Monday, October 28, 2013

Free! Episode 5

Hello everyone! I have finally here with me Free! Episode 5. The most exciting stuff (for me at least) won't happen until NEXT episode, but this is a good story development for the emotional episode 6. SO MANY FEELS!

Anyway, here it goes! Episode 5!

I don't even know why you bother asking Haru and Rei what they are doing. As you all know, Haru ONLY does free, and Rei can ONLY swim butterfly. Why the heck bother asking them what they are doing?!

Had Haruka said something else, I would have gotten a heart attack, I swear.


Oh wow... Talk about safe. Swim Club Summer Training Camp from Hell? Yup.

The flames add a nice touch to the poster, must say. 

Yup, this plan screams SAFE all over the map. Just look at it! Deserved islands, big whirlpools, gigantic waves. Wow, what could POSSIBLY go WRONG?

Wait, wait. What is this? Are they sharing a popsicle?


Kinda looks like the popsicle from Kingdom Hearts 2. But I don't wanna go there... I still haven't gotten over it ._.

Oh? OH? Does Haruka, dare I say it, look concerned about Makoto? Oh My Gawd, They are going to hell!

This... Kinda looks like a confession scene. Now all I am waiting for is the Sakura blossoms which always appear on the front scene no matter what time of the year the confession happens.

Thought must admit that I always thought Makoto would be the first to confess, rather than Haruka...


... Oh. No love scene... Shucks.

I am getting the sense that Makoto is afraid of the ocean. Now I am totally understanding why Haruka immediately said, "too much bother" when the idea first popped up for this training camp. You are such a good boyfriend, Haruka...

And the concerned boyfriend sticks close to Makoto. Wouldn't want him to fall to the ocean and drown now, do we?


You smelled something?!?! YOU SMELLED MACKERELS? What kind of human - shark hybrid are you?!?!?!

Does this actually means that Haruka has had an obsession of eating mackerels since elementary school? Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang... Maybe he is hoping to actually turn into a dolphin by eating so many.


I think you mean SEX difference... They are girls after all. And of COURSE they would have enough money to afford the lodge by themselves, but not for the guys as well.

OF COURSE....! Soooo silly of me!

Do these things actually exists??? I am so glad my swimming club was poor and couldn't afford any floating devices. Then again... I kinda wish they had some, as they loved to push you into the pool and see you struggle as you fight for your life. All time time they kept screaming "Swim! SWIM!"

And the concerned boyfriend strikes again! I am kinda liking this ship... Such nice change of pace from aloof Haruka to actually concerned over his best friend Haruka. I LIKE IT!

Gou deeply apologizes for interrupting your date with Nitori. She really, really does. She is currently running for her life while all the yaoi fangirls are chasing after her blood. 

OH WOW! They are really trying to make me have a heart attack! Rin concerned about Makoto as well?! DARN YOU! DON'T MAKE ME LIKE YOU!!!

Oh my gawd, Nagisa, you cockblocker. READ THE MOOD! Not only did you not allow Haruka to watch over his boyfriend for the night, but you also didn't allow Rei to spend some quality time with you!

Maybe... Just maybe, Nagisa was afraid of his chasticity with Rei.

Or maybe he as no fricking clue. 

This is one of those cases that, with a night as beautiful as this one, what could possibly go wrong?!?!

Oh, a storm. Go figure...  What a GREAT idea to go swimming during the night, Rei. Boy, I knew you were smart!

A cliffhanger? Nooooooooo! Makoto!!!

... And Rei.

This is not going to end up good ._.

This is all I have for you guys today! Sorry if my comments sound kinda sad, but I am kinda in the dumps right now. So many things happening, and not all of the good *sigh*

Have a nice week, everyone!
Ja ne!

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