Thursday, January 28, 2010

What a Real Fan Is

As you might have noticed, there are still no updates about Nabari to check on. There has been a little delay, but nothing we can do about it, right? So the only thing left for us is to wait.

That doesn't mean that I do not go around looking for spoilers (OMG the spoilers...) about upcoming chapters, forums about people's thoughts, and, you know, general comments about what they like about Nabari no Ou. This is where I was shocked about what I read.

It seems that after the death of Yoite, one of the most favorite characters of Nabari (if not, THE favorite), a lot of fans have turned their backs towards the manga, because they felt betrayed at his/her death. Like it was not supposed to happen or something. Well for one, we knew that Yoite was going to die (practically said it every time he/she appeared). Second, based on the anime, Miharu would not use the Shinra Banshou to recover Yoite from the Kira. So death and/or disappearance of Yoite was a definitive in the manga. I suppose thought that the shocking way Yoite died in the manga is what stupefied people, and made them either leave the manga or just go very into denial (me is there).

As a real fan of Yoite though, it is NOT recommendable to abandon the manga.

How would we ever get to know, if the manga is canceled, if Yoite ever has the opportunity of coming back or not? We must keep holding on! No matter the angst of Miharu, or the silence of Yukimi. We must keep holding on with the hopes that maybe at one point everybody will remember Yoite (and probably Miharu will go crazy, and bring him/her back from the death XD), or, you know, probably just walk around the corner and say "Zup!" (yes, denial).

Come on people! Why would the mangaka ever bother of creating such an amazing character only to kill it? She has even stated that the most important characters of Nabari are Miharu AND Yoite. I do believe that Yoite still has a very important role in the story even if he/she has already died. Probably still is within the Shinra Banshou, just like Asahi was in the anime. And, knowing Miharu, he wouldn't really let go of the feeling of forgetting someone until he gets to the bottom of it.

That Yoite will appear, I absolutely believe so. Probably the only thing that keeps me from never reading Nabari too. So, as real Yoite fans too, you MUST also keep holding on to the manga. We must make this manga reach its real end (the one the mangaka intended), to really ever know what has happened to Yoite in the end.

THAT is what a real fan is.

So please! Keep believing (or be in denial, whatever suits you)!

Thank you for reading. See you all next time!

Oh! Another thing. Do not forget to feed my fishes! Yoite is specially a hungry one (along with Sebastian, but that one is plain meanie). Thank you!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Miharu Fanart

Okay, I will have to be honest again. I was expecting, yet AGAIN, that I would finally have the chance of reading the latest chapter of Nabari by now. And because that is not HAPPENING, I decided to finally finish my last drawing I promised a couple of days ago.

And yes, I do mean the drawing of Miharu on Sebastian's boots.

*Cleans drool from keyboard*

It is unfortunate though how plain DIFFICULT is to actually find a picture of the manga version of Sebastian's boots on Internet! I looked, and looked, and looked and nothing! Then I started to re-read the whole manga again, but I got kind of desperate and stopped after like 7 chapters. I do not know why I thought I would find it at the beginning. Probably will have more chance when the whole Noak's Arc is happening, and they have flashbacks to Ciel's sacrifice, etc, etc.

So basing myself in just image memory, I drew THE boots of Sebastian's on Miharu's body. For this I used also some anime images for references of Miharu. I just want to say too that he is just too skinny! I have seen pictures of the Holocaust of people more fat than him! And lets not get me started on how Miharu sometimes looks in the manga *shivers* It gets very creepy sometimes...

Anyway, with that finally out of the way. Here it is! The image I have of how Miharu would look if he was a demon and had Sebastian's boots too. Sexy. Sexy. Sexy boots.

Yes, my feathers suck. But I was NOT going to draw every single fricking feather for this drawing. By the time I was done with re-drawing the body of Miharu on the computer, I wanted to be done. That I stuck the feathers there is like a big bonus.

It is delivered! Now I can move on unto my other ideas that I have. YES! Right now I am collecting data of a fanfic that I might (BIG might) write of an Alternative Universe of Nabari no Ou. Which is actually more of an AU of Miharu and Yoite, because there wouldn't be a Nabari world in there...

