Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh wow! Tumbler!

I wanted to make a last post before the month was over. Just to add the number of posts per month. I don't know why I do that, but for some reason it upsets me whenever I have only 5 posts per month.

I wanted to posts a winter holiday theme for my blog for this coming Christmas. I am trying to keep it as updated as I can, and also decorate it as holidays come and go. While I was surfing for some images to see how to put my headliner, I find a Nabari no Ou tumbler!

No, it was not made by me. I wouldn't go so low as to promote myself... Er... Maybe...

But it's so cool! They have some images that I have already, and some new images that are really worth looking at. Of course seeing that this is tumbler, you will only find images on this blog. But I love to know that someone out there thinks the same way I do. Nabari is awesome *thumbs up.*

Oh, and do not forget to put your cursor on Yoite button. Round round round round... Yay!


Nabari no Ou

Sunday, November 27, 2011

... Se... Sebastian?

I wasn't really planning on writing anything this weekend. I was a lazy sod who did nothing but read, and read, and read some more. It was glorious.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I was coming across some new manga in MangaFox, and see this interesting tale called "Cucumber Sandwish." It's starts pretty good, with a little touch of incest here and there, when WHAM! I see THIS!

What the f.... Sebastian?! What the HECK are YOU doing in this manga?!?!?! Okay, so the mangakas styles are not exactly the same, but come on... Who wouldn't think this when they see this image, and is familiar with Black Butler...?

Yoite! Turns out that your hairstyle is more popular than you thought. Aww, don't be shy and look away...

I couldn't get over this. And the more and more this character appearing with THIS face...

Oh, and NOW you are telling me this character also is good at making tea... Great.... Despise this, the plot is still somewhat original.... Somewhat... 

AAAAHHHH! Is Sebastian, I can't get over this!!!!!! o_O 


Turns out that my next manga it is a about undertakers trying to save over the world. Kind of weird, is like seeing a cross-over of Black Butler and Monochrome Factor, all in one. Creepy.

But you, my friend, are just a copy cat. 

Anyway, that is all I had to say! I really had to get it off my mind. I still can't get over it...

Have a great week!

Ja ne

Friday, November 25, 2011


Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving at home (for those who celebrate it of course), of  for those who don't.... Sucks... I love holidays, don't you?

So yesterday went from eating until getting sick, to eating some more because we forgot that we got sick in the first place, and ended up with a full, crampy, stomach and not a wink of sleepiness. I turned, and turned, and turned, and finally occurred to me that tomorrow would be the perfect opportunity to redo a fanart of mine that I have been working on.

The idea of the fanart came like this. I was talking to some of my friends online about the usual, Yoite bla bla bla, Alice from Madness Returns, bla bla bla, when my friend had the crazy idea of pairing them together. I still consider it a rather crazy idea because if they ever did get together (taking aside them being from different worlds, and all that jazz), they wouldn't last AT ALL. With one more crazy than the other, they would be after themselves before the day was over.

I loved the idea, so I decided to draw it.

Not a really extravagant drawing, because I still suffer drawing from something I can't see. I can do well when I do see it, but when it comes from my rather wild imagination, I might as well do stick figures...

But after hours and hours of drawing and coloring, here it is! I had fun, but I can only do it when I really, really have nothing else to do during the day. Which doesn't happen quite that often...

Hope you like it. I really don't like my anime figures... I really wish I could do better, so I could start drawing my own manga.

Anyway, so yeah...

Have a nice day, and enjoy the weekend!

Ja ne

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Kind of Person I Am

I am the kind of person who would respond to a question with, "I want to be a penguin when I grow up. A gay penguin."

I am the kind of person who would dress up all Goth like, and ask for milk in a fast food restaurant.

I am the kind of person who can't ever, ever, get the he/she right in English.

I am the kind of person who, with enough sugar in the blood at three in the morning, would start knocking down boxes at supermarkets while running away ninja style.

I am the kind of person who "doesn't care so much about what you'd expect a normal person to care about." Quote unquote. I still don't know what they mean with that...

I am the kind of person who would study hard with the belief that it will lead me down the road of true evil. Knowledge is power. Power corrupts. So study hard, and be evil!

I am the kind of person that would study art knowing that is much more important than say... Engineering. Right.

I am the kind of person who, when it really matters, says nothing at all.

