returns. A beautiful book, go buy it if you can! Another artbook of Nightmare Before Christmas. A weekend pass for the Ikkicon VI that my friend bought for me (made me so happy, yay!). The games of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus (which I already finished *coughs*), and Christmas tree ornaments of NBC for my black and white tree. 

I already went to the Ikkicon, it happens on the weekend of New Years, so I will be posting the pictures of that convention tomorrow. I found great new cosplays there, and it made me extremely happy. 

Okay, I am done for today. I am kind of tired, and I really don't have much to say except a few more complains of things that my sister said/did to me, but who wants to hear about that?

Hope you all started this new year as awesome as I did! I am more than glad to hear/read other people's experiences and stuff.

Have a great day everyone!

Ja ne