Hope you all like it! Thank you for reading!

Ja ne!

Monday, January 18, 2010

KuroSHIT!suji chapter 41

This is a big spoiler from the latest chapter of Kuroshitsuji. If you haven't read it, I really recommend skipping this post.
Another warning would be that, because I am so excited after reading said chapter, my writing will make less sense than usual. You have been warned.


I just read the latest chapter of Kuroshitsuji, and all I can really say is "Hooooooly craaaaaaaap!"


It all starts with Sebastian acting rather odd at the beginning of the chapter. He would visit each worker of the Phantomhive giving out errands for the next couple of days. It made the impression that he would be absent for a while or something. But I just didn't expect for him to go ahead and die!

Holy crap!

By the way Kouichi/Hedwing, what the heck are you doing in the manga?

Anyway, after visiting each worker, he goes to Ciel's confinement room. In there we see Mr. Lucky Wordsmith (because he is lucky the son of a witch) admiring Ciel's youth *cough*beauty*cough* while sleeping. Sebastian then arrives to give Ciel's his 'special' pillow (a.k.a. safety blanket).


Ciel: Shut up! It is NOT a safety blanket!

Me: Riiight...

Ciel: I just can't sleep without it.

Me: Riiight...

Ciel: I am telling you the truth!

Me: Yes... And Sebastian is my husband.

Ciel: So, should I start calling you Mrs. Michaelis?

Me: Yes, please!

After giving said pillow, Sebastian offers to sing him a lullaby (jokingly of course). And Oh My God! Ciel said NO! I would have thrown the joke back at him asking him lullaby after lullaby until I was pleased enough to go back to sleep.... And of course an excuse to see Sebastian singing tee-hee! Ciel places his head in the pillow, and IMMEDIATELY falls asleep. That must be one amazing pillow...

Ciel: I told you.

Me: Tch...

Sebastian leaves the room telling Mr. Wordsmith to please look out for his master. At this Arthur starts speculating who could be the real killer. He kind of figured that Ciel couldn't be the killer, but starts getting all these crazy ideas of Sebastian killing the man and accusing Ciel, so he could be set free to ran away and marry Meilin or something. Yes, it is obvious that this man is a writer...

The next day Ciel awakes worried that Sebastian didn't wake him at the same time as always. Tanaka arrives to the floor, and notifies Ciel that Sebastian was murdered in another room. He ran, saw Sebastian bleeding on the floor, and freaked out like "woooaaaaaa."

He started ordering him to not be dead, hitting head, punching his torso, and screaming at the top of his lungs. I mean reaaaaally freaked out that Sebastian might be dead. This is where things get interesting. Suddenly Ciel starts saying about how Sebastian promised never to leave him, and always stay by his side. He got so close to this face while saying this that I was really expecting Ciel to kiss him and declare his undying love or something.

I really doubt that Sebastian is dead. I mean, hello? There wouldn't be any more Kuroshitsuji if he was actually dead. And another hello? He is a DEMON. It is a whooole different thing to kill a demon than to kill a human.

What I do wonder is, when Sebastian comes back to life, how the heck is he going to explain that. I mean, the real reason why I think Sebastian allowed himself to be attacked is to give out clues of who the real killer is. But what now? Are they going to pull again the "Ta-da! I am NOT dead yet!" like in the anime too? I really don't know...

Ahhhh the cliff-hangers. I haaaate cliff-hangers as of late. They only give me stomach cramps. I hope that the next chapter comes out soon! Sebastian has to come back!!

Thanks for reading! See you all soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Gaia Misfortune and a Nabari no Ou Fanart

I will have to go back a little for this, but it's my fault for not mentioning this before in my blog.

I am managing as a vice president a Nabari no Ou guild in GaiaOnline. The only reason why I was practically nominated as vice president, it's because I was the only one posting stuff in that guild. The president said that he wouldn't be around as much (though I am sure, he just doesn't want to manage the guild), and passed the responsibly to me.

Me, all fresh in innovated ideas to make people participate more in the guild, decided to host a challenge in the month of December. I took December because I thought, with the holidays and all, people would be actually free to make entries, and participate in this contest.