I am the kind of person who prefers to watch comedy rather than drama. If you want drama, go and watch the news.

I am the kind of person who would only dance when the smoke detector goes off.

I am the kind of person who cannot understand how women are able to spend hundreds of dollars on shoes, but it's perfectly capable of spending hundreds on books.

I am the kind of person who would rather drink coke than beer.

I am the kind of person who would rather drink coke than wine.

I am the kind of person who would rather drink coke than water.

I am the kind of person who gets more excited at the notion of new anime DVDs than a brand new car.

I am the kind of person who almost burns down the house... Three times... And hasn't been found out.

I am the kind of person who prefers to be referred as it.

I am the kind of person who would sacrifice food money for books.

I am the kind of person who, when heating cookies in the microwave make the the entire dorm go on smoke, would ask in front of the police officers if the cookies are okay.

I am the kind of person who hits bigger guys with books, but it's okay. They are chemistry/history books anyway.

I am the kind of person who seems to be the perfect victi-candidate for an interview whenever a gallery opens up.

I am the kind of person who would go through heaven and hell for a friend, but, unfortunately, excepts the same thing in return.

Monday, November 21, 2011


Wow, I must say. Wow.

Last week I was in a terrible mood for several misfortunes that happened to me. I was getting so pissed off, that by the weekend I was always in the defensive, and I pretty much growled at my family at one point. The expressions on their faces were hilarious...

Anyway, I finally managed to calm down. As payback now I have to arrange the whole place too for the visits we are having this weekend. Not only THAT, but I also was obligated to cook some part of the meal for Thanksgiving. Blegh...

The good thing I am almost, ALMOST, done with my room! Took me two fricking years to finish, but I can now see the end line from here. It will be awesome. I was really excited, and told my family about it.

Me: Look, mama! I am almost done with my room *shows*

Mom: *sees me surrounded by books, mangas, dvds, pieces of cardboard and trash bags* Yes... I can see that.

Me: I did say almost...

Mom: You said that also two years ago.

Me: That was a different almost.

Mom: ...

Me: ... Now I mean it.

Now my family had the brilliant idea of, instead of buying gifts for everyone, making a secret santa exchange. That way we can buy a really nice gift to one person instead of several small things to all. For the presents, they asked us to put a wishlist that everybody could access, that way you would know what to buy to the person you drew from the exchange. I thought it was brilliant, and of course first thing I put is a videogame. Of course, first thing they say is that I should put something more worthy. My answer was to put a second videogame that was worth more money.

Let it not be said that I do not listen to them.

You would imagine my surprise that the videogame I have been waiting for months, actually came out last year? WHERE AM I LIVING?! I knew I was in my whole little world out there like Malice, but I didn't think I was THAT bad! Oh well, now that I have found the truth, I'M GONNA GET IT.

Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommendable. One of the most epic ps games ever.

And because misery loves company.... Suffer...

Is it me, or is Rebecca in this video too?

Ja ne

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In Memories We Stand, Chapter 3

Title: In Memories We Stand Chapter 3
By: Kira User
Rated: PG13
Summary: Miharu is set on making the most of their time together. 
Notes: Okay first and foremost, this is not a fic that will end all thoughtful or angst or anything. It is just meant to be a little cracky, and silly, despise how it starts at the beginning. Un-betaed, so all the mistakes are my own >~< Oh! Also this is based in the anime-world, so we kind of know where these two are at. 
Warning: Intersexual in drag.... But is that considered a warning? Is not like cross-dressing to be honest XD Let us all remember just how... unique Miharu's fashion sense is heh? So this is also a warning too...

You can find Chapter 1 here...


Standing by the wall, he knew he was stalling from leaving the room and going to Miharu. He couldn't help it. Without the comfort of his usual coat, sweater, cap, and pants, Yoite felt open and exposed for the world to see. A very unpleasant sensation, regardless of how the whole foreign outfit covered completely the marks the Kira has left on his body. Miharu was at least nice enough not to make him expose his skin, save his face. Yet...

Looking at the white gloves on his hands, he hoped his decaying body wouldn't stain the cloth. He felt worried that something as dead as he would contaminate something that he wasn't worthy of. The remorse of seeing his charcoal skin leaving ashy marks wouldn't let him handle the disappointment he could almost see reflected in Miharu's eyes. Despise knowing that Miharu wouldn't react that way, the fear that he could, even deep inside, couldn't calm him down. At the sting of pain, Yoite woke up to find a strain of blood coming from his lip. How curious, he doesn't remember biting his lip with all these worries going through his mind.

This roller-coaster of feelings has already left him exhausted. And the day hasn't even started.

Suddenly the door was opened, and Miharu came in with an enthusiastic expression on his face. "Yoite, are you..."

Yoite turned to Miharu, and watched somewhat fascinated how he got a far away expression with a tint of red appearing on his cheeks. He wondered what he could be thinking about. Getting somewhat conscious about himself, he looked down at his outfit just to check that everything was alright. 

Miharu seemed to finally snap out of it, looking at him with a very unusual light in his eyes. "Sorry, got lost in train of thought. Are you done?"

"Yes." He answered with a slow nod, giving one last final check. 

At this point he forgot all about his bloody lip, but Miharu must have noticed it. He came quickly looking worried. Reaching up, he put his hand on his cheeks, warming up his skin, and searched all over for signs of more blood on him. "Is that blood? Did you have an attack?"

It was certainly not the first time Miharu has been worried about his health, but it still touched him in a very emotional way every time he did. It was like finally feeling the warmth of summer inside his body, after years and years of only winter season invading his heart. He couldn't stop the smile from forming. "I just bit my lip on accident."

The young shinobi left out a breath of relief. "Alright." Regaining his mischievous self, he smiled at him too innocently. "Everybody is waiting for us at the entrance. We should go."

"Who else is coming?" He asked casually, trying to hide the dread that was forming in his stomach.

Dragging him by the hand, he lead Yoite out to the hallway. He could almost see him skipping with the light steps he was taking. "Of course Kouichi and Raimei. They are in my class after all."

Yoite closed his eyes, and, for the first time, he prayed. 

They were both turning around the corner towards the entrance when Miharu addressed the other couple waiting by the gate. "Sorry to keep you waiting."

"There you are!" Raimei said, exasperated for the long wait. "What took you so lo-"

The gasps from the two were so loud, even he heard it.

Kouchi seems to have recovered first,  staring at him and stuttering all the way. "Wha-wha-wha...?"

"What did you do, Miharu?!"

Tilting his head, Miharu asked curiously. "What do you mean?"

"What is Yoite wearing?!" Raimei pointed out with her finger, as if the question and her expression were not obvious enough. 

"A dress," was his answer with a shrug of the shoulders, as if nothing was out of the ordinary.

"A dress?" Kouichi asked, still trying to comprehend the situation. "Okay. First, why is Yoite wearing a dress? Second, why is he wearing gothic lotita of all dresses?!"

At least that answered his question if this was a usual style for wear.

Making that face, Miharu snuggled up to Yoite with a hurtful expression. "I thought he would look good in it. What is wrong with that?"

"No, don't you dare! Don't you dare do that!"

"No, Miharu! No!"

If he wasn't the topic at hand, and wasn't wearing a dress, this situation would be almost funny. Almost. 

A tear fell down his cheek. "It doesn't hurt anybody him dressing up this way."

Yoite knew the other two shinobis fought with all their mights against Miharu's manipulation, but in the end they couldn't go against his wishes. He understood. It is not easy trying to defeat that. With completely defeated expressions, they gave up with a loud sight.

"I can't believe you made Yoite wear that..."

Recognizing his victory, he dropped his act, smiling with joy. "There is nothing wrong with it."

Raimei seems to have whispered something along the lines of, "Miharu and his weird tastes," but he couldn't be sure. Whatever it was, Kouichi was agreeing to it. 

Yoited looked back at the living room with a longing stare. Then Miharu once again grabbed his hand, and pulled gently. "So, what are we waiting for?"

"Okay, fine. Whatever! Let's go!" Regaining her usual excited energy, Raimei started walking with Kouichi following after.

He let himself be dragged along. Yoite looked at Miharu in a desperate plea for comfort. Sensing his stare, he looked up. "It will be alright, Yoite. I promise."

It was not much, but he would take what he can.

To be continued...