So I posted the darn challenge, and made it last between December-January.

To make things more interesting, I added a special prize to the winner of the challenge. Maybe this way more people would actually participate in it.

The thing is that almost nobody goes to that guild anymore except my friend Ciel_Butterfly. I consider that we actually took over this guild, and started doing bunch of crazy stuff in it. Really. It's unbelievable that Gaia still doesn't kick me out of there...

Anyway, so the month of December came and went. January came, and still nobody posted anything to the challenge. I was considering that nobody would post anything at the end, so I kinda started to procrastinate with the special prize too.

Bad idea.

At the very last day my friend Ciel_Butterfly actually posted something in the challenge, and I went, "Oh crap, now I have to do the special prize," and panicked. Absolutely panicked. That same day, I started to do sketches and all while thinking what I was going to do with it.

The next day, the day I was supposed to post it on Gaia, I brain farted and decided to do it in the COMPUTER. So I had to take picture of it, transfered to the computer, REDRAW the whole thing in the computer, color it, shadow it, highlight it, and make final arrangements to the drawing. By the end I wanted to shoot myself, but that is what I get for procrastinating. I will never do that AGAIN (and how many times you have said that already?).

So, here it is! I already posted it on Gaia, so I saw no harm in also posting it on the blog. Kinda forgot to sign it, but it's undeniably my style (in the computer at least).

Oh Miharu, you naughty boy...

I just wanted to share this to you all. See you all next time!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Yoite Fanart

I finally did it!!! I have been discussing with a friend of Gaia about drawing an image of Yoite in Ciel's infamous pink dress. I didn't do it before because I kinda fell sick. Yeah, kinda... (which will bring me to another point on next post). So now that I have nothing else to do, I decided to amuse myself by making this drawing.

Took a looooot of time to do it. I am not used to use ink on my drawings. And I had to look like at 4 or 5 different images at the same time to get decorations, and effects, and perspectives (which I suck, big), etc. I wished I had the same style as the mangaka herself, but then, if I did, I would be changing the whole story already, and making Yoite reappear again the manga.

And lots and lots of yaoi dounjinshis... Or just plain yaoi in the fricking manga.

But here it is!!! Yoite is kinda weird (never though I would say so myself!) In one of the drawings he had like a BIG neck, tiny, tiny waist, very long torso. I mean come on, when is the neck bigger than the waist? So I had to make some corrections to my satisfaction *blinks innocently*

So here is Yoite cross-dressing.... Which actually shouldn't considered cross-dressing because Yoite is neither a he nor a she (quote unquote).

Drawing dedicated to my friend in Gaia (Ciel_Butterfly!). Next... I will see if I can draw Miharu with Sebastian's boots *drools*. Oh... Those boots...

This is all I have to say for today. See you all next time!!!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Nabari no Ou Fanarts

First and foremost a note! None of the next pictures belong to me, okay? I am not taking credit of making them or anything. You can find them very easily on Google or Devianart if you want to find out their real creators. I just saw them, stole them (STEAL! STEAL! STEAL!) and wanted to share them all with you in my blog.

You have been noted!

Now... Unto the post.

Because I haven't put anything of Nabari no Ou for a while, I guess I wanted to put at least some new fanarts that I have discovered on Internet (according to me of course. They have been there forever, and I have been totally oblivious of them) So now that I have been collecting at least a few, I posted them here finally! I hope you all like them as much as I do.

When I saw this image I melted. Literally melted. Don't really know where it comes from (probably Aru ga Mama, or episode 26, or whatever), but I could NOT put it here on my blog. Beautiful, and perfect, and it makes me want to cry... And cry... And cry...

EDIT: I recently got a comment of where you can find the original fanart of this. Seems is NOT a screenshot, so I want to give credit to the person who did this. Thank you!


And because we all know Miharu is a little devil/pervert very deep inside. This fanart made me laugh a lot when I saw it. Dunno why he stopped, I would have gone on and on with those gloves XD

I admire all the fangirls (or boys) who do this. SO DO MORE OF THEM OKAY?

Melt! Melt! Melt I tell you! Dammit! Why did he/she had to go ahead and die! WHY!!!!