And that is all for right now! How is it going so far? Good? Bad? Should stop and make it look as in I never, ever wrote it? XDDDD
For those who wonder why Miharu never said anything about Yoite's outfit, this is why. Both of them don't know how to handle compliments, I would know (I also have a terrible time handling them myself). With Yoite, it would make him feel even more conscious of what he is wearing, making him, in the end, back out from his promise. That is why Miharu was hush hush about saying anything of how he looks. 

Stay tuned!!!

Ja ne

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I am back! And some Sebastian cosplay pictures

So, sorry for the disappearance for a couple of weeks. They have been very hectic weeks, full of stress, screams, threats, and all that fun stuff...

Okay the real thing is that I had my hands full because for Halloween. Helping a friend finish the final details of her Alice costume, doing the petticoat, the bow with skull at the back, helping her find the stockings, etc, etc.

Then on Halloween, at the "Fall Fest" (I hate how they never call them Halloween parties anymore, because it's not "Politically correct" BS I tell ya...) my dear neighbors were nice enough to volunteer me to do the face painting for the kids. So I spend the WHOLE time painting faces of the kids there. And some weird requested at that. There was one girl who wanted a high heel shoe on her face. Another one who wanted like smeared mascara running down her cheeks. Then some boys wanted zombies, and vampires, and who the heck they think I am?! Michelangelo? Pffff...

With all this finally out of the way, I was informed that I had a exam scheduled with only two weeks to prepare for it. Of course I panicked, and started studying like crazy. Some people were nice enough to tell me not to worry too much about it, because nobody passes at the first try anyway. How encouraging, right? But my mind was set up, and I wanted to have that exam out of the way on the first try. I pretty much beat myself with studying for this one. I was a total wreck by the time the exam came, but I PASSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED! I was so happy, I couldn't stop smiling the whole day (my cheeks still hurt from that, ouch...). My family gave me some money as a reward for passing this test, and what did I do?


I asked a friend to take me there, because I wanted to buy some mangas and novels as congratulations to me. I was browsing through the bookshelf, when we come up to the 'yaoi section,' and all the books are covered in plastic.

I point it out, saying. "Look. Now all the books are in plastic covers."

"You know what that means." My friends says, looking at some shirts and stuff.

Smirk. "Yes..."

Then this girl, who was right next to me, looks at me and says. "Have you ever watched Hentai?"

"No." I answered. Because it was true, I never really watched heterosexual hentai at least...

But she seems to have gotten that too, because then she said. "Or any kind of hentai... It is pretty funny, because on the scenes they-"

"YES." I interrupt, amazed that this stranger would start talking about hentai out lout like that. "They are pretty funny. Pretty funny indeed." I was NOT going to start discussing sex scenes with my friend right next to me. What the heck was this girl thinking...? I know I was somewhat rude, but COME ON! Did I look like I wanted to say what I have seen?! It is one of those things that you know you have done it, but you never say exactly what is this that you have done (XD). I rapidly went to see the other merchandise, waiting for the girl to leave. So I could go back and browse at better leisure the titles of the books.

It is still embarrassing to think about it today....

Now that I had the time, I can finally take and post pictures of my Sebastian cosplay! I had a somewhat rude encounter with my family today, so I was not in such a good mood taking pictures. But hopefully they are okay... The lighting was not as good either, so I don't look as pale as I hoped. Not that I can look that pale unfortunately... Unless I bleached my skin or something *shivers*.

Here they are! Though I still don't think I do a good Sebastian, but whatever...

The typical ninja silverware attack! XD Somehow I wish I had a bigger knives... More fun that way I suppose.

I think I will need to rearrange the wig to be a little bit shorter. It seems to be too long to be for Sebastian cosplay. For Yoite too, but it's easier to hide it with the cap. 

Here is me looking at my pocket-watch. Yes, it is the Phantomhive pocket-watch. A friend got it for me as a Christmas present *grins*.

Like I said before, I was not entirely too happy at the moment, or else I would have made the expression a little diabolical or something. Like the smirk that Sebastian usually does... Yeah...

And final picture! I actually had more, but they are not really good. Okay fine, I never ever, ever, will like my pictures, but I did promise...

That is all for today! I am working right now on the next chapter of my fanfic, so hopefully it will be coming up pretty soon. Finally, with the little free time I have for now, I can also work on the translation and editing of the final chapters of Nabari too. Yaaaay!

Have a great day!

Ja ne!