Once again, DO MORE OF THEM!!! And double points for using Ciel's dress in this one. One hell of a dress I tell you! XD
Not quite as threatening the pose, but as stylist I guess. It's so cute that Miharu dressed (or cross-dressed?) as Yoite. Reminds me of when Raikou also dressed as Yoite, and Yoite was all freaked because he/she saw another him/her. Imagine all the psychological effects it would cost in Yoite's mind? Already as screwed up as he/she is...

I actually do believe that this scene could have been possible in the manga. Miharu is that persuasive, so I wonder why he never tried... You gotta admit that it would have been really cool XD

Another art of MELT! MELT! MELT! and cry... Unfortunately I do not know what they say, but who cares? It's still cute!

So that is all for today! Know for sure that I will keep looking! If there are still wonderful things out there of Nabari, I will find them! Hunt them down, and post them on my blog! Oh yeah...

Thank you all for reading! See you all soon!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Repercussions

Now that the holidays are over, we are finally facing the repercussion of two weeks full of eating lots and lots of foods, and lots and lots of Christmas candy.

And that is... The PIMPLES!

My god, I feel like I just went back to my puberty again with so many pimples in my face! Thanks GOD that I don't have a face on my pimple or something! Not to take into account that I hardly ate any chocolate or junk food. Egh, life can be so mean sometimes....

Seems like Ashke and I went into a challenge of who got the most pimples till now.

Me: I got... five for now. How about you?

Ashke: Three.

Me: Darn, I win...

For the first time, I hated winning...

What Ashke hated the most is that he gained the same weight in two weeks that took him three months to lose. Oh, but he enjoyed every single bite...

Talking about food.

A good thing about these holidays is that I got my family to visit us, and, with them, free food comes into our home too. The bad thing is that too much free food came into our home... And I mean TOO MUCH. The fridge was like full by the time Christmas finished, and they still brought more food. Every. Single. Day... I think that we looked far too thin for them, because they practically left every single scrap of food to us! Cakes, fruits, snacks, cereals, mole, cinnabons, bread, etc, etc. The kitchen was so packed that I felt like avoiding it until it all went away or something. Unfortunately it didn't, and I was left with throwing a lot of bad food to the garbage.

The holidays were a blast... Though I am still avoiding the kitchen until now. Haven't needed to cook for a couple of days now, but, at the same time, I haven't been able to WALK in my kitchen for a couple of days too.

You gotta loooooove the holidays!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Holidays are OVER!

Finally the holidays are over! My family came to visit us these holidays and phew! What a bunch of people! There were like 11 people at our house for New Years, and it gets really overwhelming.

But I had lots of fun, and most important of all! Lots of PRESENTS!

I finally got the PERFECT scarf for my Yoite cosplay, and I am really, really happy about that. I stumbled across it, and it was sawn, and it was long, and it was ivory, and it was perfect! So yeah!!! I am getting closer to finishing it once and for all!

As a request from one of my readers, I will show a drawings I did of some Korean boyband that I did as a present for one of my friends. I wanted to wait until I knew that she got her present, before showing it on my blog (not that she reads my blog or anything...) And now that I know for certain, I will share with you my drawings!

This is Junho (who according to her is her husband from this boyband) which I did with pencil. Took quite a while, because, for some reason, I had a lot of trouble with the torso. After a while I was like, "FORGET IT!" and continued on until I finished it. This is the ending product.

And as a bonus (because her birthday is on January) I did this drawing!

This is Jaejoong (who according to statistics is the most beautiful boy in the world... And according to my friend is her husband's love slave) from said boyband. I took me less time than the other one, because I am more used to drawing faces. Of course I took on the challenge of drawing the most beautiful face in the world! Did I meet it? Who knows? But she loved it nonetheless.

That is for today! Because I am finally being able to be in the computer, I haven't been around that much to see if I find something new on the Anime/Manga world. A thing that it is bothering me though is that it has taken more than two months for Nabari no Ou to be updated. What is going on? Is it in the printing, translating or editing? My god, just give me the update for my peace of mind! I am going crazy here!!!

*cough* Okay time for my medication...

See you all soon! Hope you had a very nice holidays! Lets start this year with a blast!